Announcing The New Sex Ed

Imagine a special woman in your life calling the police to tell them that you hit her, raped her, or that you did not care for your children. Imagine her saying these things even though none of it is true. Not only are such claims devastating to hear, they can ruin your life if you are a man.

Brian Banks. Joshua Strange. Caleb Warner. Reade Seligmann. Collin Finnerty. David Evans. You may not know these names, but they belong to men who are the world to their families, friends and partners. Those worlds collapsed one by one as each man, accused of rape, fought a system that denied him due process while the public screamed for his head. These men had one thing in common: They were all innocent.

To add insult to injury, some of the women who lie to put men in jeopardy did so for reasons like having an excuse for being late to class, for cheating on her boyfriend, or in the case of the video below, for trying to cover up details surrounding a car accident.

Thankfully law enforcement officers sometimes file charges against false accusers, but a fleeting whim can still put your son in prison on college campuses, which use dangerously low standards of evidence for criminal accusations.

We need your help to ensure that the innocent never burn with the guilty in the fight against sexual assault. We need you to reach out to young men, educate them on the risks of sexual contact under constant legal review on campus, and put them in contact with the people who actually care about their futures.

The New Sex Ed

The New Sex Ed is a presentation that answers several vital questions:

  • What does a false accusation of sexual assault do to a man?
  • What laws are in play? (We cover S.590, the Campus SAVE Act and the April 4th directive)
  • What can I do if I or people I know get falsely accused?
  • How do we take power away from false allegations in the first place?

We cannot stop false allegations, but we can equip young men to handle them. We are raising funds for this event to pay for refreshments, venue fees, a speaker’s honorarium and custom condoms that remind the wearer that while they can prevent sexually transmitted infections, they must also work to prevent sexually transmitted investigations.

Like our last event Male Students in Peril, donations to The New Sex Ed go towards improving a base implementation. The more you help, the bigger your impact. The lower budget events consists of myself delivering a presentation. A larger budget means that we can and will ask a prolific victim of a false rape allegation to visit KSU personally and tell his story on camera.

If you cannot attend the event yourself, you don’t have to miss out. We will publish a recording of the lecture. Our fundraiser ends on October 18th, after which we will announce our game plan with the raised funds. The event starts this November 6th at 8:00 PM EST, in the Kennesaw Campus Leadership Room ST205.


When you arrive on the Kennesaw campus, look for this building. It’s hard to miss because it’s right next to the visitor’s parking lot. Go inside and look for room ST205, which is to the left of the Card Services Office. If you are having trouble finding it, just ask a passerby.

We’re counting on you to make this event a success. Please consider parting with a day’s coffee by clicking here.

Your contributions go toward supporting young men and reminding them that they are worth the world to so many. If you wish to take part in other ways, tweet with the hashtag #TheNewSexEd to discuss the event on Twitter and share this campaign.

As always, thank you for making this possible.

This post originally appeared on Zen Men.

$270 raised so far. Click here to contribute.

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