Adding men’s interests to men’s rights

I follow the comments around here pretty closely most of the time. I have been doing so recently more than usual. And I have found a few instances of what I expected to find.

People are starting to notice that we are expanding the content here, both in quantity and in subject matter. We have also made changes to present more material on the front page, with plans to expand that even more.

AVFM is changing. Allow me to explain.

While we are still light years from some needed social changes and actual, measurable improvements to men’s rights are still lacking, we have accomplished one thing. Namely our job.

AVFM’s core mission has been to change the public narrative about sexual politics; to force a critique of feminism into the cultural consciousness and to chip away at the empathy gap when it comes to the sexes. We are starting to see that happen, and I personally could not be more proud of the team working here, the contributing writers and all of you who have financially supported this operation for so long.

The growth of our message throughout the mainstream is now unstoppable because of you.

We have also, I am quite certain, played a significant role in enhancing the prominence and relevance of many in the old guard of feminist critics.

In the best of ways this means that we have to change with the times that we have helped create. We will continue to be a foundational resource for mainstream writers who are daring to be part of the change, providing the message discipline and men’s issues information for them to emulate, as they have been doing much more in recent years.

We will continue to expand our reach in different ways. Anti-feminism and anti-gynocentrism, while still making some children of privilege shriek, is not the taboo that it was nearly six years ago when we launched. Far fewer people are offended by it, or find it strange. A truckload more people like it.

The worm is turning. That opens a door for us and insists on ushering us through it.

As many of you have already noticed, we have started to post articles which skirt and even go over the edge of MHRM relevance, focusing on men’s interests, not just their rights. There will be more of that in the future.

We will be running articles on various subjects. Science and technology, gaming, political news, general interest stories and other subjects where the only criteria is if they will be of interest to a predominately male audience.

And so what becomes of the provocative, iconoclastic men’s rights, men’s mental health and anti-gynocentric literature? It will stay front and center, of course, and without apology. The mission here has not changed in the least. We are just making some structural changes in how we carry it out.

With some operational restructuring and the completions of some projects under development, we also believe that we can intensify our antagonistic effect on the gynocentric cultural narrative.

So, to those of you who have understandably read and scratched your head at some recent articles (Hi Clint!), and have asked yourselves “What has this got to do with men’s rights?” I have an answer.


And everything.

This is the future for how AVFM pushes the counter-theory. It is fitting with what we have been saying for years. We ARE the media. We have proven it. The day when we can say we ARE the mainstream may or may not come, at least in my life.

But you can bet your ass I will keep swinging to the last breath.

There are already some other big plusses in these changes. Today is June 24. We are three days past where we would normally have to have a fundraiser, calling on men already affected by the problems to reach in their wallets and help us keep our nostrils above the waterline financially.

For the first time in six years, I did not have to bother you and you did not have to be bothered. For me personally that is a gift; riddance of a source of stress I never wanted, but was necessary for the time.

Now, we are moving to a very affordable, reward-based membership model that only depends on people who can afford it. All of the money goes to fund the business structure around AVFM and all the material here will remain free. will not be a source of personal income for me for the foreseeable future. Whatever the outcome the time has come that AVFM pays its own way on and with the mainstream’s dime, and a little support from those who care.

We obviously hope you will be a part of that and subscribe to us when we launch the membership plan. Just as we hope you continue to support us in spirit on the work we do.

To good days ahead. Thank you.

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