Anonymous donation of £1,000 for the Budapest conference video fundraiser

Tom Caulfield, our Technical Director, was responsible for filming and editing all the videos at ICMIs since the 2016 event in London, other than the recent one in India. He’s always done a magnificent job, often in challenging circumstances. Playlists of all those ICMI videos, as well as the videos from the inaugural ICMI near Detroit in 2014, and so many others besides, are on our YouTube channel – here.

Our thanks to Tom for letting us know of an amazing (anonymous) donation of £1,000 this evening, which lifted the crowdfunder total for next year’s ICMI in Budapest to £1,730.

I’ve just posted my second donation (£20) so the total now stands at £1,750. That leaves £1,250 to be raised to put the funding in place for videos to be recorded for posterity in Budapest next August. I would ask you to join me in donating whatever you can afford for this important fundraiser. Thank you, and have a good week.

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