To the Feminist Still Confused about KSU Men

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The feminist who wrote me recently sent five follow up responses, with a sixth following my request for her to slow down before my inbox reaches critical mass, detonates a Silicon Valley server and sets California on fire again. The first email showed surprising  maturity, but the desperate follow-ups showed that spreading feminism remains her priority.
The emails boil down to “I’m sorry for acting misandric, but anti-feminism can’t be okay.”
I will respond with selected quotes for brevity, but check out the full conversation in context.

[…] I do apologize for my fearful misandric rant. […] I now understand where you’re coming from and what your group is about. […]

Thank you for being an adult. I honestly expected you to throw mud from under your feet until you struck a septic tank and blamed KSUM for getting shit everywhere.

And you’re right, this is something we all (feminists/anti-feminists) should collaborate on, discuss and focus on. […] I think in order to create positive change in our society, both of our groups (groups labeled “for men/anti-fem” or “for women/feminist”) should work together instead of conflicting with one another and create more gender-neutral awareness.

I’ll be blunt: If a feminist organization offered KSUM a partnership, we will steer the ship away while screaming. If we’re by a waterfall, fuck it, jagged rocks it is. We are non-feminist for a reason.
All you did was prevaricate to try and show me the true Scotsman, but I don’t care about the purity of any idea that is never executed.
Many feminists are openly cruel in the name of equality, and we owe their boldness to the lack of accountability in the movement. This is why “your” feminism doesn’t matter.
Marketers may disagree with me, but the service matters more than the brand.
I could start a dumb movement about “nourishment” called Yummyism, but if followers were eating babies, would you trust that Yummyism was in touch with your nutritional needs?  More importantly, would you trust Yummyism when other Yummyists criticize you for being “against nourishment” while hand-waving away infanticidal cannibalism?
Now replace “yummyist” with “feminist”, “nourishment” with “equality”, and “baby-eating” with “censorship via fire alarm, verbal abuse, book burning, media neglect, Valerie Solanas, public sexual assault, pre-emptive banning, inflating stats to ridiculous levels, lying about false accusations and generally being assholes.”
Furthermore, I did not say that everyone should collaborate or focus on any one thing. I don’t think that way. If you help KSU Men, it is because you want to help and not because you want to validate your brand loyalty.
We won’t save the world, but we do what we can and that will never be nothing. We may even fail, but no one can say we didn’t make an effort. Now, unless there’s a good reason for your absences from this week’s meetings, I will count them against your integrity.

Feminism is supposed to bring both sexes together to do what you (and many other groups that speak for oppressed/marginalized groups) are trying to do.

Then explain the violence. The men’s rights community would eject me like a fighter jet if I behaved like a feminist protester in the spirit of men’s rights. Meanwhile, you could go rouge, play the victim and feminists will typically not even judge.
Hyperbole? Tell that to the guy who got pushed off a ledge after a feminist screamed he was touching her breasts (he wasn’t).
The Patriarchy would never allow this, but the Patriarchy doesn’t exist, so that’s a moot point.

[…] when women see a group that is focused on men and claims to be anti-feminist, it looks anti-women and leaves an unsettling and frightening feeling

Tell that to these independently-minded anti-feminist women, who you just tried representing in another failed guilt trip. Call into their radio show and ask them what they think of anti-feminist men’s rights activists.

Also- by advocating the hatred of feminism and anti-feminist argument, are you saying that women shouldn’t have the same human rights as men? Because that’s what it really looks like.

What, do you think we’re designing a Rophenol distribution center? Handing out brochures on how to make rape more discreet? Reversing women’s suffrage?
Get real.
Feminism is an ideology and women are a demographic, so they are not the same. A woman can lead a free life with her human rights intact and fight feminism, but that concept is a big hurdle for you.
We don’t care what you do with your life because that’s your business. The people who say “But that makes you feminist!” make me want to fellate a chainsaw. I’d rather be called a misogynist.

[…] there are different types of feminism- inclusive, intersectional, egalitarian, etc.

So? I’m not going to appreciate the rotting tree trunk that fell on my house because a few branches have blossoms. I don’t care about types of feminism who think they got equality right any more than the denominations of Christianity that think they got the Bible right.
I once got dragged to a service in a non-demoninational Church where a Ned Flanders wannabe gave me uncomfortable eye-contact while not letting talent stop him from making Jesus cry with his guitar scratching. However, the church was more tolerant than big churches or radical churches. Meanwhile, it’s the big and radical churches that color my opinion of religion in practice, just like how it’s the powerful feminists that color my opinion of feminism in practice.
I oppose feminism because I am for the separation of church and state.
Do you care what a preacher in Missisippi says Christianity is about, or do you care about what the entire institution gets away with? I’d rather see an ideology practiced out from behind the veil of marketing language and brainwashed zombies that enable systemic horseshit. Everyone is more honest that way.
Feminism at its core is a nonsensical oppression narrative. If men looked like human beings with their own problems (god forbid), a multi-billion dollar network would perish. Hate makes money, and hatred is an equal opportunity practice. Powerful feminists oppress you and me, and Patriarchy is the scapegoat that keeps fear money flowing.
To quote a lyric from Bo Burnham’s song “Love is…”:

…love is being the owner of the company that makes rape whistles, and even though you started the company with good intentions trying to reduce the rate of rape, now you don’t want to reduce them at all cause if the rape rate declines you’ll see an equal decline in whistle sales…. Without rapists, who’s gonna buy your whistles?

At no point did you experience KSU Men for yourself. Instead, you tried to get me to validate your hallucinations by firing off rationalizations and promises of teamwork.
Some of the people who signed up for KSUM are women, and the door is still open to you. You are an independently-minded adult, so I’m not going to hold your hand and promise you puppies and kisses because your dogma told you to be scared.
If that’s a problem, then by all means keep convincing yourself that you are not totally useless while hard-working people scramble to put out fires. If you email me again with anything other than “I will be at the next meeting,” then your message will go straight in the trash because it only wastes your time and mine.
You apologized for being unreasonably scared and misandric, and that cooperation was important. I won’t accept the apology unless you overcome your fear.
An apology means nothing if you don’t change.

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