Georgetown University, a cover-up?

Attention. Critical elements of this story, including the identity of the story’s subject have been redacted and retracted.

Please read here.

At the time I am writing this a scandal is erupting across the internet involving  prestigious Georgetown University and tied to one of their former employees, [redacted], a Georgetown grad student who says she was hired to read and process applications for admissions to the school.

She claims she had a very interesting system for screening applicants. The applications from white males were trashed, regardless of qualifications.

And now it appears that Georgetown University may be trying to cover it up.

The background of this story is pretty disturbing. [redacted], who clearly has issues with sexual and racial bigotry, decided she would not only trash the applications of white males on sight, she also decided to blog about her activities under what she assumed was anonymous conditions. Writing for a web blog called The Feminist Conservative, [redacted] laid out precisely what she was doing in very clear terms:

…I can’t tell you how many applications I saw that were just dripping with white male privelege[sic].  Any of those that I saw basically went straight to the garbage can regardless of how good their qualifactions [sic] were.  If I saw an application from a white male that basically was just good test scores, and activities like chess club or math club or what not then it shows me this person is not interested in a diverse environment.  Obviously he made no effort in integrating with minorities or to sympathize with them and is counting on male privilege to get in.  So that kind of application should get ignored.  In their place I admitted a female student.  This goes double especially for math/science majors.

Apparently the prejudicial screening criteria she employed were not limited to just white males who played chess and were interested in mathematics.  She also targeted a man of Arab descent because of his stand on Israel.

Another time this I had an application for what sounded like an arab male who wanted to study computer science.  On paper he looked good enough, decent above average scores, and such.  But I checked facebook and sure enough on his wall I came came [sic] upon a particularly hateful post about Israel supposedly not having a right to exist.  I promptly trashed the application and sent out a rejection letter.

She followed these statements with another; a bizarrely contradictory explanation for her actions. First, she says:

We can’t boil people down to numbers or statistics, or reject people based on the color of their skin.

But then she follows that statement immediately with this:

I’m happy to say that I approved nearly 90% of all female minority and 80% of all (white female applicants especially if the girls want to study math or science) while rejecting over 50% of  white males this week and hope this trend holds out.

Clearly this is a person not only warped by ideology, but who also holds deep seated prejudices that guided her unscrupulous actions. Her targets were selected by sex, race, political beliefs and perhaps even religion. Her identity was traced after she referenced the subject of her master’s thesis at Georgetown in some of her writing, including the “about” page at the Feminist Conservative.

Here are three of the main documents that led to her being identified.

About Feminist Conservative

Thesis defense is TODAY! feministconservative

My first week of work — feministconservative

It is unknown precisely how many qualified applicants were sabotaged by this woman, and it may be difficult to find out as it now appears almost certain that individuals at Georgetown, perhaps even university officials, are purging their online records of that thesis, and her identity, in order to protect the interest of the school against what will almost certainly result in a massive amount of litigation.

AVFM has obtained copies, a before and after record of Georgetown’s list of master’s theses from 2012. If you had examined their website before this scandal broke, you would have found [redacted]name on the list with a link to her thesis. You can download the previous version of the page


However now, if you go to the page you will find no trace of her name, and naturally no link to her thesis.


We have a copy of that thesis available for download.


There has been much in the news lately, particularly in Canada at the University of Toronto, about the illegal, even violent actions of feminist ideologues in the university setting. Events intended to address issues concerning men and boys have been met with virulent hostility.

It appears that [redacted] plan was even simpler. Just rid the school of males, particularly white ones, to begin with. And as we see this blow up into a full-fledged scandal and embarrassment to Georgetown University, it appears that a person or persons at the school are going to compound those problems with a cover-up.

One would assume that they will be depending on a complete denial from [redacted], who is now reportedly in [redacted].  Without any evidence tying that blog to [redacted] identity, namely the reference to her thesis, it may make it more difficult for plaintiffs to prove their case against the school.

If this proves to have university officials behind it, it would be a very, very bad move.

AVFM will update readers regularly as information becomes available.

ADDENDUM – [redacted]

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263 thoughts on “Georgetown University, a cover-up?”

      1. This should come as no surprise. It is a natural outgrowth of the “diversity” mania. And it is the same institution that years ago had a basketball coach that did the same thing in order to give the ghetto men a chance for a college education. Oh, my old alma mater!!

        DJ Georgetown Law ’60

    1. voiceformen5555

      Oh please gentlemen…I am new to this site. A friend recommended it. But you have to be semi-brain dead like my friend to believe any of this nonsense. While a Princeton admissions officer may have changed one decision in a movie (and she immediately got fired for it), the scenario discussed here has nothing to do with reality. Competitive schools don’t allow one person to make decisions – individuals make recommendations that must be approved by others, usually in a committee format like you see in the movie. You can all moan about what’s happening to white males in admissions but I will guarantee you they get more than their fair share of extra consideration through legacy status, big donor status, athletic status and more. And how do I know? Perhaps because I spent most of my life in college admissions at very selective schools. So have fun with this whole thing – but don’t take it too seriously.

      1. What about the established fact that far more women than men are graduating? Should we not take that seriously? Is that ‘fun’ ?

  1. She’s a grad student at Georgetown, and can’t spell “privilege”? What’s a “Peace and Justice” degree good for if you can’t spell one of the key concepts, however bogus?

    PS – Think of all the young white males she has saved $60,000 per year!

    1. Hey I saw that too! (With my ego-centrism, I figured I might be the only person to have caught that. Thank you for catching it too.)

      1. OneHundredPercentCotton

        This happens so often with exposing these University Chicks it’s more notable when they DO spell everything correctly.

    2. That’s the first thing I noticed too. If someone with a graduate degree from an “Ivy League” school like Georgetown can’t even spell on a 10th Grade level, it probably says something about the real value of an “education” from such an institution.

    3. What’s a ‘Peace and Justice’ degree or a Ph.D worth when the holders of such attainment aren’t able to fully grasp either concept? Not much from where I sit. It’s a prestigious looking piece of paper with a seal emblazoned on the bottom. It may impress those not red pill familiar.

      What sort of Peace is rendered when such qualities as sound reason, fairness and impartiality are absent from discourse? What I see is a skewed concept of ‘just deserts’ following the fetid wake of intellectually dishonest and morally bankrupt feminist meddling.

      Irony after repeated irony are streaming out of once honourable and reputed post secondary ‘institutions’. Robert St. Estephe’s warnings of the Frankfurt School’s deliberate pillar rot may be at the root of what ails such an establishment today.

    4. “Being religious doesn’t make you a Conservative. You can be “religious” but be a muslim or a member of the Westboro Baptist Church and hate everything that America is supposted to stand for.”

      It seems like she can’t spell supposed either

      What a fucking joke …

    5. What’s a ‘Peace and Justice’ degree or a Ph.D worth when those who attain such recognition aren’t able to grasp either concept? Not much from where I sit with what we know. It would be a prestigious looking piece of paper with a seal at the bottom which may impress those not red pill familiar.

      What sort of Peace is rendered when such qualities as sound reason, validity, fairness and impartiality are absent from discourse? What I see is more agitation through a grossly limited and skewed concept of ‘just deserts’ following the wake of feminist intellectual dishonesty and morally bankrupt meddling.

      Irony after repeated irony are streaming out of once honourable and reputed post secondary ‘institutions’. Robert St. Estephe’s warnings of the Frankfurt School deliberate pillar rot may be at the root of what ails such an establishment today.

  2. This woman is a fucking retard.

    Chess means you don’t value a diverse environment?

    Most of the chess players in the world are from INDIA.

    Do they not count?

    But the raw numbers themselves are astonishing: over 6m, 35m, 16m, 50m and 85m people in the U.K., U.S., Germany, Russia, and India (ABC1), respectively, are playing chess regularly and more than half are 18-34.

    Math club? Yeah, probably no Asians in math club, right?

    What an idiot. If you’re going to engage in pathetic stereotypes, you might at least google what the basic stereotype IS.

    Or, you know, look at the FACTS.

    Is the word “demographic” too hard for this cupcake?

    1. This woman is a fucking retard.

      Hey, HEY now, JB – no need to insult retards with THAT kind of comparison!

      Is the word “demographic” too hard for this cupcake?

      Given the available evidence, I doubt that she can spell it, so there’s no reason to believe that she can define it either.

      1. And beside that, whose business is it who she fucks?

        There are a lot of retards out here, JB, Feeriker, who have better moral sense than to fuck indiscriminately.

        (Although I’m a poor example of this, having a combined SAT score over 1400 … I’m retarded sexually, though.)

    2. White guy, gets straight A’s, math club, chess club… Fucking overachieving asshole!!! Try doing that without a penis – it’s twice as hard!!! He doesn’t deserve to get into a university at all. In fact, I hope he burns in hell!!!

      Now this female Hispanic applicant with straight D’s, no extracurricular activities, and suspensions on her permanent record – she definitely deserves to get in!

    3. Well, y’know, I think they are looking for positive evidence of a correct diversity attitude.

      Which is still a howling outrage. Nobody has any business to be thought-policing you.

      And that is precisely what this is : thought-policing.

      And in a roundabout way, ideological extortion.

    1. I feel sorry for the inhabitants of Madagascar. Given that she’s a Georgetown grad, and given Georgetown’s reputation as a close collaborator with and source of personnel for that government-sanctioned crime syndicate known colloquially as “The Company,” is it just possible that Pattek has been “weaponized?”

  3. I wish I could claim to be speechless or even mildly shocked, but in the last few years I have encountered quite a number of women who truly hate men and see no problem with acting like this.

    For every one who is stupid enough to get caught like this, there are probably dozens who get away with it.

  4. How ARROGANT!!! What kind of person BLOGS about this kind of stuff so openly and unapologetically??? Horrible abuse of power.

