A response to a complaint/threat regarding Dr. Michael Read, sexual mutilator of children

A couple of weeks ago, I got the following in my inbox.

Here are the links mentioned in the email

AVFM Article

And as referenced at J4MB

Dear Frankie,

Thank you for your message. As the owner and publisher of A Voice for Men I have reviewed your request and reject it in its entirety. At AVFM, we stand by our constitutional right to freedom of speech, freedom of the press and the freedom to publicly identify and shame those who practice the sexual mutilation of children for profit.

Also, Frankie, I note that your email originates from a web service called Content Removal, and that currently you boast that you have 304 satisfied clients, with 13,457 urls removed. I trust that impressive track record won’t be sullied by your complete failure here to impress or threaten anyone. Your client sexually mutilates children for money. If you want to be of service to them, suggesting a different career path would be more helpful.



Paul Elam, Founder and Publisher, A Voice for Men


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