A note from my future: Thanks for the meme-ories

A note from my future: Thanks for the meme-ories
Things are bad, brothers.
The war drags on, digital and analog. My daily upgrades have been blocked for a month now on the basis of my “insufficient commitment to gynocentrism”, so I’m not sure how much time I have left to get this message out, so here goes…
Although I am an old man now and badly in need of an upgrade and reboot, I still remember back in the early twenty-teens when, regardless of your sympathies in gender-based conflicts, entering the gender war meant that one was treated to an alphabetic stew of terms like MRM, MHRM, TWRA, PIV, CAMAB, CAFAB, MGTOW, Blue/Purple/Red Piller, Alpha/Beta/Omega/Zeta man/woman, Mangina, Mansplainer, White Knight, Trigger Warning, Rape Apologist, Gender Feminist, Gender Queer…if you know all these buzzwords, then congratulations, my brothers, this article is for you, AND, you know a lot more than I do even now, so many decades later.
Using a time machine of my own poor construction (which has damaged both my verbal skills and my grasp on reality), I have managed leap forward (backward?) and obtain the merest glimpse into the upcoming long-past terminology of this war, and from the tiny shreds I salvaged, I’ve compiled a few of the relevant future (past? crap, language wasn’t built to handle this time flux I’m caught up in) terms and definitions and I’m trying to share this knowledge with you, my beloved younger brothers, before innate temporal paradoxes and feminist droogies ban my dying electronic brains from mAk!g co7ernt w0rs…
Ma’amsplaining – explanations and rhetoric from TWRA’s (traditional women’s rights activists) detailing why both feminists and men’s right’s activists suck: because women are entitled to lives of luxury at the expense of both male service and male disposability. Example: “Woman, from birth, are entitled to a man’s deference and servitude.”
Ma’ambo – After “Limbo”, the storage area for censored speech and related data that is considered to be insufficiently worshipful of women.
Mizsplainingalso, Ms Splaining: unoriginal and widespread feminist talking points (such as “wage gap”, “rape culture”, “patriarchy”, “1 in 4”, “gendered domestic violence”, etc.) that, despite being throughly debunked and ignorant of the massive sacrifices of men’s lives necessary to sustain such brutal lies, have become so entrenched that MHRA regulars have to spend their scant remaining resources repeatedly re-debunking them.
Min – after the term “rapesticks” fell into disfavor, feminists changed the terms “Man” and “Men” into “Min” and “Minz”, respectively, but not respectfully. This reduced the cumbersome “trigger warnings” to more minigible levels. I still have trouble with these, which is why my upgrades are still in ma’ambo.
Vaginohedonic also, Vagodonic, the sexual ideology that all vaginally-related sexual pleasure and activities are morally and legally acceptable (including the rape of underage girls by feminists) only whenever feminists decree that they are, and then, only for women, and only if the women don’t change their minds at any point ex post facto. Example: “Heather’s vaginohedonic bliss with Raoul was dispelled the next day when she discovered lifts in his shoes, and so enraged, she filed rape-by-deception charges against him 30 months after he dumped her.”
Femitheist – any feminist who seeks a massive, worldwide, act of Goddess slaughter of men, often while denying that she is, in fact, a feminist.
Victim Cred – the ultimately self-defeating power and influence that women (and rarely, men) gain from publicizing, exaggerating and even cynically manufacturing their status as aggrieved victims of some real or imagined slight. Whereas real victims seek to overcome and grow beyond their temporary plight, the victim cred set become voluntarily mired in their victim narrative in perpetuity.
Slutspamming – the process of annoying society and promoting the power-grabbing through victimization by organizing massive rallies of scantily clad women to protest against men who seek to protect said women from being raped.
Grape-rape – using a bout of consensual drunken sex to extort a monetary benefit from a privileged man. Example: “Score! Not only did Jessica enjoy having drunken sex with David, but later that week she grape-raped him for a cool 200 grand.”
Anti-tokenism – resistance from feminism to the successful advancement of feminists into positions of power, under the theory that such advancements undermine the victim cred of other feminists. The near defeat of President Rodham in the elections of 2016 was credited to anti-tokenism.
Challengaging – a derisive term for the process wherein some people (men, predominantly) grow in strength and competence through engaging in open conflicts, whereas others (woman, predominantly) are deeply emotionally damaged by the expectation that they prove themselves worthy of further advancement by engaging in the same tests of character as men are expected to do.
AtheismPusssee also Tokyo Rose, Benedict Arnold, Judas, Rebecca Watson– the short-lived effort in the early decades of the 21st century by feminists to destroy the otherwise rapidly growing, loosely knit groups espousing rationalism, skepticism, agnosticism, and atheism, by imposing the ideological doctrines of feminism and victim cred on a largely oblivious but still keenly intellectual, anti-supernatural cohort. The infighting and starvation that drove AtheismPuss to extinction are still studied as models of other primate extinctions, of which the decline of the Neandertals is the most noteworthy.
The VAWAnkers Rebellion – a violent slave revolt of 2028 wherein the incarcerated 38% of the male college-age population reBE!!!d JOSFSOFPs…
Damn – the time machine is overheating, blushing and oozing feminist ejaculate. I’ll try to repair it as time and my failing health permits, and if interest in these revelations warrants such efforts.
Until our liberation sets us all free, I remain your humble mgtowai, lost in time.
August Løvenskiolds version 6.12.2049
July 12th, 2049, on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of my vaginal birthday, and 4,136th wetware upgrade.

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