Rape farming: the original series

Hundreds of years ago, a “rape” was a term given to a subdivision of a county’s land that appears to be unique to Sussex county in England, and is controversially linked to defenses against those Viking invaders that I count among my kin. So yes, a case can be made that rape was not about Sex, but rather, Sussex, and Power, as in, a defensive force against marauders.

Rape, Sex and Power. Power and Sex and Rape.

The dawn of the modern rape farmer can well be traced the Susan Brownmiller’s 1975 book, Against Our Will, which expanded the crime of rape into “a conscious process of intimidation by which all men keep all women in a state of fear”. Out of this one piece of blustering bullshit has grown almost all of today’s feminism boilerplate as holy scripture, and a litany of lies:

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  • All men do this as a conscious process. (Cursed be the penis.)
  • All women are kept in a state of fear. (Blessed are the meek.)
  • All men are guilty. (For all are sinners.)
  • All women are helpless. (Except for radfem grace.)
  • Lions and tigers and bears. (Oh, my.)


The irony that after 38 years of this publication, feminism still asserts an unchanging narrative that women are terrified, helpless, and therefore, worthless, should not be lost on anyone, but it completely blows past feminists just like the Oz story of the evil Dorothy killing two witches in order to keep their shiny red shoes.

You can think of this politicization as the exploitation of rape, or even the rape of rape, but when it grows into an institutionalized industry that depends on the collective guilt and enslavement of men, I call it rape farming.

Rape farming, in the context of this article, can be summarized as “the drive to increase the amounts, varieties, and severity of rape in order to feed narratives to further either the sexual power of women, or the subjugation and enslavement of men and boys, or both.” Those unfamiliar with my first post on this subject, “Rape farming: the next generation” (“RF:TNG”) may wish to read it before proceeding.

Women, through their sexual and reproductive capabilities, have always had a vast amount of power and influence over men, but this power cloaks itself in denials and subtleties in order to preserve itself. Cunt-power is cunning but every now and then, it peeks through the veil to expose a fetid maw of endless hunger and hatred.

I can see you now

I still remember the very moment when I coined the term “rape farmer”. It was closing time, and a newly formed, boozy, late-20’s yuppie couple (neither of whom had I seen before) was standing on the sidewalk just outside my business, “closing the deal” on their hookup. The woman had been particularly loud, aggressive and brash earlier in the evening, so I was monitoring her activities as such women are often the vocal focal point of trouble.

Out of nowhere, the woman scooted around behind her new guy and pulled his pants down to the ground. The man stood there bemused and confused as she cackled at him; he was naked from his waist to his ankles.

“Excuse me,” I said to the guy in as pleasant a tone as I could muster, “you might want to cover yourself – there is a school a block away from here, and a police substation 2 blocks away, and exposing yourself in a school zone can land you on a sex offender registry for the rest of your life.”

At this point Miss Brash started laughing and yelling: “I want him to be a sex offender! I WANT HIM TO BE A SEX OFFENDER!”

I saw them off, and as I walked back into my business, my bartender, a single dad, was shaking his head. “She is a handful”, he said.

“Bullshit”, I replied, “She is a rape farmer.” It was Thursday, March 28, 2013, 2:23 am, and the convoluted pattern of exploiting rape narratives to further feminist causes had found a new name.

More sprouts, more doubts

A few days after AVfM published RF:TNG, another new and dramatic form of rape farming exploded onto the world: 4-year-old kiss rape. A feminist father, one Zach Rosenberg, found a unique way to melt the hearts of feminist shrews everywhere when he accused his young son of rape after the boy kissed a girl without first gaining her enthusiastic consent. The story is well documented on AVfM so I won’t recount the details here except to note that in one fell swoop, this darling of the Good Men Project managed to:

(1) create a new delusion and dilution of rape,
(2) further damage the image of fatherhood in society, and
(3) out himself as a wretched, child-abusing asshole.

But even as Rosenberg sacrificed his son to Moloch he was appeasing the rape farmer: even 4-year-old boys, it seems, use a conscious process to keep all women in fear.


Here in Dallas, another new form of rape farming is emerging: the extortion faux rape. After a rape charge by a 16-year-old girl against an affluent 19-year-old boy was no-billed by a grand jury (an amazing outcome in and of itself, since grand juries hear from neither defense lawyers nor defense witnesses and are notorious for indicting anyone for anything), the family of the supposed rapist is suing the family of the alleged victim for pimping out the daughter in hopes of using her as a pawn in a get-rich-quick scheme.

Something similar is also happening in the Brian Banks case now that he has been exonerated – the school district that paid the faux victim over a million US Dollars is suing to get their money back – plus, another million US Dollars in punitive damages.

Note the environmental damage from rape farming highlighted by these cases:

(1) awareness of faux rape charges is making even rubber-stamp grand juries balk at bringing charges,
(2) the recognition of rape as commodity is starting to undermine feminist abuses of rape laws, and
(3) the falsely accused are becoming so emboldened that they are now turning the tables on the rape farmers.

This is a critical and necessary response to rape farming because if we are to preserve the treatment of actual rape as an actual crime, then delegitimizing and scorning rape farmers is essential – and, of course, the feminists are furious and frustrated, particularly at M(H)RAs.

Now, the women-as-victim meme is a powerful tool of feminists and won’t die any time soon, but the lengths that they will go to in order to create these narratives – and the lies they will tell along the way – are still astonishing.

Slate’s Double X recently reported that talent scouts were stalking patients at a 1700 bed anorexia clinic in Sweden, looking for fresh clothing models. Oh, the horrors of getting a lucrative modeling job! The crimes of the scouts (if they happened at all) occurred over a year ago and consisted of the reckless giving out of business cards. And those “1700 beds” are actually “eight beds in the ward, primarily for severely ill patients with anorexia nervosa, and two emergency beds for patients from the mobile unit.”

The rape farmers have become so greedy, so corrupted by the heady odor of the rape harvest, so jaded by their boilerplate and so lazy in their tactics that they are now waking up to find their carefully manicured rape culture is falling apart, only not in the way that they had imagined.

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