    1. The answer to your question is “a feminist who knows that she has the sanction of the reigning political power structure.” Especially one who works for one of that “power structure’s” most cherished indoctrination centers, er, sorry, “universities.”

    2. The_Other_Steve

      The problem is that she doesn’t see what she is doing as wrong, but rather as some way of re-balancing perceived injustices from the past. She fervently believes she deserves praise for what she is doing. Sadly, she will get it from the gender ideologues who taught her to view the world the way she does.

  5. OneHundredPercentCotton

    Wow. Here was the gist of the recent MALE involved scandal at Georgetown, with it’s revelation of a “Secret Society” that has secret E-mails discussing…..da-dummmmm: what cufflinks to wear!

    “In February, internal emails — leaked anonymously (by a source dubbed “Steward Throat”) to the blog FreeGeorgetown and picked up by Vox Populi, the Georgetown student magazine’s online presence — revealed some of the inner workings of the Second Society of Stewards. The emails named student government presidential candidate Jack Appelbaum and GUSA Chief of Staff Jake Sticka both as active members.”

    It also confirmed the existence of a Third Society of Stewards, of which vice-presidential candidate Adam Ramadan was rumored to be a member. (Ramadan would confirm later only that he is a member of an undisclosed secret society.)

    Many of the emails discussed such topics as what kind of cufflinks or blazer buttons to purchase, whether the correspondents should get matching Brooks Brothers ties (being the preppiest college in the country, after all), as well as mocking former law student Sandra Fluke and warnings not to reply to undergraduates’ emails.”

    1. Well in fairness…..

      It isn’t like college age women ever discuss things like clothing designers, fashion accessories, or, birth control.


  6. Sweet Jesus tap-dancing Christ, I can’t wait to see what happens with this. As a minority male who would probably get some preference from her had I applied to Georgetown, I hope she and Georgetown really burn for this.

  7. This kind of stuff is all going to come back to them. She’s off in another country right now, doing who knows what. She probably never thought her name would be discovered and attached to this.

    As a somewhat related note, I was tinkering around with the idea of making a registry like Register-Her specifically for those who work in university settings. I think Shame on U is a good title. And I already have quite a list of names based on what I’ve covered in my videos and seen elsewhere.


      1. Disorderly Conduct

        I think it’s preferable to avoid gender-specific wordage in this case, register-her had rationale behind the name but it was still pushing it. “Privilege preference” is already well-established in universities, so there’s bound to be a good chunk of self-hating bigots tossing out male applicants too.

    1. Excellent idea. It would be a great benefit to students and perspective students. I know I would want to know who the people I go to school with are, and especially who the people in power at my school are. If a university was a hotbed of sexism (well, more than the usual), and in this case, racism, it would have bearing on my decision to apply.

    2. I did a check once on colleges and universities having a women’s studies program. I think it was somewhere around 750, or 800. I can’t remember if that was just the U.S., or included the Western world. Of course, those programs would have multiple class offerings in each program so there would literally be thousands of misandrist classes being taught in the Western world – at the least.

      I’ve never seen a Women’s Studies program that wasn’t dripping with misandry, or as my friend Harry likes to write – “woMEN’s stuDIEs.” I suspect you’d eventually have quite a list.

    3. What is she doing? In Madagascar?
      She’s most likely securing, as an observer, that the UN circumci … male genitlal mutilation plan of is rolled out properly…

  8. I can not even express words for this, this is absolutely disgusting to think someone would do something like that to people who want to get an education and deny them just because they are Male.

    Feminism needs to go, and hopefully soon. I would like to be able to spend my life with someone else, who enjoys my company who won’t cheat on me or use me as a bank account as something not even recognized as a Human Being just a utility for her amusement.

    Anyone else like this around my age, which is 24 have the same feeling? Not just about feminism, but to be loved by someone that you can trust and live life together and enjoy it without worry of someone accusing you of
    the worst?

    That’s what I feel deep down, maybe it’s just a natural instinct as me being a male. It just makes me feel sad and angry that I might not be able to enjoy everything in life.

    Sorry for my little rant here, I have been thinking about a lot of things lately.

    1. I’m 25 and understand this perfectly. All of this has left me a little jaded to say the least when it comes to relationships/marriage.

    2. Sting Chameleon

      Even if feminism went away overnight, you’d still be treated like a utility because it’s been deeply ingrained in our society for centuries.

      1. Indeed, I know it won’t get better in a short amount of time when/if Feminism is gone, I fully understand that things take time.

        And I fully agree with you on that.

    3. I can not even express words for this, this is absolutely disgusting to think someone would do something like that to people who want to get an education and deny them just because they are Male.

      I’m inclined to agree with a few others here who have expressed the sentiment hat Pattek actually did these young men a FAVOR. Considering that Georgetown is one of the more extreme examples of what most American colleges and universities now are –criminally expensive, state-controlled indoctrination centers that substitute education for ideology, teaching men to hate themselves and each other while saddling them with life-long debt that they’ll probably never get rid of due to the collapsing economy– these young men are now FREE to get a real education elsewhere, or, better yet, maybe even do something productive with their lives. Quite frankly, after the exposure of this debacle (probably not even the most criminally nauseating scandal yet to be exposed), I’d be ASHAMED to have my name associated with a degree from Georgetown.

  9. The school needs to account for what happened. This has Title IX implications.

    Any white male who was denied admission in the past couple of years needs to step up and demand answers, letting the school know that it is going to be held legally accountable.

    1. Hi Pierce, I posted my comment before I spotted yours, I was thinking the same thing.

      Apart from the sheer disgust at what this woman did, there is a legal dimension to it as well which should be pursued vigourously.

  10. How disgusting can a person be? Playing with lives of these young me. She should be ashamed of herself, but I highly doubt she has the capacity to feel shame.

    1. Oh, FUCK, no! She’s PROUD of herself, I’m sure!

      Another blow against the (mythical) Patriarchy!

      (There is a positive side to this. Every man whose application she trashed is spared the ignominy of spending $60K per year to have his most sensitive parts figuratively blasted with feminist sand.)

  11. What this Pattek bigot did is disgusting, but, Georgetown trying to cover it up is even more disgusting.

    This is sick.

    1. I disagree. The coverup is awesome. It’s what wins the conviction in a lot of white-collar crimes, which can be difficult to explain to a jury, except for the part where they acted like they knew that what they were doing was wrong.

      I would’ve assumed that it was just one bad apple, but the coverup makes me confident that it was standard practice. They’re acting scared of the truth — which means that it’s only a matter of time and pressure until it comes out, and it’ll make what we know so far look as pretty as diamonds by comparison.

      1. It’s hard to say precisely how many bad apples were in that barrel — although I’m pretty sure it was more than one. But still, plain old embarrassment, all by itself, could account for the coverup. Hopefully, a deep housecleaning investigation will emerge from this…….

        And then they will have even more to be embarrassed about!

  12. OneHundredPercentCotton

    I don’t suppose this racist little idiot realizes that BLACK MEN play chess?

    Here is a story of seven black men in a New York park being harassed by sexist Mad Moms and ticketed by police for PLAYING CHESS WITH CHILDREN in a public park.

    I wonder how many of the Chess Club member applicants she turned away were in fact deserving black men?

    Here’s the story complete with photos:

    1. Hunnert: Indeed, my YMCA in Dorchester, which I would put at about 90% people-of-color, at a conservative estimate, hosts as part of a program they put forth annually around September, an offer of volunteer positions for adults to teach children chess.

      In a chess magazine (of about a decade ago), there was a debate amongst chess players (most of whom, if I recall, were topshelf – Internat’l Masters, Masters, etc), re whether it was ok to teach children of color, if they preferred, on the basis of Black moving first. Stuffedshirts said no, but most debaters were fine with it.

      Just incidentally, I would put myself in the latter category; not only because this change does not affect the game as such; but because, before circa 1880, the winner of a coin-flip would move first: These could, and would, choose either color. Many of the recorded games before c.1880 have been revised to always make the first mover White.

      1. Never Blue Again

        ….. not only because this change does not affect the game as such ….

        I think i will disagree here. In chess black first and white first move are not identical to one another. Both have separate advantages and disadvantages. Mainly because black and white squares impose some limitations and some member such as bishops are very dependent on these patterns. And there is also left and right side preference of attack. Which varies with player to player.

        Some players are good with black and some players are good with white.

        But the key point is relating racism with chess (which color moves first) is counter productive. Because there is no relation what so ever. It’s just a game of two party. Which could be any color what so ever.These over sensitiveness will make things worse.

        And someone could easily change the color of chess pieces into something like pink and blue or something…. ?? That would end the non-existent racism but someday later someone will invent sexism there.

        So why bother….. ??

        And what about black and white roses….. ?? Should we genetically modify both of them into something like gray because over preference of black rose (because it’s rear) is somehow related to treating white boys as less valuable ….. ??

        Jesus Fucking Christ ….. !!

  13. Based on the above reporting:

    # How could someone think like that and be in the position she was in at Georgetown?

    # How could she engage in the actions she engaged in at Georgetown for so long, apparently without accountability?

    # Where did she learn to think like that?

    1. Hello Ray, I think I can answer your questions. Some background is necessary for this all to make sense.

      First, Georgetown is a Jesuit college. And the Jesuits are an all male religious order subservient to the Catholic church. The Catholic church does not have a very high opinion of the male gender, to say the least. Some of that comes from their sexually repressive culture.

      Second, they were infiltrated decades ago by feminists who became nuns. Remember that these nuns run the primary educational system of the church and have done a marvelous job demonizing men and boys for ages now. All the students, teachers, administrators, faculty, etc. in this college community were probably, “educated” by these same nuns at some point.

      Third, the Catholic church has done everything they can to make their communities as female friendly and male unfriendly as possible. The result? Churches have become clubs for women, by women, and about women.

      As you can see, all of these factors contribute to the very sort of irrational environment that feminism thrives in. An environment were female accountability is non-existent and male participation is considered illegitimate.

