$3,000 for Danielle D’Entremont’s Elusive Assailant – Where Are The Feminists?

For those who might have forgotten, it was March 26, 2014 – that Danielle D’Entremont alerted the world to just how rough and physically dangerous it is to be a campus feminist, or even a woman at a Canadian university in the modern age of misogyny.

Danielle alerted the world with a Facebook message and an uploaded selfie – showing a chipped tooth, and a visible bruise, high on the side of her face.

Danielle D’Entrement’s facebook selfie

She reported that she had been : “punched in the face multiple times and lost half my tooth. This was after a few threatening emails regarding my support for feminist activities on campus. Take care of yourselves and try not to go out alone.”

Despite our oppositional point of view to much of feminist ideology and rhetoric, the attack came as a shocking illustration to the shockable among us within the men’s human rights movement – just how much constant peril women endure, both on university campuses, as well as ever-present danger throughout every other avenue of life in Canada. Other places too, probably. Cough.

In the ensuing media hoopla following the uploaded selfie, mainstream and campus media freely speculated that the alleged assault was committed by one or more men’s rights advocates – such as those who had allegedly already sent threatening emails to D’Entremont. The names of such sinister senders, undoubtedly now known to the Kingston police, have not yet been made public. Obviously, the investigation cannot be compromised by such details yet.

Canadian men’s human rights activists were so horrified by the horrendous assault and accompanying Facebook selfie that Men’s Rights Canada’s Attila Vinczer organized a thousand dollar public reward for information leading to the arrest of D’Entremont’s alleged attacker, as well as a cross Canada postering campaign alerting the public of the attack, and of the offered reward.

Shortly afterwards, AVfM offered a further thousand, doubling the reward for information leading to the arrest of D’Entremont’s alleged attacker.

Today, the Canadian Association for Equality published a press release, adding another thousand dollars to the reward money. Together, these three organizations, cash-starved and under funded as they are, have a standing reward of $3,000 (Canadian) for information leading to the arrest of D’Entremont’s alleged attacker.

Physical violence is something we have long condemned, and whatever alleged person allegedly committed this alleged assault must be found and charged.

Interestingly, as these rewards have been accumulating for the past month, and while D’Entremont’s alleged attacker remains allegedly at large, no feminist organization at all has contributed or offered any campaign or award for information about Danielle’s alleged attacker.

Of Canada’s many, many feminist organizations, some are publicly funded, and others have very deep charitable and Non-Government Organization (NGO) pockets indeed. But none have contributed to efforts to locate D’Entremont’s’s alleged attacker, nor have any offered additional reward money for information which might lead to the arrest of her alleged attacker.

It is almost as if Canadian feminist organizations believe – callously and cynically – that no such attack took place. That no effort or money whatsoever has been offered or expended by feminists in locating D’Entremont’s alleged attacker, it is almost as if Canadian feminists believe the Facebook selfie and claim of multiple punches to the face were made up by the young campus feminist.

In fact, a particularly jaded commentator might even speculate that feminists cruelly believe D’Entremont may have gotten herself drunk, and fallen off a toilet, hitting her face on the cubicle wall – then later uploaded a selfie to Facebook in a poorly conceived bid for attention and sympathy.

But surely, no feminist would ever be so cynical that they would think such a thing of a fellow feminist. Female victims don’t lie;  this is a well-known fact.

However, the lack of effort or monetary reward from feminist organizations for the arrest of D’Entremont’s alleged attacker remains puzzling.

Now that CAFE has increased the offered reward money (to date, in total between all organizations) to 3,000 dollars, we are sure D’Entremont’s alleged attacker will materialize soon. Real soon now, we’re sure.

Jezebel, Feministing, Manboobz, Bitch Magazine, Ms. Magazine, National Organization for Women, National Council of Women of Canada, Women’s Studies groups, Canadian Federation of Students, Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action (FAFIA)–you’re going to be stepping up to help match the reward money and assist with the investigation soon, right?


We’re sure you all will, real soon now.
We thank you all for your kind attention.

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