Anonymous message to #GamerGate

When we saw reports that Anonymous was involving itself in trying to destroy #GamerGate, we thought that perhaps it was misguided, because it’s been transparently obvious to those watching closely that 90% or more of the Mainstream Media coverage of GamerGate has been total crap.

Then this video appeared, and it looks a lot more credible to us:

Poseurs pretending to be elite hackers to get attention for themselves makes a lot more sense.

We suspect that those who tried to claim to represent Anonymous and those in the mainstream media who actually thought they were legit are going to regret it.

Does this mean we support everything Anonymous ever does? Of course not. No one can, not even Anonymous.

But this just got a lot more interesting, and we suspect this story is going to be causing splash damage far beyond the gaming journals at this point.

We can’t say we’ll be upset. A media made up primarily of profiteering ideological liars should be made to quell in its boots.

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