A Father’s Day Letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama,

As we quickly approach another Father’s Day in your administration, I recall that for the past two years running you have used the occasion to admonish fathers to “step up to the plate,” and be better Dads.

As I anticipate that you will seize the upcoming day as yet another opportunity to instill in men the important mandate to be the best they can be for their families, I wanted to suggest that you now have a prime example to present to the American people of a good man stepping up as a father.

His name is Thomas James Ball. And just two days ago he stepped up to the family courthouse in Cheshire County, New Hampshire and self-immolated.

Apparently being stripped of his family, his home, his assets, his dignity and his freedom by our system of family law did not leave room in his tortured mind to step up in any other way.

It is strangely ironic in a culture that routinely destroys men in this way, on the often capricious whims of wives who are enabled by a corrupt system of family law, that we also lead the world in politicians who lecture those victimized men on being good fathers and husbands.

Well, it is either ironic, or as profoundly sadistic as it is hypocritical.

With all respect, Mr. President, I suggest as your fellow citizen that perhaps the time has come for a different kind of stepping up. Perhaps it is time for our leaders to step up and look at what family courts are now doing to destroy children and their fathers, and how through Title IV-D they are motivated to do so by profit.

Perhaps it is time for politicians to step up and honestly assess the wholesale destruction of constitutional rights that is happening under the guise of family law.

Perhaps it is time to step up and publicly address the fact that Thomas James Ball was not crazy or violent or full of hate, but simply a man at the end of his rope, utterly destroyed by a system that has lost its moral compass as well as any affiliation with the idea of justice.

Perhaps it is time for all good citizens to step up and realize that the government tyranny now presiding over the destruction of families should no longer have a place on the American landscape.

Perhaps, Mr. President, the most important father that needs to step up and do his duty this Father’s Day is you.

Kind regards,

Paul Elam
Houston, Texas.

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