Alexandra Stan’s manager is innocent

The scandal that commenced in June last year when singer Alexandra Stan accused her boyfriend and manager, Marcel Prodan, of domestic violence seems to have reached an end with the definitive decision of the Constanța Tribunal, announces AVfM Romania, citing the local press.

In June 2013, Stan appeared on TV covered in bruises and crying. At that time, she confessed that the bruises were not from the automobile accident in which she had been involved but from the serious and systematic beatings to which she was allegedly subjected by her manager and boyfriend. She also said that she won’t have peace until her aggressor was held to account.

From that moment on, she launched herself into a victimhood contest that culminated with an anti-violence campaign supported by the Capital City Police.

The trial was long because the National Directorate of Combating Corruption (DNA) also had to be involved due to the allegations of blackmail that had been brought into the trial. Stan alleged that the beatings occurred after several fights between she and her boyfriend/manager, Marcel Prodan, about money and contract disputes.

Prodan, however, claimed throughout the period that he was not a beater and, in fact, there was only one violent incident between the two, in which he was merely defending himself against the real aggressor—Alexandra Stan. He stated for the tabloids that:

Following several fights that were not money-related but related to her career and our relationship she started hitting me multiple times with her fists whilst I was driving and she also pulled the wheel saying “maybe it’s better that we kill ourselves.” She almost killed both of us and provoked a serious accident.

Other sources also cite Prodan as saying:

We were in a 3 year relationship that she denied, or at least kept the silence over it, and only called me her “manager,” probably to better fit her false blackmail allegation. […] she even attempted to jump off the care at 90km/h speed!

But these details could not stop the flood of calls from various celebrities for Prodan’s head. Mihaela Rădulescu, who enjoys some level of influence among international organizations, jumped in at the beginning of the scandal to say that she fears for her own life—even though Rădulescu wasn’t part of the story, nobody had asked for her opinion, and she wasn’t even living in the same city with Prodan.

He should be taken by the special forces from home at 5 AM, lock him up and ban him from any contact with this girl. What if he sees me on the streets of Bucharest and punches me in the face for taking Stan’s side in this? He needs to be taken to jail and forced to pay huge fines – to the extent that he’ll have to sell everything he has to pay for the reparations.

The attempts of people such as Rădulescu to create a threat narrative added even more pressure on the judiciary, which, at one point, banned Prodan from leaving the city of Constanța, and the newspapers at the time compared Stan with Rihanna or Madonna.

But things started turning around last November when the DNA cleared Prodan’s name for the allegation of blackmail and the female judge, Mihaela Lavinia Cîrciumaru, from the Constanța Court rejected Stan’s appeal on this ground.

This past Friday, November 7, Stan lost the other trial as well—the one related to domestic violence—with the court appreciating that Prodan acted in legitimate self-defense and Stan was in fact the aggressor in this case.

Following this decision, Stan is now liable for all the judicial fees and for a civil case against her. The papers released by the court even imply that she could be liable for a criminal case against her should Prodan press charges or the DA’s Office reacts in the case of Prodan’s statement with respect to her guilt in the auto crash that started the whole scandal.

The local tabloids say that Stan declares herself as being “in a state of shock” following this decision., citing people close to the singer, say that Stan is in dire straits financially, as she accumulated debts of roughly €50,000 to her collaborators, plus the judicial fees that she now has to pay.

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