Little red frothing fornication mouth

I thought I would jot down my take on the ideological feminist flying monkeys and the CAFE lecture Thursday night involving Dr Paul Nathanson and Dr. Katherine Young.

Videos are being done edited and uploaded, the Skype twixt Paul and I had has been over forked with bits and bytes clogging up the net. The lead up and the sorting of documentation is always a much longer process than the show itself.

There were actually two shows going on Thursday night. One was a circus, the other an open dialogue on misandry and misogyny. I wanted to cover both. Each had it’s certain appeal. The open dialogue lecture was important; knowledge being shared. The circus was an adrenaline rush full of clowns, trained poodle-boys, and ferocious lioness who have been robbed of true equality by feminism.

Feminism is particularly good at training its minions in two skills, herding and security. One could say they’ve developed it into an art form.

That is what I witnessed on Thursday night; the herding and security central to feminism’s narrative.

They’ve certainly lulled more people in history into believing their claims than any other I can think of. Hitler, Himmler, Hess, Goering, Speer and Goebbels could have learned a thing or three from feminism. Godwin’s Law be damned, the M.O.‘s of these two groups are frighteningly similar.

First they keep the message uniform, to keep it pure. The narrative is pure fascist Third Reich material, blame and other a group. Make up and chant hateful claims, repeat the hateful claims, and repeat them again, ad nauseam. Silence dissent. Hear none of it. If you do hear it, denounce and vilify those who blaspheme. ostracize, obfuscate, and spread copiously throughout society. Yell it at the top of your lungs. Use mechanical advantage to screech the tired old fascist feminist fallacy “its the Jew’s patriarchy’s fault.”

The Patriarchy: something set up to benefit all men and yet it oppresses men as well. It is something they are tearing down because it hurts us and they want to help while they demonize and criminalize us. I believe the layman’s term for this is contradictory bullshit. Heavy on the contradictory part and the bullshit part.

Feminists throw “patriarchy” around like a blanket tainted with smallpox.

“May I borrow a cup of patriarchy? I am baking up some man-hate.”  “Spare some patriarchy for the children?”  “Sorry, I can’t make the Slut Walk today. My patriarchy is acting up.”

It’s always patriarchy’s fault. It’s the creator of original sin, don’t you know? So it was written in the Book of Dworkin — so it was sacrificed on the Altar of Ensler.

That was the common plot of the Three Ringed Circus that had organized to protest the lecture by CAFE.

There was lots of coverage. JTO gave us a wandering snapshot of wading through the  crowds circus. But that was more like a side-show. The main attraction was “Little Red Frothing Fornication Mouth.” She is a star in her own world, and trying to make it to the big time via feminism’s you go gurrl attitude and sheer tits in your face gumption.

And you know what? I couldn’t have cared less about her vociferous avocation of what I should do. I couldn’t as well have cared less about her tits. However I do have a problem believing her, and here’s why.

I brought up the topic of mental health and how men make up about 80% of the suicide population in Canada. I mentioned there was about 4 papers on the CMHA website. I was wrong about the CMHA paper count. Sorry for misstating the facts.

There are 12 pieces of information for women and one for men. Men do, however, bear mentioning in a second paper dealing with all of Canadian society — as are women. That would make it 11 to 1. Perhaps men’s voices from beyond the grave might be a little silent. Perhaps Canadians are a little deaf. Perhaps it’s because feminists like ‘Lil Red have bulldozed over those voices.

You can still learn about those men in statistics, those left behind in the carnage — as seen in the studio Brule’ video of a young man searching for some answers as to why his two friends committed suicide, as well as on epitaphs.

Their feminist follow up? Laugh like a maniac and tell people who have actually done some research to “Shut The Fuck Up” as Red was so hot to do to anyone other than her that tried to be heard.

Make no mistake about it she is scared. So scared she could not would not engage in any civil discourse. She brushed away someone who looked to be a reporter with a casual STFU, she screeched those STFU’s at me incessantly for about 12 minutes. That and constantly conflating feminism with women and visa versa.

So much for logic. So much for keeping the discussion honest. Just screech, and I do mean screech like a banshee, that MHRA’s are just a bunch of women haters.

When told point-blank that none of it is correct, I got the same set of replies: “It’s the patriarchy. You just hate women. You’re a misogynist.” No specific order. They have their indoctrination cemented firmly in every sentence, and every thought.

Early on in the night I had a short discussion with two young men who did not wish to be identified. They were afraid of backlash. Literally all they had to say was we think there should be an open discussion about how men and boys are treated these days but because of the militant actions by feminists they were afraid to go on the record, even just audio. I will say they were intelligent young men. It’s a damn shame they live in fear of militant backlash.

This is what the femmies want. They want people to be afraid to state a differing opinion. It is what their whole protest was about.

That is the security aspect of feminism; complete and utter silence, complete faith and compliance. No critical thought required, or tolerated.

‘Little Red Frothing Fornication Mouth’ represents how feminism is helping men and boys. She allowed a peek beneath the veneer of the rhetoric spewed endlessly of late by feminists.

‘We are your friend’ they say. You don’t need to worry about men’s issues. We have them covered. We have them covered so well that your attempts to cover them is offensive to us. No, it’s an attack! It’s hate, you misogynistic pigs! Can’t you see we are trying to help you? Shut your fucking mouths and let us fucking help you! And if you don’t we will make you fucking pay!

Sound familiar?

Heads up, feminists, your use-by date has reached the tertiary stage. The MHRM is like time, ravaging your ignorant body of theories. From now on it is the steady onward march to the day that brings your inevitable silence, Little Red Frothing Fornicating Mouth and all.

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