Acid attacks in Italy – Manipulation of the public

Acid attacks were unknown in Italy until 2009, when feminist journalists started to attack all men by talking about female victims of acid attacks in East Asia and Africa, painting it as a gender issue. The reality is that men are 48% of the victims of acid attacks in Cambodia, 18% in Bangladesh, 43% in Uganda, 60% in Nigeria, and we could go on like this. The reality is that this issue is both rare and non-gendered.

But only in one case did the press write about a man attacked with acid, and the title was as egregious as it gets: Nabila, the courageous woman who launched an acid attack against her 21-year-old boyfriend.

As a consequence of this topic being brought up in the media, the Italian public learned as follows: between 2009 & 2014, 16 persons were attacked with acid in Italy: 9 women and 7 men.

At this point, the feminist press could select a single victim as the symbol of the struggle that their ideology promotes. Of course, all men and children who were victims of acid attacks were discarded. A few women were discarded as well: one was a politician attacked by a man, another one was attacked by a woman, and another one claimed that she was attacked by men, but the police discovered that she threw acid on herself in order to build a false allegation.

Lucia Annibali, a female lawyer attacked by her ex-lover, had the politically correct victim profile. So she was heavily promoted: in some days we could see her in the morning, at lunch, at dinner, in major TV programs. She got prizes: the president of Italy (an 89-year-old ex-communist) nominated her with the title of “Cavaliere” (Knight). The feminist president of parliament received her. Luckily, Lucia mostly recovered from the aesthetic damages she suffered. Her aggressors were charged with attempted homicide and sentenced to 20 + 14 + 14 years and ordered to pay her €1.8 million in reparations.

Amongst the other forgotten victims was William Pezzullo. When his girlfriend started lying to him, he broke up with her. When he became a victim of stalking, he did not react, not even when his car was damaged. At some point his ex-girlfriend contacted her previous boyfriend. They then conspired and attacked William by hitting him on the head, and then she threw acid on him. After 20 days of intensive care he survived, but he was left severely disabled following the ordeal: he was left both deaf and blind.

The prosecutor refused to charge her with attempted homicide, stating that “we do not wish to create a monster,” despite evidence that she had searched the Internet for the most aggressive type of acid to use. They got sentenced to 10 years of jail each, which in Italy essentially means five years of real jail for the man and zero for the woman. Indeed, the woman who attacked William is a mother, and according to an Italian feminist law, mothers should and indeed can avoid going to jail, even in situations like these.

William got no compensation so far, so his family sold their commercial business in order to pay for the treatments he needs (recovery from an acid attack is considered an aesthetic and elective procedure and it is thus not covered by state insurance). He is assisted by his mother, Paola Tomarelli, who told the Italian press:

William has not improved at all, [on the contrary,] he is getting worse [and] we are desperate. One eye was completely lost, but at least with the other he could see shadows, and some movements. Now he does not see anything … The plastic reconstruction surgery failed to achieve the results; we took him to several hospitals, where they tried to rebuild using muscles and tissues from the neck, but now he is worse than before. William suffered for three months before leaving the intensive care unit. [The doctors] were not sure whether they’d be able to save his life. For 16 months now he is closed in our house and we leave the house only to bring him to hospitals or specialists. We are desperate, he is not self-sufficient, he will never become self-sufficient [and] this is the most dramatic aspect.

In theory, the president of Italy should be the president of everybody: so Paola Tomarelli and others wrote him asking for help for William. They only got an answer written by some woman in his staff: a letter that claims that men should be represented not by a victim but by some actors who appeared in a feminist advertisement saying, ‘We do not hit women.” The president’s office essentially told them that William was the wrong sex. You can’t make this stuff up! Read the letter here (in Italian).

Did feminists have a good reason for this disgusting operation that ruined the life of 16 persons? Yes, they had 82 million good reasons. This is the amount of public funds (in euros) that they wanted to obtain for their women-only shelters. That’s over US$110 million.

In 2014, feminists got their Istanbul Convention ratified in Italy. Women and men are no longer equal under the law, not even formally.  Men are perpetrators, women are victims. William is a perpetrator, Lucia is a victim. By virtue of their sex.

It was the feminist ideology who used to declare this. It’s the law. Politicians and judges have a legal justification to discriminate against William, and against all men.

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