      I hope these points help you understand just what sort of people we are dealing with here. And that it also explains why it happened in the first place.

  14. This is the feminist ideology in its purest form. Just like at U of T.

    Men are the enemy. Especially white men. These sick fucks see themselves as champions of equality for minorities. Oh but white women get a free pass.

    I guess we should lay off putting this bigot’s credentials out there so people can know that someone who is willing to throw away promising futures by trashing applications can be safe from “harassment” (read; justice).

    The easiest way to stop discrimination against people is to take away race and sex from applications. Let only the qualifications be a requirement for the forms so those who are bigots won’t be able to tell if the application in front of them belongs to a person that is a part of a group of people they are prejudiced against.

    But that would be too easy.

    This is what happens when people who follow the feminist ideology (read; bigots) are put in a position of authority over the lives and futures of the populace. They are put in a place where they can destroy the people they are prejudiced against.

    You won’t see anyone from their camps going out of their way to bring this into the light. No, instead they will just keep on trying to paint us, the ones who want to do something about these injustices, as harassers and paint the actual bigots as the victims.

    I know one fucktard that needs to add a 13th step to his little program for “fighting our addiction to hate”

    13: Stop defending bigots who use violence and lies to destroy the lives of human beings simply because those human beings happen to be of a race or sex that they are prejudiced against.

    With all the feminists practically jumping out into the public light wearing their “I hate men” signs in the last few months, mostly because men’s issues are finally getting a pin prick of the attention they deserve…I predict register-her is gonna fill up this year.

    And to all the indignant bigots who are pissed off at the site and AVfM in general; the men have finally shown up to the gender war you started. Instead of fighting with women like you hoped, we’ve allied with them and we’re taking your hateful ideology down.

    In others words; IT’S ABOUT TO BE OVER.

    1. “And to all the indignant bigots who are pissed off at the site and AVfM in general; the men have finally shown up to the gender war you started. Instead of fighting with women like you hoped, we’ve allied with them and we’re taking your hateful ideology down.”


      1. Doesn’t matter how many steps that lapdog takes. He has to consider himself a human first before trying to become a decent one.

        But he’s too eager to appease women that consider members of his sex to be violent animals that need to be trained as young boys not rape and beat women.

        To men like him, feminist women are the supreme authority on all things good and decent and all men need to shut the fuck up and do whatever it takes to satisfy their insecurities.

        The more people we expose to the hatred of their ideology, the more he spins the truth. But no amount of bullshit his quote mining “mockery” can produce can stop the public realization that is coming.

        The recent news story is just going to be written off as “the radicals did it” and feminists are going to escalate their “feminism is the solution to male issues” campaign.

        But it isn’t going to work anymore. No amount of MSM feminist spinning can make any sensible person believe the “men have issues because of patriarchy” bullshit when idiots like that red haired loudmouth keep shouting their hate into people’s faces with megaphones and especially not when hatemongers like Zerlina Maxwell continue to spew their bile on television.

        She didn’t have one iota of indignation when she said that crap. Not one worry that anyone would blink at the disgusting bigotry behind her words. She fully believed in them. The thought process of men being animals that need training to be decent human beings went through her mind and not one trace of guilt or “wait, what am I thinking” surfaced in that small mind to her facial expressions. Well I’m sure she feels stupid now.

        I hope more women like her continue to do exactly what she did on CNN. It only helps our cause. And non-feminist men can see what it takes to be a male feminist by reading the likes of Hugo and the misogyny mocking fucktard.

        Just point at all of the angry comments from men and women who want to upset people like Zerlina and the red head, ignore all of the hate these women have promoted, ignore the violence and violations of the law the red head celebrated and was involved in and just say “look at all the harassment these poor women have taken. You see! The MRM is a hate movement!”

        It’s easy to be a male feminist. Just resign yourself to being a hate-enabling coward and presto, you get a pat on the head from feminist women.


  15. GU may have gotten away with this if it were not for AVFM. As far as I can see, this is the only site reporting this…

    1. It might spread. I believe people who first heard of this sent all of the info to several news outlets. What remains to be seen if they bother to look into it.

    2. I actually saw this over at “Mens Rights Initiative” yesterday. It was a link that was posted in one of the comments to another story.
      When I read what this biggot was up to I was hoping that AVfM would pick it up and sure enough.
      You guys dont miss much, do ya?

  16. lol. Typical racist sexist feminist. I mean, forget for a second about the common racist feminist attitude that ‘white’ isn’t diverse. You know, forget about Yuri, Jean-Luc, Alberto, Johan, Jack, Nikos, Mehmet, Marco, Anton, Dieter … yup, themz folks is all the same.

    But how about the attitude that chess club has no minorities? She’s so many kinds of racist.

    Here is a list of the top 100 U.S. chess players:,com_top_players/Itemid,371?op=list&month=1304&f=usa&l=Top%20Overall&h=Overall

    Maybe I shouldn’t have been baited. Race is a common tactic to break off male hegemony. I would support many kinds of actions to promote chess among ethnic groups who are under-represented in clubs or tournaments.

    Males of all races have faced harsh misandry for thousands of years. So much so that even anti-misandry guys chime this notion that males are less biologically valuable because of the realities of reproduction. Maybe this holds ground before the resurrection of civilization. The fruits of labor of males are have since been immensely valuable.

    1. Never Blue Again

      Males of all races have faced harsh misandry for thousands of years. So much so that even anti-misandry guys chime this notion that males are less biologically valuable because of the realities of reproduction. Maybe this holds ground before the resurrection of civilization. The fruits of labor of males are have since been immensely valuable.

      Well i think the popular belief that males are less biologically valuable because of the reproduction is somehow a little bit misguided. And doesn’t tell the whole story.

      The only thing we know then a man can impregnate many women. That’s True.

      But can a man make enough food for that many women and children ? Can a man provide shelter and protection for that many women and children ? For at the very least 12-15 yrs ?

      If men reproduce but can’t make them to survive then it’s the same outcome as not able to reproduce.

      So i think that male labor and protection were immensely valuable in the past even before the civilization started.

      If a group have 100 women and 10 men, in a year they may have 100 children but after 5 years of struggle it is very unlikely that group would survive in the wild.

      But if a group have 50 women and 50 men then after one year with 50 children and after 5 year at least 30-35 children would survive. and there may be more children in the following years.

      Humans have the longest juvenile period, and it wouldn’t be possible for humans to survive and evolve if males didn’t provide & protect. Think what would happen if human males acted like Lions. Well there would be only lions and no humans in this planet.

      1. Because of this dynamic, a good part of the male’s value is in his disposability. What FATS fail to see though, is that once enough males are “disposed of,” the society either collapses or is absorbed into a more successful society, because there are no longer enough men to provide food and shelter.
        TradCons are one tiny step ahead of feminists in their “respect” for males – they recognize an ever-so-slightly higher level of male utility. Of course neither recognizes male humanity, and both worship female humanity.
        “Patriarchy is bad!”
        “Patriarchy is good!”
        It’s like watching two children argue. Neither can comprehend the possibility that

        Patriarchy is irrelevant.

        They can’t seem to define human existence without it.

  17. I would have three questions regarding this.

    1. How long has this been going on at this university? Is she the first person to have used this “method” to screen and reject applications from males?

    2. In how many other colleges and universities has this been going on, and for how long?

    3. Can a connection be made to the declining numbers of male students and this practice be made?

    I also wondered if there was legislation governing admissions to colleges and universities in the US, I found this on the website of the US Department of Education, having clicked on Sex Discrimination Regulation (Title IX)





    Subpart C—Discrimination on the Basis of Sex in Admission and Recruitment Prohibited

    § 106.21 Admission.

    (a) General. No person shall, on the basis of sex, be denied admission, or be subjected to discrimination in admission, by any recipient to which this subpart applies, except as provided in §§106.16 and 106.17.
    (b) Specific prohibitions. (1) In determining whether a person satisfies any policy or criterion for admission, or in making any offer of admission, a recipient to which this subpart applies shall not:
    (i) Give preference to one person over another on the basis of sex, by ranking applicants separately on such basis, or otherwise;
    (ii) Apply numerical limitations upon the number or proportion of persons of either sex who may be admitted; or
    (iii) Otherwise treat one individual differently from another on the basis of sex.

    (2) A recipient shall not administer or operate any test or other criterion for admission which has a disproportionately adverse effect on persons on the basis of sex unless the use of such test or criterion is shown to predict validly success in the education program or activity in question and alternative tests or criteria which do not have such a disproportionately adverse effect are shown to be unavailable.

    It would appear that Georgetown does receive some Federal Funding according to this:

    Perhaps this might help any male person who applied to Georgetown and was inexplicably denied admission and who is now just learning of the unique “admissions policy” in operation?

    How to File a Discrimination Complaint With the Office for Civil Rights: US Department of Education.

    1. OneHundredPercentCotton

      This might help answer some of your questions:

      I only wish my son had been rejected by CU – What a horribly expensive disaster that turned out to be.

      Rejection is protection…

      My former employer and her husband are both retired Professors from there, and warned my son how that school was run, but he was so flattered to have been accepted he didn’t listen – and paid dearly for it.

      He now gets up at 3:00 a.m. to shovel snow at a private University to help pay his tuition, even though the Obama Administration now taxes the crap out of that program. No scholarships for smart white boys. They try to hire women instead of men, but so far women aren’t beating the doors down applying to shovel snow in the wee morning hours in exchange for tuition breaks. That’s “men’s” work.

      Thank God, snow HAS to be shoveled. No getting around it.

      1. Thanks for the link cotton, I read the article while shaking my head in disbelief.

        I don’t usually swear online, but what kind of fucked up system is this????

        What kind of “qualification” do these “admission officers” need?

        Or is being a complete and utter twat enough?

