‘Angry Lesbians’

Tim Patten has written a sharp rebuke to those radicalized lesbian feminists (RLFs) who have continued to infect the discourse on gender politics with, what are essentially, manifestations of their vitriolic self-loathing and rationalizations for their own dangerously maladjusted psyches. He has done so without generalizing about lesbians or drawing rash conclusions about them and their place in the world. That is quite an achievement.

In many ways, RLFs have been protected by the deranged extremism of their actions and words. It ‘s hard to take anyone who parades their genitalia as a form of politicized performance art seriously. Sometimes I wonder if choral scream-singing lamentations about God only knows what is just a clever ruse to misguide bemused onlookers into thinking that RLFs are nothing more than a bunch of shrill but harmless crazies who couldn’t possibly organize themselves into a well-connected entity that wields any real power and influence.

That’s certainly what their NAFALT enablers want people to think, but they know better – and so do MHRAs. AVfM readers are already very familiar with the bilious anti-male bigotry of Bindle and Jeffreys and have long been aware of the immense power and influence they wield. Jeffreys was a consultant on Australia’s DV laws, which should send a chill down the spine of anyone who demands that such laws be gender-neutral. But, no, they’re just a pair of nutters that MHRAs are foolish to pay any heed – real feminists are all about equality stupid.

An LGBT activist group has decided that gay men aren’t oppressed enough to deserve representation (see the sidebar) and have demanded that all gay men be removed from their positions within the movement. There is no doubt that RLFs were responsible for this and probably justified it with their ideological belief that cis homosexual shitlords benefited from too much unearned male privilege. Many were surprised by this, but those of us who have long been aware of the RLF hijack of LGBT understand that the takeover has simply moved on to its logical conclusion.

This should be the wake-up call that many gay men need that RLFs are not, and have never been, their friends or allies. For God’s sake, what do RLFs have to do before the penny finally drops among gay men that they are men, which, according to feminist ideology, makes them the enemy? RLFs actively opposed the repeal of sodomy statutes because they feared that this would make gay men the legal equals of straight men, thus swelling the ranks of the Patriarchy. RLFs never resented gay men just because they represented serious competition on the victim market; they loathed gay men for their own sake – because they were men. It’s time for gay men to realize that they are, indeed, men, and be damn proud of it.

It is profoundly revealing to watch lesbians attempt to mimic what they imagine being typical male behaviour. It is invariably violent, insensitive and humourless. Question any of their aggressive antics and you will be met with either angry denials or told, “So its OK when men do it, but not women.” Um, no. It’s not OK when men do it, and what made you believe that I would think that it was? Because I’m a man? They don’t have a clue about men or how to be one.

Ironically, it is my observation that many lesbians engage in DV because of their innately female love of drama, with all of the attendant backbiting, escalation, disrespect for boundaries and clique mentality – it’s all there. Lesbians do DV in a uniquely female way, which is why it’s usually so drawn-out, involves a lot more talking than necessary and is so shockingly vicious. They can fight it all they want, but they’re stuck with being women, and there’s nothing they can do about it.

There’s a very good reason gay men are so intimidated by RLFs: we’ve seen them up close and personal more than most people and know that they are very dangerous, unpredictable and anti-social individuals who inhabit a toxic world that reflects their angry and disaffected selves – the source of the anarchical perspectives they’d like to impose on the world around them. They are the antithesis of gay men. To put it mildly, RLFs are never interested in having a good time unless it somehow involves hurting someone they hate – which is practically everybody, including themselves.

The challenge in dealing with RLFs is convincing people that they need to regard them as more than a free-bleeding carnival act with a fetish for eugenics and concentration camps. They are politically influential and have wrought tremendous destruction within our institutions and will continue to do so unless stopped. No group is more responsible for failing to stop them than the kind of feminists who lie through their teeth when they tell you that RLFs are harmless, closely followed by gay men, who have known about the true nature of RLFs longer than anyone else.

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