Annelie Sjöberg pilloried by The Sisterhood for Asking Inconvenient Questions

There’s a special place in Hell for women who Betray the Sacred Doctrine of Feminism. That´s how one could reformulate a classic feminist book title after having, with increasing distaste, experienced the last few days the formidable lynch mob against High School teacher Annelie Sjöberg from Norrköping.

She has been called “Piglet,” “Gender Traitor,” “Rape Defender,” and worse in quantities of idiotic posts in public social media. They have contacted and harassed her employer and headmaster, both by telephone and email, in the hope that she will lose her job and her livelihood. They have also contacted the leadership of the Centre-Party where Annelie is active, hoping, I suppose, that she would be excluded from politics as well.

A special place in Hell? What for, the uninitiated ask? What could Annelie possibly have done to deserve being subjected to vile persecution of this kind?

Did she hurt or maybe even kill someone? Has she perhaps behaved stupidly or badly? Been rude? Jerked the pacifier from a baby or tortured a kitten?

No, actually none of the above. Her crime consists in the fact that she had the nerve to question the One and Only, according to the net-feminists, True Doctrine. The smelly mix of feminism, Marxism and Stalinism that goes under the name of radical feminism, and that too many naive fools in this country still believe stands for good.

To these idiots, let me just say: come on, it’s high time that more people than Annelie Sjöberg wake up and “face the music.” Can it be that a high school teacher from Norrkoping is the only woman in Sweden who is brave enough to stand up to these hateful internet bullies?

The national media should show what happens to those who dare to question these ideologues, how they are hunted, attacked and silenced, but we all know how it works: it’s men who commit internet hate crimes. Women are victims. So they have told us. It would perhaps be a bit embarrassing to suddenly sing another tune now. Therefore, they will not come to Annelie’s rescue.

When the feminist cult hunts in packs on the net, as they always do, media doesn’t care. The reactions from the Swedish media, when SVT’s reporters’ digging recently showed the truth about left wing violence, largely explain why.

Annelie Sjöberg went together with a few students to a public feminist panel discussion, filmed it and asked three adequate and fairly harmless questions. This was seen by some within the cult as if Annelie had, lo and behold, criticized feminism–and what’s worse, she did it as a woman. It is seen by feminists as a far worse crime than when a man does it, which of course can be seen as a tad ironic in context.

The feminist flock succumb to the very behavior towards women that they would otherwise curse in their reeking blog posts.

Men, especially us white heterosexual men who are not ashamed of our gender, are already considered pigs by proxy. Therefore one can ignore our protests over being treated like second-class citizens. Knowing the level of a pig you are on the pig scale is a bit tricky, so let’s dwell on that for a moment. Myself and other MRAs are high-level pigs. MRA ‘s with penises have almost all pig criteria against them. Men are judged according to a pre-determined feminist template. It contains nothing about our character, or the way we conduct ourselves as humans. Nor about how we view and treat others. Nor are they concerned about what we actually say and write. Such things are totally uninteresting to a feminist in her assessment.

No, because the feminist cult is racist, sexist and intolerant, they are assessing a man only by using four established criteria:

  • Sex (of course, or in feminist-speak; gender)
  • Race (the more white you are the more pig are you)
  • Sexual orientation (Straight = pig)
  • Political opinion (less feminist = more pig)

In other words, if you’re a white heterosexual man you are an arch-pig by proxy. Even if your name was Jesus Christ and you could walk on water, it would change nothing. Additionally, if you refuse to confess to a doctrine which only despise you, you’re an even worse arch-pig. Sorry.

However, if you lie down flat in front of the cult leaders’ feet and lick their boots while you admit to being a patriarchal pig and that you hate yourself and all other men, you could possibly reduce your pig status slightly, but only slightly. From the top of the pig scale where MRAs, fathers’ rights activists and equalists are, it gradually falls. Mitigating factors for men are:

Being brown or black.

Merely, at least sometimes, being willing to take another man in the bum.

Walking around in dress and high heels.

You are less pig-like on the feminist scale if you are dark-skinned, willing to from time to time dance the chocolate cha-cha, hate your own gender, paint your nails, dress in a dress and high heels and vote for the feminist party. That way you can actually be partly accepted. Why do you think feminists across Europe loves Conchita Wurst? For his amazing voice? But even he must not think that he will ever be seen as equal. The man who believes that is in for a surprise. A man is still a man. Nothing can be done about that.

The feminist words of equality are about as true as their role models, Lenin’s and Stalin’s, were in their time. Understand? Good! Let’s continue then.

When men criticize feminism it’s thus not so bad. It’s expected; men are pigs and everyone knows that pigs are stupid. In other words, it is easy to shake off that criticism. “Oh that’s just misogyny from bitter old men who are afraid of losing their privileges.” (What  privileges they are, nobody knows.) But when a woman ventures into the sacred pussy temple and starts questioning the sacred doctrine in this way, it is suddenly seen as something totally outrageous. The hatred and bloodlust that is always latent beneath the surface are awoken. Revenge must be exacted. Annelie must be hunted by all possible means like an injured animal over the net until … yes, until what?

So far, Annelie has stood up and tried to reason with her opponents wherever the attacks occurred. This is the way most of us non- cultists choose to resolve conflicts. However there are two kinds of opponents on which this method is wasted:

1. Criminal organizations: These usually solves conflicts according to the edicts in the Old Testament, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. Or rather both eyes and the whole damn row of teeth. This group is no stranger to getting people to see things their way through threats and intimidation rather than with factual arguments.