      2. That method of selection reflects the current notion of the purpose of education: the socialization of the child —as opposed to actual education.

        A grade school system like that produces people who at the University level make application calls like that: “Would I like to hang out with this guy or gal for the next four years?”.

  18. I just want to put this out there…this woman isn’t an idiot…she’s a bigot.
    But she’s not a bigot through choice….she’s a bigot because she was raised, taught and encouraged to be a bigot.

    She’s putting her bigotry on the internet because she’s probably never suffered consequences for it (and if she did, someone probably blamed another party) and she has been praised for showing her bigotry in the past.
    That is why she’s online, bragging about it.

    She’s been brought up in a society of female privilege and entitlement, and she’s simply acting out what she was taught.(For instance, if you asked her, she’s probably being victimised right now, by having to leave her job and hide in Madagascar)

    She grew up and was inoculated with the idea that men are bad, white men are worse, women are victimised and that they do not suffer consequences.

    While she needs to be pulled up, and hard, for her actions, it’s just a product of the system she was raised in.

    And it’s a system that is going to suffer from FTSU!

    1. I disagree. Bigotry is always a choice. She’s simply, and knowingly, taking advantage of the social acceptability of her brand of bigotry.

    2. The fact that she might have been raised a feminist bigot might explain her actions, but it by no means excuses them. Regardless of the negative influences in her life, she clearly realized while she was doing it that what she was doing was not only wrong, but criminal. Otherwise, she would have had no qualms about blaunting her activities under her own name. That she tried to do so anonymously (if not smartly) serves as evidence that she knew there would ultimately be consequences for her behavior.

      1. Whoa….my comment was never intended to excuse her….as I said, she needs to be pulled up and hard, on her actions.

        What I meant, and perhaps phrased badly, is that just punishing this one bigot won’t solve it…the bigger problem is the system that turns out bigots.

        In no way, shape, or form, was I suggesting she should be excused…she is an adult, made adult choices and should suffer adult consequences.

  19. Not surprised not in the least.
    When tweeting this folks remember


    Spread it and make it viral. Help ensure this gets the attention it deserves, nay demands.

  20. yinyangbalance

    Unfortuately this is common practice for all schools and higher education programs in general, and is not exclusive to Arianna Pattek at Georgetown University. If you look at all STEM outreach programs and government funded head start programs aimed at helping the poor children go to school and get ahead and fast track them into higher education, you will find over 70% female rate for some unexplicable and unaddressed reason. The funny thing is that males outnumber females in their adolescent and teenage years. Its not until you hit 50 that the male numbers start to drop out of the population, dropping like flies, dying of suicide and heart failure all of which are related to stress. So you can’t use the “there are more women in men in population and that is reflected in the statistics of these programs” bullshit because the bracket we are talking about shows an almost 50% division if not males being the majority. So if men are majority in population during school years, why is it that females dominate all programs that have to do with helping the poor?
    This is why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BECAUSE MEN ARE BEING DISCRIMINATED AGAINST UNDER THE CLOAK OF FAIRNESS.

    1. One very effective deterrent to this sort of thing would be to separate education from state. Alas, that makes too much sense.

      1. yinyangbalance

        Seperation to what level? Its still no deterrent at all, although I would agree that Feminism is a movement that comes FROM the government, I would argue that money is the way the government manifests these things into reality. The intent is there no matter if the school is listed as private or public.

        1. The key is for (ostensibly) private colleges and universities (hell, any level of private school, for that matter) to refuse/be refused ANY government subsidies whatsoever. Georgetown, although (ostensibly) a Jesuit school, not only accepts federal subsidies, but has all but let itself become a quasi-government institution, especially where it’s graduate PolySci/Foreign Studies programs are concerned. Once you accept the devil’s alms, you’re the devil’s property.

          Granted, there’s certainly every possibility that Georgetown and other Establishment schools like it would still be corrupt bastions of Establishment political indoctrination even in the absence of public funding. However, absent that funding, it would be a lot more expensive for those who endow the machinery of state to spread the poison, meaning that the poison would affect fewer people. Thus the damage of such institutions would be severely limited in scope and power.

  21. The Real Peterman

    “If a man had nothing but high test scores, strong extracurricular involvement, and good grades on his application then he was clearly relying on male privilege to get in”

    What an imbecile. Does she even know what “male privilege” means? Or does it mean anything at all if this is how feminists view it?

    1. “If a man had nothing but high test scores, strong extracurricular involvement, and good grades on his application then he was clearly relying on male privilege to get in”

      NOTHING but high test scores, strong extra-curricular involvement, and good grades? In other words, NOTHING but what’s necessary to succeed in college?

      Thank you, fucktardette, for serving as a lab specimen of the infection that is destroying higher education in this country!

    2. It would seem that the candidate worked hard to advance his academic future. Hard work seems to be the extent of male privilege in so many ways when viewed under feminist ideology.

  22. Let me be the first to nominate this feminist for entry on I think she’ll fit well under the category known as, “bigot”. Do I have a second to that motion?

  23. The feminist house of cards will soon be brightly ablaze.
    These idjits can’t stop carrying kindlewood to the fire.

  24. Just like the Catholic Church Georgetown University is trying to hide its dirty secrets. I am guessing that this is just the tip of the ice berg. Hopefully, in the near future we will know the full extent of this horrible discrimination.

    I’m sure that any feminist who reads this article is going to take action. I mean, they care about men and boys, right?

    1. I thought it was weird that they’re covering this up. Janet Napolitano paid off male employees who sued her for sexual discrimination and for being sexually harassed by several female bosses. It made the news and by now no one remembers her for it.

      My first instinct was thinking nothing will happen to Georgetown. This bitch exists in an environment where she can invoke the term “male privilege” in the context of college enrollment, even though males constitute only 40%. So maybe you’re right. Maybe this incident is tied so something bigger.

  25. It looks like the only reason she was even found out is because she felt a compulsive need to brag about this on a blog. I have to wonder how many more people like her are arbitrarily trashing applications and getting away with it because they are smart enough not to talk about it?

    The guy who was rejected for his Facebook post about Israel should be a lesson for everyone who insists on using Facebook: use the privacy features to lock your page to friends only and think carefully before you make posts that might compromise your chances of being admitted to a university or hired for a job. Better yet, assume that someone is going to be doing a background check on you through Google and do one on yourself to see what comes up and what you can do about it.

    1. And do not take for granted that websites like Facebook will not change their policies without sufficiently advanced, clearly explained notice. Information you give them is no longer yours.

  26. ComradePrescott

    Am I wrong to think that a cretin like this probably got her job because of a quota in the first place?

  27. Guys, white men having their applications thrown in the garbage based on gender and race is “part of the patriarchy” Feminists are working on this, don’t worry.

    1. Haha.. you forget to shrilly tell us all to STFU first.

      Men’s Rights: “The radical idea that all men are not rapists.”

    2. Yeah. After all, your white male privilege will easily get you into some other university, right? I’m sure Georgetown is the only university which practices such affirmative action when considering candidates. /s

  28. The blog post reads like a troll but if the blog was started as a troll, it has gone on since December 2011. I’m not sure what to think but there’s a pretty substantial discrepancy that I noted:

    She says that she received her invitation to volunteer in Madagascar on 30 March 2012:

    But on 30 May 2012, the Feminist Conservative posted that she would be looking for a “real job” by the end of the summer and had accepted a temporary/summer job at the admissions office:

    Why would someone leaving for a volunteer position in Madagascar in July take a temp job for one month in June and talk about finding a “real job” by the end of the summer? I suppose it could be to “throw off” anyone linking the two but who knows.

    There’s enough information to make jumping to any conclusions pretty iffy.

    1. Poe’s law. It’s impossible to tell the difference between a sincere feminist and a parody of a feminist because they sound the same.

    2. Simple….once she had finished her thesis in April she pretty much had time to kill….about 3 months to be exact…enough to be forced to look for employment. She may have gotten her acceptance for the Peace Corps on the 30th of March but she did not ship out till July 9th from Philadelphia. That means 3 months of work….in a college admissions office having been one of just a few people who actually wrote a thesis that year in political science.

  29. Do the brilliant minds at Georgetown University’s IT department not understand how Google Cache works? Once a page is cached it can take weeks for a deleted page to also disappear from the cache, which means that once a scandal breaks it’s TOO LATE to cover anything up by deleting pages. All they accomplished by deleting the pages was making themselves visibly complicit in all this.

  30. From Professor of U of North Carolina – Wilmington’s Mike Adams’ (heavily ironic) “Feminists Say the Darndest Things”: [Re faculty recruitment:]

    “…I submit that we modify our ads to require job candidates to submit photographs with their other application materials….Also, please recall that in two previous searches we have accidentally interviewed a white candidate mistakenly thinking he was black. Those two mistakes resulted in a loss of thousands of dollars spent interviewing candidates who weren’t really ‘qualified’ for the position.”

    Adams, a study in contradictions himself, is, certainly in this book, mostly excellent reading. According to this book, the above is only the tip of the iceberg of feminist corruption at UNC-W.

  31. herman melville

    Paul – This is very important. If I were you, I’d contact FIRE. Harvey Silverglate is an excellent lawyer who may be willing to hold G’town’s feet to the fire. Seriously, this is something that can be a disaster for the sisterhood.

      1. We do, and we like that. They do too, but they do not like that.

        Tragedy and comedy are having sex in the in the Georgetown University admin halls. The chatter of the shredders are drowned out by several foreheads being continually slapped by their owners. Trembling fingers can barely punch out emails while the switchboard is taxed to the point of glowing redder than the faces manning its pump.

        Everybody there knows what’s going on. The janitor quietly does the rounds and nods to the groundskeeper.

        “Yep. They’ll be at it for a while now. The secret’s out.”

        He walks away and shakes his head. With a smile he calls back.

        “That feminist crap sure does have a way about it eh?”

