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I have a new hero. His name is David Leyonhjelm and he is a senator in our federal parliament. Last week he caused a furore here in Australia when he told a rabid feminist senator Sarah Hanson Young to “stop shagging men.” When she confronted him with confected outrage he simply told her to “fuck off.”

Why did he say it?

I have already written about the rape and murder of a young woman in Melbourne a few weeks ago. The issue of protection for women was being discussed in the Senate.  Let Mr. Leyonhjelm explain what happened in his own words.

“She called out something that I’m 99% sure was ‘If only men would stop raping women,’ so she was saying that in the context of why they need something for self defense (mace was suggested), the inference being that men are collectively responsible for such attacks as happened in Melbourne. I responded by saying ‘Stop shagging men.’

“She was effectively saying ‘the enemy is men.’ I was responding by saying, ‘you’re sleeping with the enemy’. What I was objecting to was the misandry, the blaming of men for the actions of individual criminals.”

What followed can only be imagined. The media melted and expressed outrage over this dinosaur..this uncouth relic from a dark, bygone era.

Ms. Sarah Hanson Young demanded an apology from Leyonhjelm as well as his resignation. She made a few grand speeches about not remaining silent anymore, and accused him of slut shaming, and threw in a mention of her young daughter.

As always, one man’s criticism/comments directed at one woman, immediately becomes a slur on all women.

Sarah said:

“Senator Leyonhjem should do the decent thing and resign. It is a sad refection on society that even in 2018 attacks like these occur to women after they have spoken out about sexism, sexual harassment and abuse in their workplace and daily lives.

As a woman, a sister, and a mother, I have a responsibility to stand up against this treatment. I will not be intimidated or bullied by offensive and sexist slurs on my professional reputation.”

Well, the Prime Minister stepped in and demanded an apology from Leyonhjelm. Other ministers spoke of his disrespect and called upon him to apologize. I, along with many Australians waited for what we thought would be the inevitable back down and cowering mea culpa.

To the unbounded delight of the silent majority Leyonhjelm not only refused to apologise, but called the Prime Minister a “soft cock” and a “pussy” for failing to condemn misandry. These words could not be more appropriate.

David’s refusal to back down is only bettered by the way he took his defiance to the next level each time he was interviewed. When he appeared on the notoriously feminist program, “The Project” (home of Lisa Wilkinson who delivered the “all men are guilty rant” I covered in the article The Beginning of the End) he defended a tweet in which he called Angela Bishop a ‘bigoted bitch’ for refusing to allow a male panelist on Studio Ten explain exactly what the term misandry means.

He engaged in a heated debate with the presenter Hamish MacDonald on ABC Radio National. Here’s a taste of what transpired:

What’s your problem with women?” MacDonald asked.

“I think you’re mischaracterizing it as sexist abuse when it is just abuse,” Senator Leyonhjelm responded. “I am an Australian. I will tell people they’re bastards or bitches or to fuck off, irrespective of their gender. If I think they should shut up, I’ll tell them to shut up.

I don’t discriminate between men and women. I will tell them both equally if I think they are wrong I will call them out, I will tell them to shut up,” he said.

Leyonhjelm explained why he called our Prime Minister a pussy yesterday after the Prime Minister called on him to apologise to Senator Hanson-Young.

“Misandry is as bad as misogyny. The Prime Minister is on record as having called out misogyny. Fine. I’m happy to call it out myself. But he should also call out misandry. It’s equally as bad. It’s also sexism. And for not doing so, he’s a doormat basically. Senator Leyonhjelm said.

A month ago, immediately after the murder and rape of Eurydice Nixon, Senator Hanson-Young said:

“It’s not women’s fault that men behave like morons and pigs!”

Leyonhjelm took this to be an attack on all men which it clearly was. Simply apply the fliperoo. Imagine if the Prime Minister had said:

‘It’s not men’s fault that women behave like pigs and morons!” Senator Hanson -Young would have been leading the lynch mob, rope and torch in hand. She is a most vile hypocrite.

There are many more admirable actions Senator Leyonhjelm has taken in his defence of men and criticism of feminism. Last year he eviscerated two representatives from the Violence Against Women campaign. You must watch the fifteen-minute clip. It is shocking to see how ill prepared they were for his questions and how deceitful and deliberately misguided the whole domestic violence industry is.

In a much briefer clip, our hero chose not to wear a White Ribbon last year when every man and his dog was wearing one with pride. Watch his blunt, brief assessment of the value of the White Ribbon day and campaign It is so refreshing in a world peopled by cowards and sycophants.

I received an email from David tonight thanking me for a rather lengthy email of support. I will conclude this little tribute with Senator Leyonhjelm’s words.

Dear Mark,

Thank you for contacting me and for your support.

Apologies are only appropriate when there is fault. I am not the party at fault – misandry is not something that can be excused.

Senator David Leyonhjelm
Liberal Democratic Party





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