2. Cults: To reason with a cult is by definition useless because they are not open to any other worldview than their own–ever. Try to invite in Jehovah’s Witnesses the next time they come visit, and see if they are open to reconsidering their view on the state of things if you do not understand what I mean. This group as well, has made itself known to use threats and intimidation to “correct” its ranks.

Annelie Sjöberg’s involuntary war against the cult began pretty innocently already April 13 when she replied to a Tweet posted by Natashja Blomberg, aka Lady Dahmer, feminist blog queen and pack leader.


(Translation: Lady Dahmer: EVERY time I post a pic of my fat body people start telling me how unhealthy it is

Annelie Sjöberg: Then don’t!)

Sjöberg, secure in the belief that the internet feminist wolf pack, like most others on Twitter, possesses what is called humor, humility and self-distance, stepped right into a hornet’s nest. Soon the cult’s storm troops charged into the extremely-offended Blomberg’s defense and attacked as a pack, like they always do, and just like always when it comes to feminist hunting techniques, the weak spots of the opponent are to be identified and exploited. It’s a successful technique that’s been used several times before and often managed to get critical people to keep quiet and disappear from the debate. The best known case is Pär Ström. They finally found also his weak spot.

stromjudenWe recognize the methods

In Annelie’s case it was her livelihood and employment as a teacher that were identified as her Achilles heel. After that was established it was not long before the underlying threats began to appear. Most aggressive was one of the cult members named Sofia Capel, a white woman who lives the high life in London, drinking champagne, and on the whole seems very oppressed. Sofia Capel operates a closed feminist group on Facebook with 6,000 members. There the plans for “Operation Crush Annelie” were made and discussed.

But it was on Twitter Sofia Capel came with her first threatening comment.


(Translation: SofiaC: Do your bosses know that you are retweeting anonymous misynogists?

Annelie Sjöberg: Don’t know any anonymous misygonists at all. But a lot of men and boys that love girls/women.)

Now Sjöberg had to be made ​​to understand that she probably had better stop questioning the feminists, and also stop sharing tweets of their political opponents if she wanted to avoid unpleasantness in her workplace. They were sooooo concerned about the schoolchildren’s welfare. (Feminists always are “concerned for children”).

Now the hateful campaign escalated more and more. How the hell could they allow a woman who does not recognize the One True and Holy Doctrine to work with children? My God! Call the police, the fire brigade, all the country’s newsrooms, the government and His Royal Highness the king! Now!! Poooooor children, having a teacher who does not worship feminism and thus does not stand for all peoples equal rights?! FOR GODS SAKE DO SOMETHING!

Please, all you people who believe that feminists stand for equality and human rights: Try like this courageous high school teacher to have a discussion with them. Ask them some critical questions as she did. If you dare and have a job you can afford to lose. It is an indisputable fact that this isn’t the behavior of a democratic political movement, but rather of gangsters and brainwashed cults. Which of these that best describe today’s loony feminism, you get to decide for yourself. I honestly do not know.

Annelie clarified her views so that there would be no misunderstanding about where she stood in matters of democracy and human equal rights.


(Translation: Annelie Sjöberg: Violence and threats are always wrong, whichever side it comes from


(Translation: Annelie sjöberg: I strongly dislike both right wing extremists and left wing extremists views and their hateful messages)

She even apologized if she by ignorance or accident had retweeted any extreme person’s tweets, and clarified her own position. Hardly what most people would consider to be extreme views, or a bad behavior, right? But feminists are not like most people, which Annelie now has come to experience. Annelie does not seem to be the type of person who is easily intimidated by bullies, rather the opposite. But feminist wolf packs online are not like just any bullies. They do not stop at writing crap about you. They attack you where you are weakest. To destroy your life is the goal. Their hate is nasty.

That is how it all began.

What followed, and how it all escalated you can read in the blog WTF? He gives an excellent account (in Swedish) in four parts. Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 and Part 4

In the blog Gender Debate, you can read Annelie’s own version in a guest post.

The blogger Jussi H Lundell also writes an excellent post, on the subject: The strange reality of having to express support for brave women like Annelie Sjöberg time and time again.

Natashja Blomberg backs down in her last post and claims to have had an attack of conscience and come to the sensational conclusion that it may not be entirely fair to destroy a person’s life just because she has behaved badly online? (Behave badly = questioning feminism).

Wow, what an insight.

Whether it really came from the heart or from the rising amount of attention around the whole thing and that it simply started to become a little too hot under her feet, we cannot know. Your guess is as good as mine. My guess? Well you have to guess that too.

Finally, I want to send a big congratulations to both Annelies ​​employer, her political party and her students. Such straight-backed, wise, and brave educators and politicians are a rare thing in Sweden today. I sincerely hope you all have the sense to appreciate her accordingly.

If not then raise her salary immediately.


Since the article was written the following has happened: Annelie came damned close to losing her job after some of the students’ parents called and expressed concerns of sending their kids to a school that employed “people like her.” However after people in support of Annelie also started to contact the school, the principal said that he now has understood the whole picture and the risk seems to have been averted. (Or perhaps he just realized that the truth was published on several blogs?)

Natashja Blomberg on the other hand claims to have lost several advertisers on her blog. I guess justice sometimes prevails….

Even in this country.

Editorial note: this item originally appeared on A Voice for Men-Sweden and was translated into English. –DE

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