A word between men from Paul

As any AVFM old timer could tell you, those who have worked together here, with the dedicated support of readers, have a lot to smile about. AVFM cut a huge swath through the social discussion about sexual politics, opening a lot of new ground for men’s issues – and challenging the hell out of feminist corruption.

So far in nine years, our battle-pitted armor has gained some patina with the hosting of three International Conferences on Men’s Issues, aiming for a fourth. We survived continuous takedown attempts by a legion of fake news outlets. And we attracted a filmmaker who started out to expose the supposed misogyny driving this movement but ended up blowing the lid off modern feminism and highlighting a host of men’s issues in a way that leaves audiences in tears.

Make no mistake, without AVFM the Red Pill Movie would never have been made.

What’s that you say? Paul is bragging about AVFM, he must want money.

Well, this is indeed a pitch for your support of this important website. As I announced not too long ago, the plans for AVFM’s future are reflected in our new tagline below the logo. “Men’s Health. No Apologies.”

Since we have kicked in the door on the idea of having the discussion, and the gynocentrists no longer have the floor to themselves, AVFM can finally serve men and boys better with guidance on life solutions in the nongynocentric realm, specifically in the area of men’s mental health.

The tough part is that for us it means starting over and gradually rebuilding AVFM into the new model. We will be screening, selecting and working with mental health professionals as potential contributors to the literature here. The conferences will continue but I am also drafting a model of weekend workshops/retreats for groups of men that can be replicated.

Going from in-your-face antagonism of the status quo to real world outreach takes a lot time and effort, especially on a shoestring budget. So, I am coming to you for help.

At the top of the right sidebar to this site, you will find a subscription button, where you can contribute as little as a dollar a month. Five dollars a month means you won’t see Google ads on the site. And you can subscribe at virtually any amount you want. You will also find a donation button, where you can make a one-time donation in any amount. There are options there to mail checks or money orders for those who prefer to avoid PayPal.

I will be leaving this request up in this annoyingly high-profile spot for the next 10 days with hopes that you will part with a little of your hard-earned money to help us get from where we are to where we want to be. Help us build an emotional, intellectual underground railroad for men escaping the dead end of blue pill life.

Thanks in advance to all those who pitch in.

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