The real rape epidemic

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]ontrary to what many MRA’s have been saying for years, there actually is a rising epidemic of rape, in the United States, and the world. It’s bigger, and more prevalent even than what feminists claim. This is sexual violence perpetrated with malice of forethought and a complete disregard for the humanity of the victims. This form of rape occurs when a man and a woman engage in consensual sex, and afterwards the woman, out of anger or jealousy or embarrassment, or sometimes just the desire for attention, re-frames the consensual sexual encounter as sexual assault or rape. This is the transformation of the physical expression of affection, lust and love into a post-facto act of prolonged brutality against the men so accused.

Like most of the violence on which the ideology of feminism is built, this form of rape is indirect. It is performed at several removes from the instigator. But it is rape as vile and dehumanizing and brutal as the most savage direct sexual violence occurring in our society. It is rape performed by bureaucrats; by the petty, the small-minded and the mediocre. It is rape committed in public, by university faculty and students, and activists. Consensual sex reclassified after the fact as rape.

Accusations are made from safe anonymity. Guilt is determined without the due process of law. Secret committees, run by organizations pretending to a humanist ethic, while discarding human rights en masse.

This rape, this word; is not a euphemism for mere slander or administrative misconduct. No. This is rape as foul as the most forcible and violent aggravated penis in vagina rape that radical feminists would like to reduce all sex to. This is rape disguised as justice; clouded behind a fabricated culture of female victimhood. It continues while we all watch, silenced by our fear that if we speak up, we might be the next target of this human sacrifice for profit.

Yes, profit.

Driven as the systematic destruction of men is by ideology of male utility without male humanity, the real gain is money. This money comes in the form of donations and federal subsidies to help combat the eternal victimization of women. Whether they are victims or not.

Regret after sex, it is made into rape by accusation, and ratified by kangaroo courts convened by students and staff of institutions of “higher education.” More rape on the books means more funding, and more political power. Nobody quite dares to question whether it’s 3 or 4 shots of vodka and red-bull which renders Suzy guilty if she chooses to operate a motor vehicle, but a victim of rape if she chooses to spread her legs.

To question the veracity of a rape accusation of convenience is to blame the victim. Besides, the boy who drunkenly fumbled Suzie’s panties off, or maybe just kissed her, but failed to call the next morning – he doesn’t deserve due process, or human rights. Because he’s an oppressor, from a class of oppressors. It says so right in the campus manual for student conduct.

Your budget hasn’t been approved yet, so don’t make a fuss. Keep your head down. Go along, and remain silent while casual human destruction by an extra-judicial administrative procedure at a school is ratified and normalized by years of precedent. Don’t ask where men, stripped of their rights, denied their voice, and denied basic humanity will find redress.

Because it won’t be in student run kangaroo courts, and it wont be in the proceedings presided over by anointed state functionaries. They will have no redress, except by direct act against those whose silence and complicity abandoned, robbed and raped them.

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