        Stupid bastards the lot of them. Let their bigotry burn to the dust of ashes.

    1. Agreed. I know someone who was set upon by the local feminists who got help and exposure by this organization. Unfortunately almost everyone who was in power over him were female and took sides against him (including his own union representative). Furthermore the atty gen. of the state (male) in which this happened also took sides against him. It wasn’t until FIRE got involved that things began to turn his way. He still got shafted (in that he still got punished) but it wasn’t anywhere as bad as it previously headed.

  32. This is equality and progress!

    You Male Rape Apologists(MRAs) are just sad because you’re losing your WHITE MALE CISGENDER PRIVILEGE.

    Stop whining and bow down to your masters!

  33. The blog writer is NOT Arianna and it is very obvious by the evidence you present.

    In her blog post “Thesis defense is TODAY!” she refers to advisor as a “she” meaning female.

    The advisor name ON THE TITLE PAGE OF THE THESIS is “Dr. Andrew Wackerfuss”

    He’s a guy….the blog writer’s advisor is not. False accusations can be very damaging and this is an important issue so please dig deeper lest you appear to be just as self righteous as this woman.

    1. Maybe you should be a little more careful in your own research. The acknowledgements page in her thesis mentions TWO people who could reasonably be called “advisors” and only one of them is a guy. The guy is the one with the official title of “thesis advisor” but not the only person she acknowledges for having given advice.

      If the blog writer is NOT Arianna then why did Georgetown University try to delete every trace of her from their website?

    2. Calling BS on your calling BS.

      The feministConservative blog post “Thesis defense is TODAY!” describes the themes of the thesis “men with matches/ by Arianna Pattek”: 21st century neo-confederacy and the usage of holocaust denial to oppose Zionism.

      That’s obviously her.

      There is a lot more evidence. Here is a sample of the additional evidence: The dates match. The colleges match. The sex of the writer matches. The blatant hatred of men matches as many of the people involved in the movements she’s writing about are female, yet she chose the title “men with matches. Both mention Islamism. Both mention Paleo Conservativism. I’m sure there’s more I’m missing.

      In this blog entry, she mentions two college mentors who celebrated with her for completing her doctorate:

      So she has two advisers.

  34. Peter Wright (Tawil)

    This treatment of males is happening in almost every organization in the world. It is globally systemic- all the way from the United Nations right down to the smallest local business. Women staffing them are acting as ‘threshold guardians’ who block men’s voices and men’s agency, and who do the opposite with women. The territorial coverage of the threshold guardians is complete – intercepting men’s correspondence to politicians, health and emergency services, social services, businesses, education facilities, employers etc… all in order to uphold thier wordview of feminism.

    This woman’s blocking behaviour represents a single molecule on the top of an enormous iceberg.

  35. A thesis that’s 88 pages, double-spaced? That’s lightweight compared to the sciences. Also the soft social sciences are all opinionated bullshit.

        1. Log into facebook.

          This is another blog of hers, BTW:

          The style here different. Read any part of it, then compare it to this blog entry of hysteria:

          Writing “sentense” when mocking grammatical errors in others. Calling herself “secular humynist” at the top of the blog … if it is her attempt at satire, again, Poe’s Law. You cannot satirize feminists. As crazy as you’ll try to sound, it still won’t be crazier than authentic genocidal radfems.

          1. Understand that one blog was written for her radfemmie friends and the Madagascar one is written for family and Friends.

          2. Why do so many of these female bigots go to Africa in order to spread their feminist cultural imperialist poison? No wonder African countries are having so much trouble developing themselves.
            Everybody goes there to try out their pet theories regardless of the cost in human carnage.

          3. Chris Deslone (aka @mensrightsrdt)

            ” Poe’s Law. You cannot satirize feminists. As crazy as you’ll try to sound, it still won’t be crazier than authentic genocidal radfems.”

            Finn’s lemma ?

    1. It’s because it’s not a thesis, it’s a bachelor’s degree paper they call “thesis” at Georgetown. But no, social sciences PhD theses are not that short.

  36. Now look, English is my third language – so naturally, my spelling level is not top class.
    Having said that, it shows how „great” the feminized politically correct educational system is if I, a person who has English as his 3rd language, can notice huge mistakes in her writings.

    Jesus fucking Christ! This fucktard cannot even spell correctly in her own native tongue and she gets to decide which young men get to go to college and which do not?
    Frankly, I am glad for the males that were rejected. That was a toxic environment to begin with and they would have had a tough life in North Korea, I mean Georgetown University.

  37. Robert St. Estephe

    Major civil rights violations: identical to historical antisemitism and Jim Crow civil rights violations.

    Extremism has been revealed — extremism of the most dangerous kind. Let’s cure this epidemic before it spreads.

    The current Dept. of Justice’s policy is to allow racists to violate the civil rights of citizens who are accused of possessing the mythical “white privilege” and “male privilege,” so we cannot depend on the DoJ to investigate these civil rights atrocities.

    Georgetown is now a questionable institution. Are there other extremists there committing civil rights violations under cover of secrecy?

  38. I really hope the parents hear about this.

    If I had a son that had been denied admission, I would be soooo lawyer-ed up right now. Before the close of the business day.

    I would tear their admissions office and their administration to ‘effing pieces.

  39. If this scandal is ever reported at all in the MSM, it will be portrayed as a small isolated incident and Mz. Pattek as a “disturbed” young lady. It’s the same ‘get out of jail, you’re nuts’ card that’s regularly issued to adult females who rape young boys. Indeed, to Feminists her only crime was getting caught and “damn it!” possibly embarrassing the wonderful ongoing Worldwide Marxist-Feminist Insurgency.

    All the anti “white”…”male”…”privilege” ideological coding clearly comes from Mz. Pattek’s years of Womyn’s Studies brainwashing. To ignore the overarching Fascist-Feminist hate ideology and its chief ideologues is like reporting only on the specific incident in pre WWII Germany of a young SA brown-shirt trashing a Jewish business while ignoring Hitler and his whole evil murderous Nazi regime and doctrine of hate that empowered the thug.

    And who knows how many more Womyn’s Studies insurgents are out there doing untold damage to men in every university in this way and others as yet unknown? But then no one in authority much cares as long as the criminal Feminists are smart enough not to get caught. Just as this incident will be swept under the rug, we can be sure that absolutely no effort will be made at Georgetown or on any other campus, all of which are Feminist controlled, to determine how far misandrous womyn activists are progressing in their underhanded crusade to disadvantage and ruin men any way they can, such as trashing applications from the unwanted male demographic and such as, even more destructively, drumming up false harassment, abuse, and rape charges…

    Also, MHRAs can only imagine the anti-Western anti-white-male Feminist misandry this ideologue and thousands like her are covertly spreading around the Globe on the Peace Corps U.S. taxpayers’ dime. But don’t look for either party in Femdom’d Congress to investigate.

    1. “If this scandal is ever reported at all in the MSM, it will be portrayed as a small isolated incident and Mz. Pattek as a “disturbed” young lady.”

      I’m just wondering how long they can keep dishing that one out before the general public takes notice, when it is becoming increasingly clear to everyone, that every single one of them belongs in the category “disturbed”?
      I mean, considering the amount of crazies that has been exposed during the last year or two on these pages alone, it has to become too obvious for everyone to keep disregarding sometime soon.

      I’m beginning to think that buying stocks in asylums might not be such a bad idea. I believe the market is about to explode.

      If anyone is planning on writing a book about current events, I think I have the perfect title:

      “From Girl Power To The Asylum In 20 Years.”

      1. I dunno … Do you think buying stocks in Asylum ‘America’ with its exploding debt load is a good investment?

        1. Depends on whether or not they choose to exploit their working ability, like they do with men in prison.

          Asylum America is just a fraction of the global market. Think Asylum ‘EU’, Asylum ‘India’ or Asylum ‘Sweden’, and the prospects looks a little better.

      2. Chris Deslone (aka @mensrightsrdt)

        ““If this scandal is ever reported at all in the MSM, it will be portrayed as a small isolated incident and Mz. Pattek as a “disturbed” young lady.””

        Please pardon my display of credentials (only for relevance sake) For the first few years at Reddit, a major part of the platform was “Women Behaving Badly” type posts – each one a chink into the apparently impenetrable wall of the “women are innocent” defense. I asked many times how many isolated, individual stories make a statistic. The correct answer, I’ve come to believe, is as many examples as it takes to get noticed.

    1. Mensa takes the top 2% of IQs, since that’s how many are two standard deviations above the mean. Theoretically, over 140 million earthlings would qualify. It’s really not much to shout about.

  40. We are rapidly approaching a time in which white men have the opposite of privilege. While others are able to distinguish themselves by their unchosen attributes, by their non-achievements, by the fact of being “born that way”, or being the “first very specific group member to do something”, white men have no culturally valued adjuncts and are held to higher standards of achievement.

    White men have to distinguish themselves materially in order to compensate for the innate advantage that being a minority grants minorities.

    Acts like the ones described in this article are taken to eliminate perceived advantages already in place. But making light of such “advantages”, either real, perceived, or manufactured only serve to reveal a racist mentality which cannot tell the moral difference between culture as it arises from the choices of individuals, and culture that is socially engineered by ideology and coercion.

  41. We really need to get used to the new feminist ways of doing things. The world is more Phythonesque these days. We need to recognize that feminists are:
    ‘cruel; but fair’.

  42. This doesn’t surprise me at all, and I’m sure we have just caught out one of many. In fact, her attitudes are beoming normal in many corridors of power and influence.

    Let me spell it out for everyone that doesn’t understand what PC culture dictates.

    Being non-racist = Hating on whitey.

    Being non-sexist = Hating on men

    Being religiously tolerant = Hating on all religions deemed to be white male dominated or inspiried.

    Being multi culti = Eliminating white males

    Being gay friendly = Hating straights

    Equality = Depriving men of everything good, and giving them triple helpings of everything bad.

