Absolute disbelief

I’m getting very tired of the MSM thought police. I can’t even conjure an element of respect for the absolute tripe that spews forth on a daily basis. It does represent to me how fucked we are, when our interests for the truth in our culture and social fabric are answered with utter bullshit. I was directed by a link to read an article droning on about the Logan assault that occurred in Egypt. Here’s the deal if anyone at this point gives a shit. I’ll put it in a metaphor regarding a child, maybe it will induce some clarity. If a child runs out on to the street and gets hit by a car, it will affect me. How? It’s painful, the pain comes from shock, grief and loss. It’s a terrible outcome in what I have been led to believe is an intelligent civilization.

In the case of the child, the belief is that there are so many things that have to go wrong for that outcome to be the result that it can cause shock. It is no different for Logan. If I have any sympathy, it’s because all the elements for a better outcome didn’t exist. Those elements are in fact people. Herself, her employer, her work mates and very last the seething mob engaged in a violent protest. I can only imagine that the single biggest reason that those people failed her is because they were under the illusion that Logan as an intelligent individual could exercise discretion in her choices. Obviously she can’t, lose 25 points on your IQ score, your incompetent, find a job that doesn’t require discretion.

Along with this story was a link to another story regarding a gang rape of a 15 year old girl attending a prom at her high school. The story stated that as many as 7 may have participated in the “rape” and as many as 20 may have witnessed it and done nothing to stop it. The story also stated that not only were there adult chaperones, but there were also police at this function.  The “rape” occurred in a dark secluded area of the grounds, where 20 people happened by. The security cameras in the school were broken and awaiting repair. I wonder how long.

Because I have a brain, from time to time I like to throw some electricity at it. This way if I ever suffer damage to a part of my brain I might need to use some of the alternate 90% of that meat to continue functioning.

So I like to keep it in shape I like to take my lump of hamburger for a cerebral walk from time to time. Here are some questions that registered in my hamburger. No, my thoughts aren’t lean, and yes, they do get greasy.

What is the statistical possibility that 27 people will not intercede in a crime in process, including one of her own FRIENDS especially when all you have to do is inform a cop that is already there?

Sure, we can say these people are obviously scum and need a good harassing by the cops, but what is the one circumstance that would stand to influence 27 people to not intervene or even perceive that there was a crime in progress?

How about consent?  Is this too greasy for you?

What is the one circumstance that could turn consensual group sex violent and lead to injuries that require hospitalization? How about removing consent and replacing it with a threat. Other details offered in the original story include that alcohol was consumed by the “victim” – and the semi-conscious state she was found in.

Was she beaten? Obviously. But responding at the scene it would be prudent to call in an air ambulance if you can’t determine that the person is suffering from injury or alcohol. The follow-up was that she suffered no life threatening injuries. But the use of a helicopter suggests a life threatening outcome. Was this in an area that would prevent ambulance access?

Sorry I have cheap hamburger in my head and at times it affects my ability to digest the cuisine.

[quote float=”left”]If there were cameras installed in the school there must have been a reason for them. I can only assume it was to deter crime, a spectrum sport that is usually defined after the fact. Someone determined that caution was prudent. [/quote] They knew the cameras were broken which likely led to the police attending. But my question is why the police would not at least make an effort to be aware of the grounds to ensure security. After all that’s why they were there, for safety. The story suggests that this rape went on for as long as two and half hours.

The “victim” had already called her father to pick her up. Did the father not come at all or go home when he couldn’t locate her? Did he ask one of the attending chaperones or one of the 4 attending police officers if they had seen her?  One story said she was found under a bench in an alleyway of the school. Another suggested she was under a bench in an open area of the grounds. If it happened in an alleyway how can 27 people gather around and not be noticed by chaperones and police.

As I watch the story migrate to bullshit it becomes apparent that what I see is questions unasked and those responsible for safety slowly disappearing from the details. It sets up a domino effect that condenses into saleable sound-bites that pattern a horrific story and outcome. It is horrific enough to keep you watching and hoping for justice. That spells attention and traffic, good traffic for advertisers.

Gansta Maker

Now we have Mexican gangs to hold responsible, members we can focus our hatred on. Can you argue the fact that gang membership is the result of fatherless homes? Before you respond with your dead beat dad argument consider the social justice we implement on behalf of women. We ensure housing, income and health benefits but first you have to kick out the man.

We completely support matriarchal reproduction. But in this matriarchy we can’t even ensure a man a job or reasonable employment conditions. What we will ensure is if he falls through the cracks, or fails, he is a dead-beat, fuck him. Join a gang. Create a sound-bite. Help advertisers sell their products.

If you are trying to find social justice, the kind that translates into public safety in this story, don’t. Those kind of expectations would require that you look closer at the details and ask some questions that might be uncomfortable. Questions about four attending police officers and just exactly what they were doing and where they were.

You might want to ask questions about protocols for safety and how they didn’t exist. No doubt however that the additional security was advertised as part of the venue to provoke a sense of safety. The real details and truth will be viewed behind closed doors where identities and paychecks are protected. If you want justice demand the doors be opened or torn down permanently to a public review. The media has massaged this story to a conclusion, the police need only fill in the blanks with perpetrators and their bodies.

I wouldn’t argue for a minute that there aren’t violent assholes out there that will rape, rob, beat and murder. I wouldn’t even argue the fact that most are men and that they are gang members. What I will argue against is why they are wearing uniforms, pretending to be law enforcement officers and why they are getting paid with tax dollars. How they can so egregiously fail in their duties to protect these children at a high school function? Or school officials that download their responsibilities like apathy at a trough. We won’t even ask the questions regarding their presence. But maybe we won’t ask those questions because some of those officers were women and women shouldn’t have to patrol dark dangerous areas where 15 year old girls are raped.

It’s just not politically correct.

It is most likely that I’m completely wrong on all scores, but how the fuck would you know if you never ask the questions? Without those questions you can’t even participate in the human experience, you’re a media addict waiting for your next fix. A willing player in a game hoping to picked by the right side and nothing will change or improve.

In fact, quite the opposite.

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