John Nazarian tries to change the subject

We see that A Voice for Men has come to the direct attention of self-described skunk John Nazarian, a “retired” cop (or as some sources we’ve checked with suggest, an incompetent former cop who couldn’t hack it in a real police force). Ex-cop Nazarian now works as a Private Investigator, and is a notorious enabler of vexatious litigant and restraining order abuser Pauley Perette, of Star Crazy fame.

Nazarian's proud public association with Pauley "Star Crazy" Perette
Nazarian’s proud public association with Pauley “Star Crazy” Perette – Click to Enlarge

Amusingly, Nazarian  (pictured at right with his friend Pauley Perette) seems to be obsessed at the moment with AVfM Managing Editor Dean Esmay, linking to some obscure blog called the “Encyclopedia of American Loons.” For anyone who’s interested in this attempt at derailment, Esmay, who has had very little to do with our coverage of Pauley ‘Star Crazy’ Perette and her cronies, has published a response to those allegations. If anyone’s interested in that sad attempt to change the subject, we suggest you take it up with Dean on his blog. Straight from Paul Elam, “AVfM takes no position on anything Dean has written on issues unrelated to civil rights and legal corruption. We view what our staff writes on their own sites as their own business, so long as they are not personal attacks on us or our supporters.”

In other words, we view this as a pretty weak attempt at changing the subject.

Nazarian also, in rather pathetically homophobic fashion, refers to AVfM as being run by a cross-dresser. While the thought of Paul Elam in a dress is rather shudder-inducing (he’d look pretty scary in one, and at 6’8″ the thought of him in high heels is rather dizzying), the fact of the matter is that we regularly publish materials from members of the LGBT community. On the other hand, Mr. Nazarian seems to think it’s appropriate to attack members of that community. We’re sorry to break it to you, John, but: even if we were all drag queens, it wouldn’t make a single thing we’ve published about you, your work, or your ethically-challenged buddy Pauley Perette untrue. And you, of course, know it. So instead of trying to correct the record and address the substance of what you’re accused of, you go right for gay-bashing? Tsk, tsk. That looks like not just a self-hating gay guy, but also someone who knows he can’t just respond to the truth.

Nazarian also fails to acknowledge that he was invited to talk to us in our last Hangout On Air and clear up any issues in which he felt we might be mischaracterizing him or his work. Instead of taking us up on that offer and the opportunity to clear up any possible confusion about his record or his opinions, he chose to go off on half-assed, bigoted rants.

Does this look like someone firing wildly in all directions to you? It does to us.

Anyway, John Nazarian is apparently upset that we called him out for advocating criminal behavior. This self-described “skunk” first came to our attention in the trailer to the spectacular movie Divorce Corp. Oddly enough, Nazarian seems rather proud of his appearance in it, blissfully unaware that throughout the entire thing he comes off as an incredible sleazeball and a true embarrassment to his profession. Here’s the trailer where you can see the sleaze in action, on the subject of using false allegations in family court:

Make special note of where he starts talking at 1:27. Then, take a look at this video which we found John Nazarian had made and put up on YouTube himself, long before Divorce Corp came out:

Does that look or sound like someone who’s just joking to you? It doesn’t to us.

Now the fact is that after AVfM published those videos, Nazarian appears to have panicked. First, he added a bunch of new disclaimers to the old videos, claiming they were for “entertainment only.” Then, in an apparent attempt to hide (as opposed to just tampering with) the evidence, he seems to have removed them from YouTube completely.

Unfortunately, Nazarian seems not to have heard of “The Streisand Effect.” We suggest he Google it. Men’s Rights Activists and other civil libertarians are even now busy making and distributing copies of that and other incriminating videos–like this one where he makes it clear that he advises his clients that behaving in a fair and ethical manner is, in his view, stupid.

You’re a real champion of doing the right thing, aren’t you Mr. Nazarian?

Right now multiple copies of these videos are all over other YouTube channels and other sharing sites, ones we don’t control and don’t want to, and we hope everyone reading this grabs copies and does the same. We hope, John, that while the Grand Jury considers the charges against you, your pals, and Pauley “Star Crazy” Perette, they not only get to see these videos, but get to note that you did your best to tamper with that evidence.

By the way, Mr. Nazarian, you seem to be obsessed with, and blaming, Francis Shivers for our coverage. We can assure you that you’re shooting at the wrong target there, since our people on the ground in  California are acting independently, and we wouldn’t stop doing what we’re doing even if Francis begged us to. We’re not all that interested in Francis Shivers, to be honest: we’re interested in a corrupt legal system and corrupt thugs who fill their grubby hands with cash by exploiting it.

And now you’re promising to “get your boots dirty” on Francis, which we view as a clear and unequivocal threat of violence.

In case anyone’s wondering what we’re talking about, Nazarian ranted incoherently about Francis Shivers repeatedly on a recent radio show (which we made sure to get copies of, naturally). On that radio show Nazarian seems to think, still, that his appearance on Divorce Corp was anything but damaging to his reputation. Weeks after being exposed for his deplorable advocacy of illegal and unethical behavior, he is now wildly claiming that this is all just jokes. We don’t see any reason to believe him.

On that radio show Nazarian also bragged about his political connections, his other ex-cop buddies, and pretty clearly, in our view, threatened physical harm to Francis Shivers. Give it a listen here, and be sure to grab a copy, after you ask yourself what bragging about getting your cowboy boots dirty would mean to you in this context. We know what it means to us: he wants Francis hurt, physically, and our opinion is that if Francis Shivers has not yet filed for a restraining order against John Nazarian, he most certainly should.

We also hope Nazarian knows we will be watching very carefully and if so much as a hair on Francis Shivers’ head is damaged, we will make sure John Nazarian is answering questions, not just from LAPD, but from State and Federal law enforcement. Is someone who physically assaults or kills people someone you want as your private detective? Maybe Pauley Perette’s insane enough for that, but we suspect most people wouldn’t be that dumb.

By the way, if anyone doubts that his original YouTube videos were intended as serious advice for filing false reports, or that he is a proud associate of Pauley “Star Crazy” Perrette and a supporter of her abuse of the legal system, here’s an unaltered screen shot of what his channel looked like before he panicked and tried to alter and then destroy the evidence, which we took just before going public with the truth: And his photo with his friend Pauley is already at the top of this article.

John Nazarian's YouTube channel before he altered then destroyed it
John Nazarian’s YouTube video as it appeared before he altered then destroyed it (click to view full size)

Oh, and what did his channel look like before he took it down? Like this.

Nazarian's "Divorce Advice" channel.
Nazarian’s “Divorce Advice” channel.

Poor John. Instead of just coming clean and getting ethical, he bashes gays, issues threats, calls people names, and tries to sweep his past under the rug. Does that look like a guy with nothing to hide to you?

Nah, not to us either.

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