    Justice = Anything that hurts men, and advantages women. This goes double for white men.

    We are now, as a society, in a race to see who can outdo the others as the biggest haters of men, and particulary white men. In order to stand out as in this crowd, you must up and ante to new levels of bigoted hatred….opps, I meant enlightenment and diversity, by outhating the other haters. As that beomes the norm, again, you must increase your level of manginarism, and anti-white bigitry. Where does this lead…….utopia of course….where else.

  43. If Georgetown really is participating in active discrimination, I find that really disheartening. Georgetown is a Jesuit university, and I’ve always admired the Jesuit approach to education.

  44. From the blog feministconservative
    First an article titled:

    Men are responsible for the world’s wars

    and then two postings later *she* (yes she’s female, and thus inherently good and pure and not a warmonger) writes:


    Hypocrisy much? If this doesn’t starkly illustrate the concept of plausible deniability inherent in women’s power I don’t know what will.

  45. You Have The Wrong Girl


    I (a white male) registered for this site today because I know who Arianna is and this is 100% not her. I graduated Georgetown undergrad with her this past year and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that you have the wrong person. I’m not defending whoever wrote that feministconservative blog, you can go ahead and take her down, but don’t slander a person and a school that had nothing to do with this.

    Paul, there are a few discrepancies I noticed with your analysis that I’d like to point out:

    1) The feministconservative blogger makes note on May 26, 2012 that she just passed her PhD thesis defense after three years of working on it. (

    Ari is a 2012 graduate of the Georgetown undergrad program. It is literally not possible that she could have finished a PhD doctorate the same year she graduated with an undergraduate degree.

    2) In the same post from May 26, the feministconservative blogger notes after she passed her thesis defense that she saw her “advisor emerge from the conference room, with HER beautiful, intelligent face beaming with pride.” The advisor is clearly a woman.

    In Ari’s thesis, which you provided from Georgetown’s website, Ari mentions a MALE advisor in the Acknowledgments. The first sentence reads, “I would like to thank my thesis advisor, Dr. Andrew Wackerfuss, for the incredible amount of support and guidance throughout this entire process.”

    3) In the blogger’s post dated May 25, 2012, she mentions that her doctorate thesis is about 120 pages. (

    Ari’s senior thesis, which you provided, is far short of that at 95 pages.

    4) If you read the content and style of Ari’s thesis versus the ramblings of the feministconservative blogger, you can tell that they are different in many ways. Granted, the thesis topics are similar, but that does not mean there is an actual link between feministconservative’s thesis and Ari’s thesis. Ari’s seems to just be the most comparable thesis you can find online when plugging in those words.

    These are just a few dissimilarities I noticed in comparing feministconservative’s blog and Arianna’s work. I don’t know Ari that well personally, but the facts speak for themselves and it’s actually impossible that she was behind this blog. If your link to Georgetown was solely through naming Ari as the writer of the blog, then I think you made an erroneous assumption there too.

    1. Hi White dude,

      Arianna references two advisers, one of which is female.

      Why did GU remove her name and thesis from their website after attention was called to this story online?

      A thesis is almost certainly bound to be written in a different style than blogging. I should know, I have done both.

      Thank you, white dude, in advance, for your answers.


      1. You Have The Wrong Girl

        Arianna references one actual thesis advisor, who is Dr. Andrew Wackerfuss. Dr. Andrea Wisler is the director of her undergraduate program, which is not the same as her thesis advisor.

        If you want further proof of differences in blogging style, you can compare feministconservative’s blog to Ari’s actual blog from Madagascar. They’re very different in style and grammar.

        You still didn’t address my other points about her not being a doctorate PhD student and her thesis being 95 pages instead of 120 pages. To give further proof of my first point, the last paragraph of Ari’s Acknowledgments clearly indicates that she was in her senior year at Georgetown when she wrote her thesis.

        1. In other words, Arianna, you left a couple of lies on your blogs to try cover your tracks. However, Arianna the non-Dr., you still were too vain for your own good.

          The similarities between the blog and thesis are so numerous and the details so unbelievably unique. YOU haven’t answered for that. My only suspicion was whether your blog was a trolling attempt, but you’ve now quelled that now haven’t you?

          BTW, Arianna, a white male would never introduce himself as a white male. There is no secret Patriarchy cabal or stealth male hegemony, sweetheart.

        2. Minor variations are all you have presented. I assume since she was obviously attempting to remain anonymous, that the idea of some red herrings are not out of the question.

          Something else is missing here that would have been the first thing I would have read in a credible rebuttal.

          It would have gone something like this:

          “Arianna never worked screening admissions.”

          Seems kind of an obvious rebuttal does it not?

          And speaking of not addressing points, you have not addressed any of mine. Why did GU remove her information, and only her information, almost immediately after this story broke on reddit?

          1. You Have The Wrong Girl

            First of all, the fact that she’s not a PhD student is a major variation. Her thesis is also not even close to the same length as feministblogger says hers is.

            I can’t speak authoritatively about her not screening admissions, although it stands to reason that she was never in a position to do so since she is not a graduate student.

            I also can’t speak for GU removing her information. I imagine they’re going through damage control until they can figure out how to handle this situation. It’s almost 2am.

          2. That you’ve never heard a lawyer call themselves a lawyer vs. an attorney is pretty lazy logic, even regional differences in speech account for basic terminology differences like that outside of formal legal correspondence, but hey, we can hand wave that.

            The problem here has nothing to do with personal vendettas, the problem here has to do with the fact that the post Paul made asserts as fact that Arianna is feministconservative, and we can all here agree that being that blogger is a negative thing, one that could aversely impact one’s employment, one’s social relationships, and one’s financial dealings.

            If Pattek did file a defamation claim, the burden would be on Paul then to prove that his statements either were not actually false, OR that Pattek qualifies as a public figure and his statements were made without actual malice.

            It’s important to note, which is why I keep hammering on this point, that the actual malice standard does not refer to whether or not a vendetta is held, or whether there is a specific intent to cause harm. The actual malice standard is only that either he KNEW the statements to be false when he published them, OR he acted with reckless disregard for whether or not they were true.

            But Arianna Pattek is not a public figure, so the actual malice standard does not apply. A quest for truth does not present a thing which is possible as a statement of fact.

          3. OneHundredPercentCotton

            I’ve had many dealings with attorneys in various parts of the country and have made the mistake of thinking “lawyer” and attorney” were interchangeable.

            In my many, many internet dealings with various people from all over the country, I have come to “out” people making false claims by referring to themselves “lawyers” with regularity.

            But again, that’s neither here nor there.

            It’s always been my understanding that the burden of proof is on the person bringing the accusation. I will research that, you can be sure. There is a person or two out in this world I OWE a lawsuit to, if indeed THEY have to be called in to prove their story.

        3. There’s no reason to believe that everything written by an anonymous blogger is the truth. Under perceived anonymity there is a temptation to embellish certain details to make oneself sound more impressive. One may also deliberately change their writing style or adjust some details of their life to minimize the chance of the blog being linked to their real person. I should know because I do this myself; for example I’ll say that something which actually happened to me in 2005 happened in 2003 just to throw off anyone who might be trying to dox me.

          Yes, I realize that the above also applies to the bragging about arbitrarily rejecting white men. I would be seriously considering the idea that she just made up that whole post to impress her feminist friends if it weren’t for the fact that GU hastily deleted references to her from their site. GU’s actions make me very confident that they did, in fact, hire Arianna and give her that kind of authority.

          If there’s no fire, then why all the smoke?

        4. Oh, and white dude, your school was not slandered (though you are actually thinking of libel). I stated in the article that her information had been removed from the GU list of theses at the same time this story started getting attention on the internet.

          And I gave documented proof that happened.

          Libel cannot exist if the information is true. And it cannot exist without malice. There is none here, just some very warranted concern over the posts cited in the article.

          Doesn’t that concern you?

          1. Wow, you actually deleted my comment instead of replying to it. That is… bravo. Just, bravo.

          2. Actually, no I did not. Your comment was caught in the spam filter. I just released it. Excuse me. You were asking about jumping to conclusions?

          3. I’m sorry, but I still don’t see the comment I posted earlier outlining the actionable defamation claim that Arianna Pattek would have against you if these claims turn out to be false.

            Because she is not a public figure, her defamation claims are not subject to the “actual malice” standard set in New York Times Co. v. Sullivan.

            Additionally, even if she were a public figure, due to the significant discrepancies between who she is and who the blog describes, a jury (or a judge issuing summary judgement) would be very likely to find that you made these statements about her with “reckless disregard for whether or not they were true”, that is, the legal fiction of a reasonable person would have been expected to believe they were false.

            Admittedly, it seems unlikely that she would pursue a defamation claim against you–it is hard to serve suit from far abroad, especially if you have as little monetary resource as Peace Corp volunteers do–but if she did file a claim it seems likely based on the evidence you’ve provided to support your claim that you would lose in court.

          4. OneHundredPercentCotton

            @lamandant -” Admittedly, it seems unlikely that she would pursue a defamation claim against you–it is hard to serve suit from far abroad, especially if you have as little monetary resource as Peace Corp volunteers do”

            I’m thinking even the most poverty ridden persons from Boca Raton that are smart enough to get into Georgetown University have heard the term “Contingency fee” and “statute of limitation”.

          5. @OHCP There are extraordinarily few lawyers who are willing to work a defamation suit on contingency, even one that is ostensibly open-and-shut. Just a shot in the dark, you’re not a lawyer, are you?

            Possibly more importantly, it is logistically difficult to coordinate with legal counsel from abroad. I wouldn’t expect her to be filing any suits anytime soon, which is unfortunate because more people seem to need a lesson in what constitutes actionable defamation in the United States.

          6. OneHundredPercentCotton

            I’m not a “lawyer” and presume you aren’t either, since I’ve never heard one refer to itself as anything but “attorney”, but that’s neither here nor there.

