The courts martial of Brigadier General Sinclar

Another forced, feminist politically correct, and politically driven sexual assault criminal prosecution of a high ranking military man falters.  Prosecutorial misconduct.  false allegations and perjury on the part of the accuser are cited as the prime reasons for the outcome. The long drama being played out in the military courtroom at Fort Bragg, North Carolina involving the trial of flag officer, Brigadier Jeffrey Sinclair has finally ended.  He has been fined $20,000, faces no jail time, and his career is likely over.

General Sinclair, the former Deputy Commander of the famed and historic 82nd Airborne Division, had faced a slew of charges including adultery, various command violations, forcible oral copulation, sodomy and death threats.

The ordeal involving the highly decorated combat veteran began in 2012 when rumors and then news reports surfaced that Sinclair was involved in some type of sexual assault/harassment related allegations.  In short order Sinclair was formally charged by JAG prosecutors for a host of charges that could have sent the flag officer to the Leavenworth Disciplinary Barracks for the rest of his natural life.
Jeffrey Sinclair reached the flag rank of Brigadier General without being part of the club, the “ring knockers,” meaning he is one of a handful of Army officers to have reached flag rank without having attended West Point.  Various news reports reveal that BG Sinclair did not follow the rules of political correctness, and many military chat rooms and social media pages referred to him as being similar to the famed General George Patton; a no nonsense and hard driving leader.
It seems that BG Sinclair took the route of being a warrior, of concentrating on his job and duty of eliminating our enemies, and did not follow the touchy-feely feminist rules of political correctness.  His leadership and management style riled some powerful feminists and a number of neutered, politically correct boot-lickers at the Pentagon.  It also got the dander up of some extremist ideological politicians, as well as our intellectually challenged Secretary of Defense.
It has been rumored that “Horn-dog” BG Sinclair had a problem with keeping his package zipped up in his ACU’s, kind of like the problem that General Petreaus had.  I grant you, the married Sinclair’s proclivity for hotties, and his lack of control of his Johnson is problematic, but did it rise to criminal proceedings?  Did the sexual escapades of General Patton, General Eisenhower, and General Sherman reach the level of criminality?
Oh wait, neither General Petreaus nor his paramour Major Paula Broadwell, both West Point graduates, were ever charged, much less sent to courts martial.  In fact Major Paula is still in the Army Reserves, and the only sanction she has experienced is to have her security clearance lifted. The retired General eventually resigned as the CIA Director because of the scandal.
Sinclair’s primary accuser is an unidentified 29 year old female who has been referred to only as “Captain Bo-Peep.” As evidence in the courts martial is now becoming clear, the poor-poor saintly, brave, super-brave victim who came forward, had engaged in a three-year steamy sexual relationship with the stud-muffin general.  During that time period, the pure and angelic captain sent the general over 1,300 sex filled text messages and emails complete with X-rated photos.  Hmmm? Apparently the sweet nun-like captain learned that she wasn’t the only side nookie that the general had, and voila, she screeched charges like forced sodomy and oral copulation, and claimed that Sinclair had threatened to kill her family if she revealed the affair.
The only problem with that is that Miss Captain Angel Wings continued to send steamy sex filled text messages and emails to the general, professing her love for him, after the alleged violations occurred.
During the course of the investigation and the various pre-trial hearings, Captain Bo-Peep made numerous contradictory statements, committed multiple acts of perjury and attempted to destroy a cell phone that contained sex filled text messages and explicit photos.  During her testimony at the courts martial, the stumbling, fumbling captain was asked to confirm or deny that she wanted the general to divorce his wife and marry her; she flatly denied it.
The defense then provided an email from her that contradicted her just completed statement.
There is speculation that Captain Bo-Peep received immunity of some sort for her tearful perjured testimony, as she will most likely be hailed as a brave hero by feminist politicians and Pentagon leaders, rather than face punishment for her role in the illegal affair or the false allegations she levied.  In fact she will probably receive a promotion to Major and be given a cushy Pentagon job. 
