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Publisher’s note: Last night I spoke with one of the sources I have on the Chris Mackney story. The source told me that Chris had reached out to literally hundreds of people before starting his blog and ultimately taking his own life. I was provided with the email address he used for that work. I immediately went into my email archives with a knot in my gut. When I found no record that he had tried to reach me, I felt a horrible combination of relief and sadness. 

We get so many emails from people asking, sometimes begging, for help that we can’t provide, lacking both resources and the power to intervene on such a corrupt system.

That moment was a rough one for me personally, but leaves me more determined to bring Chris Mackney’s story to light, and the stories of so many other men who no one ever heard of. 

The following is the first known blog entry we have from Chris Mackney. It is dated November 20, 2013, just over a month before he committed suicide. It will be followed by others, all of them, until is launched and our promise to Chris is fulfilled. —PE

As many of you already know, I have been reaching out for help for severe emotional abuse, parental alienation and psychopathy in a domestic relations case in Fairfax County Virginia.  When I entered the process, I knew my case was different.  I just discovered for the first time in 10 years that my children have a convicted murderer for a grandfather.  My ex-wife and her father are extremely abusive and controlling and now I discovered they had hidden evidence of this from me in order to have children.

My case has been in the Fairfax County Circuit Court since October 2008.  There have been 54 hearings in the case.  My ex-wife and her father have spent well over $1 million in legal fees.  I currently owe my ex-wife over $200,000 in legal fees and my children over $125,000 in back child support. The Court has ignored every one of my fair and reasonable solutions to keep everyone out of  Court.  The Court has put me in jail 4 times, at my ex-wife’s request.  I have literally begged the Judges in the case to bring in a Guardian Ad Litem to protect the children in a ‘high-conflict’ family matter that involves severe emotional abuse, parental alienation and psychopathy.  6 times, the Fairfax County Circuit Court has prevented my children from obtaining an attorney to protect their rights, while the mother is spending 4 TIMES the amount in legal fees than I will ever owe my children.  Conflict of interest, anyone?

Abusers, high-conflict divorces, and psychopaths are all defined by patterns of behavior. Abusers are able to abuse because they have power over their victim and they manipulate, lie, ‘gas-light’ and create ‘chaos’ and control. Acts of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and emotional abuse are the fault of the abuser and can be verified or refuted by looking at the misuse of instrumental aggression. The patterns of behavior either  exist or they do not.  Unless you choose not to see the pattern.

Emotional Invalidation is how abusers manipulate and control.  Emotional Invalidation is debilitating, abusive and among the most emotionally abusive experiences, that leads to PTSD and suicide.  I am not a legal expert or doctor, so I can only refer to expert opinion on these subjects, but emotional invalidation is always a factor with psychopathy.  Psychopathy is an emotional dysfunction that impacts the ability to properly process shame, remorse, guilt, display a ‘conscience’ and perceive the the rights and feelings of others.  They literally generate fear in others and enjoy it.

I have endured years of emotional invalidation during my marriage and my divorce.  I was physically abused, beginning on my honeymoon. My ex-wife abused me in front of our children on January 19th, 2008.  The police arrived to find me locked in my son’s room with my children, with a ripped shirt and scrapes and marks all over my neck and back.  Her father then tried to hide the shirt after the police chose not to arrest her.  This can all be verified by the police report of the incident, which should be available to the public.  Although it wouldn’t surprise me if it was hidden by Fairfax County. Dr. Samenow hid this from his forensic evaluation.

The Fairfax County Circuit Court has prevented my case from reaching the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, where Guardian Ad Litems are appointed frequently to identify the source of conflict, at a reduced rate, which is shared by both parties.  It has denied every single one of my fair and reasonable solutions to keeping the parties out of Court. It has refused to investigate allegations of severe emotional abuse, parental alienation and psychopathy.

Below is a sample of my filings in this case.  The Court has denied EVERY SINGLE one.  It is covering up the abuse, parental alienation and psychopathy to protect the reputation of Judge Randy Bellows, Judge Terrence Ney, Judge Jane Roush, Judge Brett Kasabian and Judge Dennis Smith.  Each one of these Judges heard about my concerns for the emotional welfare of my children and chose not to grant my petition to appoint an attorney to protect their interests. The Court has willfully chosen to ignore patterns of behavior and the recommended strategy in high-conflict cases, according to the American Bar Association and the sections about ‘abuse’ in the The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges ‘Judicial Guide to Child Safety in Custody Cases.

The Court is preventing a Guardian Ad Litem from entering the case because according to Judicial System of the Commonwealth of Virginia:

Guardian ad litem (GAL) literally means “guardian for the suit.” A guardian ad litem in Virginia is an attorney appointed by a judge to assist the court in determining the circumstances of a matter before the court. It is the fundamental responsibility of the guardian ad litem to provide independent recommendations to the court about the client’s best interests, which can be different from advocating for what the client wants, and to bring balance to the decision-making process. The GAL may conduct interviews and investigations, make reports to the court, and participate in court hearings or mediation sessions.

Please read my motions and decide for yourself.  Please post in the comments if you think there is severe emotional abuse, parental alienation, psychpoathy, fraud, or a cover-up.

If you want more details or have questions about my case, please post them in the comments.  I will provide full disclosure.  I will also be addressing specifically the fraud of Dr. Stanton Samenow and how he used his knowledge of Psychopathy to hide Psychopathy from the Court.    Then I will go through how Judge Randy Bellows chose to use my children as punishment, which is exactly what alienating parents do to deny access to the other parent.  Judge Bellows was not fooled. He was made aware of my concerns and the patterns of behavior before and after I understood psychopathy.

Note: All the links below are useless. The documentation supporting them has been removed from the Internet. I also note that links were part of Dina Mackney’s copyright notice and Google took them down once they received it.

1st Rule to show cause for 6 telephone violations and being called a liar in front of the children 4-20-09 – DENIED

2nd Rule to show cause for 14 telephone violations.  2-10-10 – DENIED

3rd Rule to show cause for 15 telephone violations. 4-29-10 – DENIED

Subpoena for a copy of the emails of Pete Scamardo to Jim Cottrell. – DENIED

Motion to Remand to J&DR Court. 6-22-10 DENIED  Includes the  patterns of behavior behaviors of psychopaths and wealthy abusers using the Court to destroy a weaker spouse.

Motion to permit Contact 3-24-11 – DENIED

Motion for Information about the Children 4-10-11 – DENIED

Motion to Reconsider Protective Order – 5-12-11  DENIED

Petition for a Guardian Ad Litem 6-30-11 – DENIED

Motion to Unseal File – 7-12-20

Show Cause for failing to Provide Report Cards – 6-20-11 DENIED

Motion to Recuse 7-14-12 – DENIED

Mysteriously, Judge Bellows recused himself, Sua Sponte, from the Case.  After he recused himself, without any explanation, I filed 4 more motions to appoint a Guardian Ad Litem.

2nd Petition for a Guardian Ad Litem 3-4-12 – DENIED

3rd Petition for a Guardian Ad Litem  9-7-12 DENIED

4th Emergency Petition for a Guardian Ad Litem 10-9-12 DENIED

5th Petition for a Guardian Ad Litem – 3/1/13 – DENIED

On October 9th, 2013, I filed for a 6th Petition for a Guardian Ad Litem, motion to reinstate visitation, motion to modify child support, and a Rule to Show cause against my ex-wife for failing to provide report cards for the Spring Semester -all were DENIED.

Motion to Recuse and Remand – November 6th – DENIED

A motion for a change of Venue DENIED.

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