            She has seven years to air her grief, so that point is invalid as well.

            This isn’t a personal vendetta against this young lady – it’s a search for truth and justice for possible victims of discrimination.

    2. Peter Wright (Tawil)

      Lol, white dude you went over and above the call of duty with your forensic analysis of possible errors. To what does Arianna owe your hyperactivity on her behalf?

      Of course the disrepancies might be due to the dishonesty Ari has aleardy shown in her intake bias…. perhaps she was equally a bit loose with the details of her education in the online forum?

      Great show, BTW… Oh, and thank God you are white and male, we white supremacists would not tolerate a non-white or a female speaking here, as you seem to have intuitively figured out. [NB. satire]

      1. You Have The Wrong Girl

        Frankly, because she’s a genuinely nice girl who doesn’t deserve this, and I don’t want to see my school slandered for something it had nothing to do with.

        1. This is real life, not a movie. Bad people do not go around dressed in black and use creepy background music so that you can tell that they are the bad-guy. Many bad people hide behind a persona of being a good person, and are attracted to fields that allow them to portray themselves as such (especially where they can get publicity).

          People who defend someone based on their perception of them (rather than the evidence) usually end up feeling betrayed when the truth comes out – try asking friends of Jimmy Saville.

    3. OneHundredPercentCotton

      “I don’t know Ari that well personally”

      You just know her well enough to go to the trouble of signing up today to vouch 100% this isn’t her?

    4. If Ari is not the guilty party, so to speak, then let Georgetown U take responsibility, release a full public apology for their sexist/bigoted admission policy, and out the person who was responsible.

      Hello, GU?? Anyone there??

      (BTW Ari’s Madagascar blog is locked private now. Gee I wonder why that happened..)

    5. Never Blue Again


      I (a white male) …

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah a…….. :mrgreen:
      What do you think we are …… ??
      You stupid moron.

      1. Is he claiming white privilege in order to white knight?

        I don’t care whether he’s white, or not. I don’t care if he’s a man, or not. (although those two do seem to correlate well with being a white knight (a sucker)). I only care if he’s telling the truth, I’m far from convinced so far. I strongly doubt that I’m alone in all those attitudes here.

        It looks like a damage control exercise to me. If she is identified as the blogger in question, then we get to ask about her employment records…we get closer to establishing whether she’s blogging what she really did. Bad for her, bad for the incompetent and potentially financially liable uni. Denying the identity is the first step in protecting those who let a hate filled gender idealogue play with the lives of men.

        For too long these people have been allowed to play their hate games without consequence for them, that needs to change.

        That is changing.

  46. Well done to all those behind the scenes at AVfM for exposing and highlighting this cover-up and also those recent judicial debacles around the states. This is activism at its best. The MHRM is now way past just talking to each other on the www, it’s activism starting to show results. People are noticing.
    (In my corner of the world I ve been working on equitable immunization for school boys to get the HPV vaccine pubicly funded as it has been for the past 5 years for girls. I m using the feminist tactic of government shaming to get attention. It appears it s going to work)

    1. It is absolutely disgusting and shocking that the vaccine was funded for girls and not boys. What is your corner of the world? How did we ever let them get away with this type of shit? Links please?

  47. You Have The Wrong Girl

    You’re right, OneHundredPercentCotton, I’m not close friends with her but I do know her well enough to know that this wasn’t her. I also signed up because I don’t want to see my school slandered.

    1. Nobody can be slandered in writing. They can be defamed or libeled, but not slandered. I would expect a recent university graduate to know this.

      1. “Nobody can be slandered in writing. They can be defamed or libeled, but not slandered. I would expect a recent university graduate to know this.”

        Frankly, I wouldn’t. The standards are not what they used to be.

      2. Unless he was a law school graduate, I wouldn’t expect him to know that. Parsing torts is not really the bailiwick of liberal arts undergrads.

        1. I’m an engineering grad which is even further removed from law than liberal arts. I was still taught some basic legal terminology, mainly for the purpose of avoiding having lawsuits filed against me or an employer. I was also taught not to use words on whose meanings I’m unclear before looking them up in the dictionary.

          1. I was a poli sci undergrad – never learned the difference between slander and libel (both of which are defamatory) until law school. I did, however, learn to look up words that I’m unsure of before I use them so I agree with you there.

    2. Hey, caucasian broseph, what’s your story about how you found out that a ‘girl’ you’re not friends with is being ‘slandered’ somewhere on the internet?

    3. Cheers, Indo-European homo sapien gentleman. I don’t think you should worry. If you’re right, what could possibly happen to the girl you barely know or to the school you no longer attend?


    1. You can never have a stealth feminazi . The stink that emanates from them due to the ‘putrefaction’ of the hate they have for men is so strong that it’s virtually impossible to mask.

  48. A question to all of you –

    We know that deep misandry exists in the system. Do you thik that there will ever come a time when it is officially accepted that severe wrongs were done due to misandry, and compensation given?

    1. Never Blue Again

      Ouuff….. AVfM and it’s readers ask too many logical questions. It’s not fair to fairer sex.

      Look what people did to that (white dude) above. It’s too unfair (I’m crying.. 🙁 ) Why people here can’t wait even 2 mins before asking question. (crying some more …. 🙁 )

    2. “Do you thik that there will ever come a time when it is officially accepted that severe wrongs were done due to misandry, and compensation given?”

      No, I don’t see that happening. Even if the worst examples were facing judicial consequences, we’ll very likely see something along the lines of the Nuremberg trials, were everyone tries to pin it on everyone else but themselves.

      Especially with the followers of this ideology, who continously tries to avoid the concepts of personal responsibility and accountability.

      A large part of the problem here, just as it happened in Germany back then, are the natural outcome of herd-thinking, where everyone mindlessly follows in the footsteps of the group, afraid to question any specific behavior or ideas, because they might be targeted next.

      Which they of course will anyway, because the system doesn’t work without someone being ‘The Enemy’. The Agent Orange files also clearly showed, that the RadFems had no problem with the extermination of a large part of the female demographic, too.

      It’s basically the behavioral dynamics of a bunch of 4th grade schoolgirls, carried into adult life.

      We’ll be hearing a lot of equivalents to: ‘I just acted under orders’ and a lot of crying are my best guesses, if indeed someone eventually were to be held accountable.

      And if the juries consists of a group of men, not directly affected by all this, they’ll walk out of the courtroom with a smirk on their lips.

      1. No, I don’t see that happening. Even if the worst examples were facing judicial consequences, we’ll very likely see something along the lines of the Nuremberg trials, were everyone tries to pin it on everyone else but themselves.

        I would have to imagine too that the logistics of such legal proceedings would be too overwhelming to be practical. There would be so many potential defendants and so much evidence to present, in so many venues, with so many victims to be compensated, that it would take at least 500 years even for the most generic class action lawsuit to be settled.

        In short, it would just be “too goddamned much trouble.”

    3. Collectively? No. Protecting the vulnerable, and the perception that females are vulnerable, are too deeply embedded in our DNA to ever be completely overcome, even by logic.

      I think that the most we can hope for is to show that many, even most, of the INDIVIDUALS (female and male) whose policies have created our current situation, are corrupt. We as a society have the capacity to condemn individuals and to reverse some of the damage they cause, but psychologically we can’t afford to admit that males (as a class) are vulnerable enough to have become victims of oppression.

  49. just read ‘you have the wrong girl’ posts… is it possible its a set up?
    I guess not because there are mulitple posts on her blog over an extended period.. it would be a bit of an elaborate counter-propaganda exercise to post 4-5 relatively benign articles over the course of several months just so you can post one bigotted one to get attention and paint Feminismn in a bad light.

    So if its not a planted article, then we can accept that the content was posted sincerely: then the only question is whether the author is the identified woman in question, or someone with the same name or similar profile or someone posting under some kind of nom-de-blog.

    Does “Youve got the wrong girl” has any ideas about who else could be setting up his friend in this way?

    Something doesnt smell right: the stench is either the bigotted author, or someone up to no good in other ways.

    1. OneHundredPercentCotton

      Both the writer of the “thesis” and the blog share a strong pro Israel stand that borders on the fanatic.

      GU HAS disappeared all traces of this particular student, which is GU’s deal, not hers, but…then HER Madagascar blogs actually disappeared itself late last night.

      Not concrete evidence, but shaping up to being suspicious enough.

      It will be interesting to see if Anonymous would be as interested in this case as it was in the Stuebenville or Adria Richardson case.

      If true – this is gonna be huge.

  50. They have taken down the ACTUAL Thesis paper from their University as well…I mean the actual paper that was turned in.

  51. …and is counting on male privilege to get in. So that kind of application should get ignored. In their place I admitted a female student. This goes double especially for math/science majors.”
    —More proof that their feelings will overcome them. Reality will matter not, but will their emotions. They will indeed confuse the two, let it override rationality and true fairness and compel them to cheat, lie, steal, humiliate, oppress, censor and all the other bullshit we see come from them on a daily basis from all corners of the planet.

    (Years ago, I once read an article I can no longer find despite having searched and searched. It dealt with a study on who is most likely to lie and use dishonesty for public concerns. Politicians were up there, but female grad students topped the list. Doesn’t surprise me, given how their emotions make them do things just like this article highlights, and how feminist’s opinion/anger “studies” dominate the campuses. Does anyone reading this know of this article and can point me to it again? Of course, being so long down the list of comments here, I probably won’t even get read. Sometimes, that makes me wish the latest comments post at the top).

    What can we do about this inner issue with bad women?

    Well, we can start by calling an ace of spades just what it is. Then teach the boys about these kinds of women, reward boys and men for staying completely away from these types, and love them no matter if they begin to shun women and live without them.

    No stone should be left unturned!