The judge ruled that there had been serious prosecutorial misconduct and unlawful command influence in the case, when emails were kept from the defense. Many were from the chief JAG prosecutor LTC Will Helixon to Fort Bragg Commanders, advising them of his concern as to the alleged victim’s credibility and honesty.  When it was made clear to him that the prosecution would proceed despite proof that the accuser lied and that this was a sham of a courts martial, LTC Helixon quit in protest.  He was promptly labeled incompetent, unstable and suicidal.  At least one member of the prosecution team demonstrated a sense of integrity.
How many times have we seen whistle-blowers being labeled delusional, dishonest, or suicidal while reporting, and eventually proving, their claims?  That mantra is getting about as old and tired as the mythical “sexual assault epidemic” in the military.
The bottom line is that it is clear that General Sinclair is a horn-dog and that he let the little brain over-ride the big brain.  He did have and admit to having an adulterous affair, and for that he has paid and will pay dearly. Did the fact that Sinclair wasn’t one of the glorious West Point “ring-knockers” have anything to do with the initiation of an inquiry and courts martial?  Did the fact that Sinclair was an ass-kicking warrior who did not follow the politically correct rules of the Pentagon feminist pitbulls and other neutered, feminized, beady-eyed boot-lickers, have anything to do with this? Was there, or is there, an element in the military or political hierarchy that was intent on bringing down a high ranking military man for sex related offenses, at any and all costs, even when their chief accuser was determined to be a liar, and the prosecution was tainted?
After several million dollars in tax-payer funds being wasted, all we have in the end is an inappropriate adulterous consensual sexual affair.  Sinclair pled guilty to having a sexual affair with a subordinate officer, possessing pornography in a combat zone (allegedly the dirty pictures sent to him by the accuser) impeding an investigation, and pressuring others to send him explicit pictures.  This apparently was done as a tactical move so that the photographs were then prohibited from being introduced as evidence pending the outcome of the more serious charges. Kind of sounds like some of the antics of JFK and Bill Clinton, doesn’t it?  Nookie sessions, dirty pictures, the tactical placement of a Cohiba, and a soiled blue dress!
This case has gained national notoriety and Sinclair had the financial resources to obtain competent legal counsel, but if such a despicable miscarriage of justice can be brought against a general, what do think is happening to other men of lesser rank and notoriety, and considerably lesser financial resources with which to defend themselves?
As I have exposed in many of my prior articles as well as those of many others, there is no “epidemic” of sexual assault in the military.  As this case demonstrates, there is an “epidemic” of hysteria and the myth of a manufactured epidemic of sexual assault in the military, and no expense will be spared, nor will any prosecutorial misconduct be curtailed, in pursuit of this myth.
I am sure that we haven’t heard the last of this case, and the usual bunch of man-hating rad-fem politicians and military leaders will call for more “reform” and more legislation to combat this terrible “epidemic.”  Let’s hope that some political and military leaders will demonstrate the same type of integrity that LTC Helixon has demonstrated, and say, “Enough, let’s use a microgram of common sense here.”
This dramatic event is bad for everybody.  Sinclair should have used his head and kept his zipper zipped.  Captain Bo-Peep should have used her head and not engaged in an affair with a superior officer and married man, sending him more than 1,300 sex filled messages and photos.  The tax-payers are on the hook for the waste of millions of dollars, and another black eye of ineptitude and misconduct has been put on the JAG Corps, the Army, and Pentagon leaders.
Is this the kind of atmosphere we want to project and cultivate in our military today, where males, no matter their rank, will be vigorously pursued and prosecuted to the ends of the earth, while females are given a free pass?  Will cases that amount to nothing more than a consensual affair between two consenting adults be escalated to national prominence and relentless prosecution at all costs in order to justify a non-existent epidemic?
We shall see if Captain Bo-Peep, Major Paula, and other females in the military are held accountable for their own willful participation in these acts, but I doubt it.  The double standard is clear and overwhelming.
I wonder what the reaction is of Senators Gillibrand and McCaskill and their cohorts are now, since the highest profile military sexual assault case in modern times has blown up like a smart bomb?  That smart bomb in this scenario is called “THE TRUTH.”

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