A day without women

A day without women had about as much consequence in America as me choosing whether I wanted lemon with my tea or not.  This was quite possibly the worst idea to date besides maybe the Ghostbusters remake that ever there was in modern feminism.  I mean, you complain about your pay and then skip work.  Genius…

GB tanks

Now, many people may think I don’t understand or care about what this is all about.  However, from what I can gather this was a strike formulated to copy countries that had done it before with the expectation it would work the same way here.  That was a very ill-conceived thought from the most privileged sex in the western world.


You see, men for as long as anyone can remember in the western world have been the ones to take the dangerous and non-glamourous jobs in western society.  All to keep women from needing or having to.  They take the garbage to landfills, bring power to the people at danger of electrocution and death, hang from cranes and buildings as they are being built and work with the heavy machinery that could potentially crush them to death at a misstep.  Women universally have no desire for these kinds of key infrastructure jobs. (for the most part) Yet… they thought taking a day off would bring us to a halt.

jobs women choose (businessinsider)

I did an article a while back that proved modern day women were choosing “pink collar jobs” over these types of hard labor and infrastructure ones on multiple levels across multiple countries.  It was even complete with graphs and empirical facts.  You know, sciencey stuff on how they do studies and prove things.  One major glaring conclusion you could come to is that women have the freedom to make the same choices as men and have for over 20 years (I’m knocking off​ 30 years for the societal adjustment period) now but keep choosing the same jobs for two major reasons:

  • They prefer them because they don’t have to deal with the rigors and stresses of these types of jobs.
  • Women still feel they must take these jobs in society largely because of what is defined as “feminine” and guess what, it’s not “patriarchy” doing that one ladies. You are.  In other words, “misandry hurts women too.”

Now I know that last one stung a bit but it’s going to be ok.  What I am getting at with that is that until you women change the script in society for yourselves as women in what is “feminine” both in society and the workplace and get on the same page and start taking out the garbage, get into trade jobs and take the same dangerous risks as men to earn your living no one is going to take you serious least of all men because they look at actions more than words.

I will say this to the credit of a lot of ladies.  I have seen a great increase of women taking combat roles in the military and these women have one hundred percent of my respect.  Thank you to every one of these men and women serving side by side for my freedoms and safety.

women in combat

Ladies, If you want respect from men as equals this is how you will get it.  Especially if you want it from the MRA/MGTOW communities.  Stop being part of the problem and start being an example of the solution.

Thanks for reading.

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