Mary Kellett placed on offenders registry

Corrupt Prosecutor also exposed by Russian Times


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Mary N. Kellett, a prosecutor for the Bar Harbor Prosecutors Office in Ellsworth, Maine, has been placed on the offenders registry at, and is listed there as a corrupt public official.

Kellett has a well-documented history of malicious prosecutions, and has now been subjected to harsh criticism in a feature article that was just released by Russian Times. Her actions are currently under investigation by the Board of the Overseers of the Bar for Maine.

It was the prosecution of Vladek Filler for allegedly raping his wife that first brought Kellett under serious scrutiny. Filler’s wife, Ligia Filler, a documented false accuser and child abuser with a history of mental illness, alleged she was raped by her husband during the course of a hotly contested divorce that Mr. Filler filed after multiple incidents of abuse from his wife.

Kellett proceeded with the case despite having no forensic evidence and despite knowing about Mrs. Filler’s history of false allegations, child abuse and public threats to kill Mr. Filler by “cut[ing] him into pieces.”

JTO-Ligia Filler Audio

Ligia Filler is also listed at for false allegations of domestic violence. Vladek Filler was at first convicted of the rape allegation but was exonerated of the charges on retrial after the first conviction was overturned due to Kellet’s prosecutorial misconduct.

More recently, Kellett is falling under additional scrutiny for alleged witness tampering in another case.  Currently a bar complaint is being processed in that case as well.



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