An open letter to Dr. Tanveer Ahmed

Dear Dr. Ahmed,

I just read about your being forced to step down from your position as an ambassador for the White Ribbon Australia Campaign. Pardon my being familiar, but I think we both know that you were pushed out of a feminist organization because you expressed concern for male victims of domestic violence; because male victims and female perpetrators are DOA issues for White Ribbon Australia because there is no money it it. That corruption is currently in full public view with you at the center of the story.

I want to make some respectful suggestions, as I live with the hope that your actions were not a one-off and that you want to have a positive impact of the domestic violence issue., not in any way affiliated with White Ribbon Australia, is run by Erin Pizzey, the founder of the women’s shelter movement in 1971. You will find great research and opinion pieces there, including now, proudly, yours. And your work there finds a perfect home. features the cream of the crop of the many world renowned non-ideological researchers who provide accurate, helpful data on the subject.

There is a growing voice for sanity and science to return to the study of intimate partner violence. You are most certainly aware of how much work there is be done for that to happen. Sir, your voice is needed on this in ways that far outweigh the current hoopla. You are just being ostracized by a cabal of financially driven ideologues whose main line of work is to raise money for themselves. I am guessing at this point you know the truth of that.very well. Just as you know that the people who just threw you under the bus see you as a threat to their deceptive enterprise.

I encourage you to consider taking what you started and becoming an ongoing part of the solution. I would be happy to set up a formal introduction for you to Ms. Pizzey, as I can assure that she would like to speak with you.

There is a desperate need for researchers and academicians to openly reject this outrageous public bullying by people who ironically claim to be concerned about that very problem.

You have my sympathies for your mistreatment, but I also ask you to consider that this will continue to so many others unless important individuals such as yourself act with resolve and integrity to bring an end to the dogmatic ban on science in the domestic violence industry. That is why this letter is public rather than private. The problem you are going through requires a vocal resistance to overcome. There is literally no other way. If you are concerned about the indifference toward male victims, this is the only way your voice will be heard in a way that ultimately matters.

Otherwise, White Ribbon Australia will contine to profit from gagging non compliant academicians, and our future generations will pay for it.

Please contact me,,  and allow me to set up a proper introduction to Erin Pizzey.

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