NCIS Pauley Perrette’s pals: Daniel Luis Rivas

Come on over and have a seat; I have another story to tell.  Scoot a little closer so I can whisper, because I think this one’s supposed to be a secret. Of course it’s been documented in the public record so it’s hardly a well-kept secret, but I suspect its principals are still hoping nobody will pay attention.

Heh, heh, heh. What’s a little more drama in the life of a Star Crazy star?

Remember when we first started writing articles about Pauley Perrette’s penchant for restraining order abuse? This article by Paul Elam:

…included links to a handful of court declarations written and signed by people who knew our dear Pauley quite well. If you didn’t read or don’t quite remember them, don’t feel bad; I’ll be quoting a couple of them at length.

As I mentioned in my last article, the late Lisa Williamson was a former friend of Pauley’s whose life changed quite radically — not long after she started to tell a story that Pauley had reason to want not told. In fact, Lisa’s life ended, suddenly and tragically, apparently firebombed randomly in her “deteriorating” neighborhood. More details on Lisa’s untimely death are in the hands of several people who are anxious to share them. Those details will be coming soon in another article. The point for now is that  I mention Miss Williamson because she’s one of a handful of Pauley Perrettes’ associates whose lives are full of amazing, dramatic and sometimes tragic coincidences.

Ex-boyfriend, and more recently co-star, Daniel Rivas is another. Let’s take a look at the roller coaster his life became with Pauley in it. It’s a bit like a Hollywood script. At one point, Perrette and Rivas were a couple.  Why they broke up is uncertain, but I do know what Perrette claimed. According to (yet another) ex-friend, attorney and private investigator Jason Fishbein, Pauley said “[S]he broke up with Danny after she caught him having sex with his sister…I recently was told this was also untrue. Again, I do not know why Ms. Perrett would make such defamatory statements.”*

Gosh, do you think that might have affected his reputation and maybe his ability to get work in Hollywood?

Also at the time the relationship ended, Pauley arbitrarily decided that Daniel’s cat would be better off with her. So she stole it. In 1998 Rivas filed a Small Claims suit for his kitty’s return.  Not unexpectedly, Perrette counter sued him for some money she claimed he owed her. One would think this would give her, say, a 50/50 chance of being permitted to keep the cat, but my guess is that 50/50 odds aren’t quite good enough for our girl Pauley. She knows a thing or two about stacking a deck in her own favor. While preparing her Small Claims counter suit, she filled out forms for a restraining order that she probably never intended to use, but no doubt would if necessary. (Perhaps back then she was still concerned about the possibility of getting into trouble for making false accusations; she wasn’t even famous enough to add that last “e” to her surname.) Here is a copy of her “Defendant’s Claim.”    

Capture rivas8
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Note the handwritten words just below the two claims for cash: “I am requesting court’s assistance to make plaintiff leave me and my cat alone.” And on the subject of the non-existent restraining order, Perrette lied about that, too. (Still yet another) former friend, Lisa, Lynch discussed it in paragraphs 3, 4 and 5 of her 2006 court declaration:

“3. In particular, I recall her stealing the cat of her ex-boyfriend Daniel Rivas, and then when he wanted to take her to court about this Ms. Perrett filled out the paperwork for a Restraining Order in retaliation. 4. To be perfectly clear about this, I lived with Ms. Perrett and Mr. Rivas at the time, and I would describe him as extremely docile. There was absolutely NO fear of him on the part of Ms. Perrette, and the Restraining Order paperwork she filled out was for the sole expressed purpose of manipulating the court in the issue about his stolen cat. It should be noted that the cat belonged to him even before he met her. 5. Ms. Perrett also made a point of using the supposed “Restraining Order” to tarnish the reputation of Mr. Rivas, by telling people she had a Restraining Order against him. Even I believed her story until recently when informed that she had never actually filed the paperwork. In retrospect this made sense, as its sole purpose was to manipulate the court in the “cat” case, and to influence the opinion of people about Mr.Rivas.”**

Fast-forward a few years, after Coyote Shivers divorced Pauley Perrette and subsequently became her next Fraudulent Restraining Order victim. Danny Rivas knows Shivers of course, and the following screen captures are an email and a PM about Pauley, both supportive of Shivers:

Capture rivas
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Capture rivas2
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Said Rivas, “I am open to discussion.”

Well, back then he was. He never committed to making a Court Declaration. It is hard to blame him. Considering what Perrette did to him when she was a struggling, little known actress/waitress it would probably be best not to draw more of her ire now that she was rich, famous and influential. Apparently that turned out to be a wise move on his part; if he’d had the nerve to cross her, do you suppose she ever would have lobbied for him to get his recent gig as Abby’s brother on NCIS?

Capture rivas3


Capture rivas5

Capture rivas6
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Capture rivas7
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Such a boost for a man’s career! Isn’t our dear Pauley just the most generous soul?

I almost forgot. I have one more image for you – another page from Pauley Perrette’s handwritten outline for her “Star Crazy” script!

Capture starcrazyp.2
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Well now, isn’t that a strange and dramatic coincidence? Whodathunkit?

*Declaration Of Jason Fishbein 02-05-2007

**Declaration Of Lisa Lynch 09-17-2006)

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