Rape hysteria crisis at the University of Montana

The University of Montana has become an epicenter of rape hysteria and now, men’s activism

The Department of Education issued its revised sexual assault mandates on April 4, 2011, instantly removing the presumption of innocence for male students accused of sexual assault, subjecting men around the country to unwarranted hearings. In one such scenario the Department of Justice entered the quaint mountain town of Missoula, Montana and used the DOE’s revised mandates to convert the “safest campus in the nation” to the “rape capital of the world”, seemingly overnight. Recent Federal legislation has made this a terrifying reality for all men and boys, everywhere in the nation for years to come.
Less than one year after the sexual assault mandate was issued the DOJ used the lowered standard of evidence to “find” 80 sexual assaults had occurred on the University of Montana campus, effectively creating a “rape prone culture.” The ensuing hysteria removed numerous officials of the once prominent Griz Nation, as well as a number of targeted star players. One such player accepted a plea bargain to escape jury proceedings; but a young quarterback and his family were willing to risk everything to defend his innocence. Across the state, another student of the Montana University System began to counter the attempt to create a rape community at Montana State University.
Finding it strange that 80 sexual assaults were suddenly discovered on the University of Montana campus, Christopher J. Thompson began to ask questions of numerous University officials and, devoid any significant answers, he began the National Coalition For Men-Montana State, a men’s organization formed to help protect and guide college men through this precarious situation. Planning to represent NCFM-Montana State for the Tunnel of Oppression exhibit recently, Thompson began browsing through information posted outside the tuition funded Women’s Center and was startled to find Jackson Katz’s “10 Things Men Can Do To Stop Rape”.
Katz’s instructions begin by telling students to:

View men not only as perpetrators or possible offenders, but as empowered bystanders who can confront abusive peers.

Thompson began asking why it was acceptable to assume all men are “perpetrators or possible offenders” and the MSU Womens Center, Men Stopping Rape, and VOICE Center responded in their Tunnel of Oppression exhibit by altering it to say they are working to “clarify myths and misperceptions that ‘all men are potential rapists’ by stating that most men are NOT rapists.”
Discovering the change, Thompson approached the aforementioned organizations to find the discussion he had been having deleted in its entirety, replaced with the usual diatribe that “false reports are rare,” continuing that possibly 2-10% of sexual assaults reported are false.
In Missoula these ideas had been forced on all students attending University of Montana by the PETSA videos recently implemented, which state: “MYTH: People lie about sexual assault…FACT: The vast majority of sexual assault reports are true”.
The Missoula Police Department policy manual reinforces this idea by ordering “every sex crime investigation is to be initiated with the belief it is true until evidence demonstrates otherwise.”
This devastation was realized in the case against accused University of Montana quarterback, Jordan Johnson. Missoula County District Court judge Karen Townsend denied a defense motion to dismiss the case, stating that the accused is not entitled to a presumption of innocence while a rape investigation is going on:

It is not until the time of trial that the defendant is guaranteed a right to a fair trial and is entitled to the presumption of innocence.

Thankfully, Johnson has been found innocent, and the pain his father can only describe as watching the death of his son is over. In a terrifying turn of events, however, the flawed sexual assault policies implemented on campus that gave way to this chaos have worked their way into the Violence Against Women Act and are now positioned to impact everyone burdened by the Y chromosome. If you are one of these “endowed” individuals, or know someone who is, your fundamental rights are being eroded.
Hang on, its going to be a wild ride, or join the National Coalition For Men to help enact changes to protect innocent men.
Publisher’s note: Christopher J. Thompson is Campus Ambassador for the National Coalition For Men. He is leading a work group to identify other campuses suitable for an NCFM campus chapter. If you are a student at a university and interested in helping establish such a chapter please contact Chris a chris@aggrandized.com.
AVFM will be working officially with NCFM to support efforts to establish anti-misandric men’s organizations in universities throughout western culture. The time for grass roots organization has arrived, and universities are the place where it must happen. “Hang on” is right. Better yet, buckle up.

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