A message for the White Ribbon Campaign

The White Ribbon Campaign had themselves a smashing success with “White Ribbon Day.” The Canadian branch of the organization was gifted with $300,000 of the Canadian taxpayers’ money, which will help them, in turn, to raise even more money so that they can raise more money.

We assume that the White Ribbon branches in other countries like Australia and the UK also experienced similar windfalls.

But while fortune is currently in favor of the dubious organization, it was not all rose petals and petunias for them.

A scandal in Ireland involving phony rape statistics left them looking for an excuse and a scapegoat, which they quickly offered to a skeptical media.

The launch of WhiteRibbon.org, the website owed by domestic violence pioneer Erin Pizzey, has elicited defensive reactions from White Ribbon Canada and White Ribbon Australia, the latter of which has gone as far as to attempt to censor criticism of them from the eyes of the Australian YouTube audience—along with urging the Australian Parliament to take a dim view of anyone disagreeing with them.

Their troubles are not quite over.

Tune in to this channel for a conversation between AVfM News’s Robert O’Hara and AVfM founder Paul Elam at 1PM Perth time, 6:00 US Pacific Time, 8:00 Central, and 9:00 Eastern, in which Elam is expected to deliver a message directly to the White Ribbon Campaign.

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