Teach men to not rape

Do you think men should be taught not to rape? Do you think that men, and by extension, boys, need to be taught not to rape?

If so, then you are, in all likelihood, a feminist. That’s the polite term – the term serving to obscure the reality. To believe that half the population – based only on their sex – are biologically inclined towards the violent crime of rape is to enthusiastically embrace hatred for the entire male half of the human race.

Teach men not to rape.

It’s an increasingly common feature of feminist public messaging. It appears on posters glued up around university campuses, with the endorsement of those school’s administration and student societies. It’s printed in neat block letters on placards and displayed on signs at public gatherings of feminists too. Sometimes, these are called slut walks. A reminder to any men present that they, lesser humans that they are, will be tolerated, only so long as they can remember to behave as if they are fully human, and not rape the women they attend classes with, rape their female colleagues, or swing from the rafters while flinging their poo at passers-by.

By contrast, “Teach n***rs to not steal” isn’t included in student or faculty public messaging. Nor does the CBC run ads reminding Jews to not cheat. And nobody is carrying a “teach Chinamen to drive” sign, marching through the downtown of any North American city. And no one runs “teach homos not to molest children” either.

Of course, unlike non-thieving blacks, non-cheating Jews, everyday gays, and the car-driving Chinese who we don’t need to publicly “educate” in order to not steal, cheat, disrupt city traffic, or molest children, since they don’t do those things – the men-folks presently still allowed to walk around freely in public, almost as if they are human beings, certainly DO need to be continuously reminded to not rape. Right? Right?!

Some feminists who also happen to be unfortunate enough to be male, even think so too. Of course they’re not like those other, bad men. They’re different, they’re the few good ones – the male feminists. The ones who, by superior education and socialization manage to not rape their mothers, sisters, female friends and colleagues. After all, men, when properly socialized can be trained to perform a number of different tasks, and can even be used as a source of revenue by careful female management.

Teach men to not rape.

Interestingly, the term “rape culture,” widely popularized to indicate that our culture’s values include support for, and promotion of female victimizing, male perpetrated rape, is now quickly falling out of fashion. Partly because, apart from not being an activity supported by anyone’s cultural values, rape is a major crime. In fact, it is second only to murder in our legal codes, and in prison, where convicted rapists go, a rapist is about as low in the social pecking order as it’s possible to be apart from the sexual abusers of children. Barbara Kay of Canada’s National Post newspaper, The American Enterprise Institute, and even largest anti-sexual violence organization in the US, RAINN – have all publicly repudiated the term as unhelpful, and fraudulent, and as the hysterical fear mongering propaganda of an out of control cult of gender, hate and proxy violence.

No doubt some new, cleverer imprecation of male identity will soon spill from the mouths of the modern cult of hate.

Here, wear this white ribbon to show us you’re not one of the bad ones. You properly loathe yourself, and you’ll help us hunt the non-conforming, disobeying male animals still kept around to do heavy lifting or dangerous and dirty work.

Skipping forward 50 years, when your grandchildren discover your gender studies textbooks in the basement or an old, antique USB drive with photos of you in your youth attending a slut walk, will you be ashamed that you were one of the last to abandon that disgraceful cult of hate from the past?

Will your neighbors roll their eyes or shake their head at you, the obsolete, but now harmless old bigot? Will you fly the flag proudly, reminiscing of the good old days when we could still shoot coons at night? How many modern Americans have preserved knowledge in their own families of slave ownership? How do modern Germans feel, I wonder, knowing that some of their grandparents, or great grandparents wore the uniform of the Third Reich?

Teach men to not rape.

If, today, this rhetoric is something you give voice – then shame is what you should properly feel, and extinct is where your particular ideology of hate is headed.



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