A Tragic Suicide in Bangladesh

The following is a suicide note left by a man in Bangladesh named Shamim Sultan. He took his own life after an acrimonious divorce. His note was posted on Facebook and went viral. We bring this to you with thanks to Dr. Rakib Hasan, who translated the note from Bengali to English. RIP Shamim. –Ed

Shamim Sultan

What is the point of having parents, sister, brother – in – law, uncle aunts, if they can’t help me when I needed them the most? No one stood by me in my time of crisis. No one asked me how I was doing, or they didn’t try to understand and solve my problem. My love is useless to my parents’ ego, anger and arrogance.

I have few questions to the people of my neighborhood. You consider your ego is superior to my happiness? I had an arranged marriage but why so much problem after marriage? You guys created problems but never tried to mitigate them because it will hurt your ego. As a father you can’t do this to your son at this time and age.

I want to say something to my in-laws. The financial conditions of a person can’t remain same all the time. At some point, I used to carry USD 4500 worth of gadgets in my backpack. You also have a son who is looking for a job but cannot manage one because it is not easy nowadays.

I got married on October 22, 2017. That time I had good income that’s why you said yes to marriage in such a short notice but when my financial condition worsened, I became a villain. All you want is money, not a son-in-law.

For Eshita’s (my wife) job I rented house in a separate city. You might think only Eshita contributed to the family but that is not true. Nevertheless, my family was running smoothly but my mother-in-law used to interfere a lot. I always helped Eshita is household chores, washed clothes, but you left me.

Before marriage my in-laws used to tell Eshita she was lucky to have me but when the divorce was finalized everyone was saying I was an asshole.

Now, Eshita, I have something to tell you. I never had a relationship before marriage, so I loved you with all my heart. You said I was careless but all I cared was for you. I always tried to make you happy. Your family, relatives stood beside you at time of divorce but no one cared for you after the divorce. I did. I even brought you a dress, sent money, took you to job interviews with my bike after divorce. I can not tolerate this anymore, all I wanted someone to be by my side, but I am alone.

If I owe anyone money, please forgive me. Everyone be happy in your life. I pray, Eshita, that you find a person that you always wanted and be happy with him.

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