Adapting to the modern hateful zeitgeist

This is a message intended for my Patreon supporters, both present and future. The announcement just came from the SPLC that AVFM has been designated a hate group. That is a badge of honor, of course, but I do expect their smear campaign to be parlayed into efforts to remove my work from major social media platforms, and importantly, to undermine my funding.

Fortunately, there are new outfits like MakerSupport, which are filling a growing demand for social media platforms that reject censorship of content creators.

Henceforth, I will be dual posting, both to Patreon (for as long as that lasts) and to MakerSupport, hopefully for future, long-term security. When the day comes, and it will, that Patreon goes fully blue pill, I will be relying on MakerSupport to fill the void created.

If you have been supporting my work through Patreon, please consider transferring that support to my MakerSupport account today. You will get the same content, with the same notifications and the same opportunity to participate in discussing the material.

And if you have been considering tossing in your support, the time and place is perfect.

This is our future, guys. Long term, red pill material will be increasingly targeted on the major, commercial social media platforms. They are going to try to starve us out and choke off our traffic.

They can’t succeed at this unless we let them.

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