    The first big step toward curbing irrationality from women: Don’t trust them until you can trust them…and then, still make sure. Once, sure, enjoy them with all your might.

    Teach this to the boys…NOW!

  52. “AVFM has obtained copies, a before and after record of Georgetown’s list of master’s theses from 2012.”
    —when I read lines like the above, I KNOW I am in the right place and in good hands. Thanks for the superb activism. BINGO BABY!

  53. OneHundredPercentCotton

    So, here we have it – it’s all been a “conspiracy” by MRAs.

    “Of fucking course it was a framing attempt by an MRA. No feminist activists, out of all the ones I know,would do something like this, unless it was that college that showed off about accepting mostly white males to “combat racism”.”

      1. I actually found it hilariously funny.

        My face looks like shit from persistent facedesking now, but it was a gooood facedesking.

    1. Near Earth Object

      ““Of fucking course it was a framing attempt by an MRA. No feminist activists, out of all the ones I know,would do something like this, unless it was that college that showed off about accepting mostly white males to “combat racism”.””

      [Sarcasm On]
      [Sarcasm Off]

      She has so much as acknowledged that feminist activists are capable of this very behaviour, under circumstances where they FEEL that it is justifiable.

      Another example of ‘Just Us’, courtesy of Camp Feminism.

    2. Of fucking course it was a framing attempt by an MRA. No feminist activists, out of all the ones I know,would do something like this, unless it was that college that showed off about accepting mostly white males to “combat racism”.”

      Too bizarre of a statement to merit even a “what the fuck?!”

      1. LMFAO! You are fortunate to have been educated before the dumbing down of education began in earnest.
        Check your privilege before accusing poor Perseus, he might feel oppressed by your nitpicking !

  54. Disorderly Conduct

    I’m disconcerted by the certainty of other commenters that everything is true considering the amount and plausibility of evidence that currently exists. There’s nothing wrong with prodding the university for answers about Arianna and the website edits, but at the very least wait until more evidence comes in before you run off with your verdict.

    It should be noted the credibility of the entire controversy is based on anecdotes taken from an extremely dubious and over-the-top blog. Anecdotes are NOT valid evidence of anything unless they are substantiated by additional solid evidence, and this anecdote has none. Evidence connecting the blog to Arianna suggests she might be writing the blog, not that what is being written is true. Additionally, there are serious discrepancies between the information provided about Adrianna on the cached Georgetown pages and the beliefs stated in the blog. Some commenters suggest this is to cover her identity, but there is no reason to believe this information was distorted or fabricated but the admissions blog post itself is not.
    Mensrights reddit is not on board with this. One commenter who says they know about the Georgetown admissions process asserts that there is major gaps between their knowledge of it and how the blogger portrayed the process. This includes discrepancies between dates and the fact that admissions isn’t even run by a single person. Another commenter says there’s a committee involved in judging admissions. Putting this much effort into portraying your post as containing faulty information just so you can brag about seriously incriminating and illegal evidence is extremely implausible to me.

    To recap:
    – There’s no evidence the post about trashing admissions is factual, and other evidence indicates it wasn’t
    – There is insubstantial evidence the blogger was Arianna
    – It is advisable to wait until there is substantial evidence before you declare it as true

    – I haven’t seen evidence Arianna was ever in charge of admissions (feel free to correct)
    – The consequences of the conspiracy would have to be public or fabricated: the university publishes statistics about their admissions, and any number of people would have to cover it up or there’d be a suspicious spike in certain demographics
    – The total number of people in the U involved in the conspiracy if all of it were true would be implausibly high
    – Presumption of innocence has apparently gone to hell, and of all people to do it

    1. I agree with much of what you post here, which is exactly why an affirmative response to the NCFM letter from GU is in order, vs the removal of information about Pattek from their website.

      It is in the light of day where the lingering questions about this can be answered.

      Erasing the record of persons from the University database only leaves people to speculate in precisely the way you are concerned with.

      1. Manner of Speaking

        I e-mailed FIRE and Barbara Kay about this issue; FIRE responded that they appreciated the info but can’t look into it further because of their policy to focus on “first amendment issues”.

        I wish I could be a fly on the wall to hear what communication is taking place between the university president’s office and the admissions office. It’s also possible they are investigating to see if the blog was really written by the alleged author. If it was, there may be grounds for the university taking legal action against her, for bringing the university’s reputation for fairness in admissions into disrepute.

    2. fully agree: the article is so OTT, so blatently odious that our BS antenna should be twitching just a little bit.
      Give the person a chance to confirm or deny.. a bit of natural justice..

      but I will assert this: whoever wrote it has raised an extremely seriou – s issue. It requires a serious response from the university. This shocking scenario has been asserted in the public domain:even if it ultimately turns out to be some kind of bizzare fabrication, they have a duty of care to all applicants to investigate this matter. Prima Facie there is a case to answer, there appears mens rea, there is a suspect.

      Let there be a presumption of innocence (and many posts above are guilty of abandoning this), but all other aspects of this case meet the requirement for there being a case to answer. MEN HAVE BEEN CRUCIFIED FOR FAR LESS!

      1. OneHundredPercentCotton

        Trust me – there IS a presumption of innocence – if or when this is fully confirmed, the reaction will be much stronger than a few snarky comments here.

        One thing I can tell you, anyone’s “BS’o’meter should be twanging loud and clear at the proposition this is some sort of huge, long term MRA conspiracy/hoax smearing an innocent and obscure college grad, out of the blue, for no good reason other than she’s… just a girl.

        ….as opposed to outting an over zealous young lady drunk on her feminist power playing Social Darwinist.

    3. At this point we have very strong circumstantial evidence of some foul play involving Arianna and Georgetown University. I agree that we shouldn’t be too quick to jump to conclusions, but I see no reason why GU would make the hasty deletes from their website if there was nothing going on.

      BTW, it looks like mantits is reading these comments intently. He apparently thinks that anonymous bloggers never change details to throw people off the trail, and that the fact that GU hastily deleted all references to Arianna from her site isn’t worth mentioning.

        1. And I didn’t read Boobzie’s site closely enough to notice that until you mentioned it. He also didn’t notice that in the timeline of events, Arianna had already graduated at the time that the post about arbitrarily rejecting white males was made. Someone who has graduated isn’t an undergraduate.

  55. Chris Deslone (aka @mensrightsrdt)

    I got a response from Georgetown:

    @mensrightsrdt These comments do not represent our careful and comprehensive admissions procedures.

    @mensrightsrdt cont’d-Ms. Pattek graduated from GU w/ a bachelor’s degree in 2012.She has never been employed by any GU admissions office

    also, the authenticity of that blog entry is till in question. So far, there’s noting really linking the accused to the production of that text.

    Paul, you’re free to incorporate this as an addendum.

  56. Georgetown University is now claiming on their twitter page that Arianna was never employed by their admissions office. They were then asked to explain why they purged all traces of her from their website, and so far have not responded.

    1. Maybe it’s because people have been trying to harass her without doing even very basic journalistic fact checking? It is theoretically possible that Georgetown University might have, upon seeing one of its alumni being attacked by an Internet lynch mob, decided to try and protect that student in its own inept, bumbling sort of way.

      There is no US university in the modern era that lets any single person be the gatekeeper of people’s applications. It is a ridiculous proposal. Hello, nepotism!

      I’m sort of curious why we should go to all of the trouble of believing that this blogger was lying about having a PhD and aggrandizing their accomplishments, but that it is not reasonable to consider that they a.) do not or did not ever actually go to Georgetown or b.) never actually served on any admissions committee ever.

      1. Speaking of not doing very basic journalistic fact checking, are you asserting that some people have actually attempted to harass Arianna? If so, where is your evidence?

      2. Near Earth Object

        “There is no US university in the modern era that lets any single person be the gatekeeper of people’s applications. It is a ridiculous proposal.”

        Nowhere near as ridiculous as the loaf you just pinched.

    2. They were then asked to explain why they purged all traces of her from their website, and so far have not responded.

      Crafting even semi-plausible alibis takes time.

  57. A note for new readers and a reminder for everyone else.

    It is extremely rare that comments are deleted from this site. However newly registered commenters can expect their comments to be mediated at first. Trolls are rarely banned as well, and ONLY after they have made public fools of themselves. This does not occur secretly.

    1. This does not occur secretly

      Mocking one publicly is a favorite pastime of mine especially white knighting mangina douche bags.

  58. Inquiry is in order, witch-hunting is not. I’m surprised that so many MHRAs seem to have jumped on the same bandwagon that the MSM and public do every time someone is alleged to have sexually assaulted a woman – look at the Retaeh Parsons case and how it has been treated by the MSM, politicans, public, and internet commentariat.

    If we want to distinguish ourselves from feminists, one of the best ways to do that is to base our opinions on objectively verifiable data and to withhold judgement (and pitchfork-waving) until the facts are in.

    Some people seem to forget that the MHRM has advocated sticking to legal standards and principles when assessing allegations. If the AP issue was presented as a fact pattern on an evidence exam, many comments here would fail miserably. There’s so much confirmation bias flying around this issue, it’s practically tangible.

    The strongest evidence linking the blog to AP is the topic of her thesis. The thesis is somewhat idiosyncratic and this strengthens the probative value of the evidence but by no means makes it determinative. The actions of Georgetown are post-facto conduct, which can result from many different motivations – IE just because someone runs, it doesn’t mean they’re guilty. Is it suspicious? Yes. Does it warrant explanation? Yes. Does it warrant throwing up a gallows and practising our noose-tying? No. It’s not even post-facto conduct by AP – it’s by an affiliated third party.

    There’s no evidentiary basis, at this point, to speak in conclusive terms about AP doing anything other than attending GU and writing a thesis. There is *some* evidence *suggesting* a link between AP and the blog. To speak of any of these things as “facts”, either implicitly or explicitly, is to stretch the definition of the word like a feminist defining “rape”.

    Investigate, describe the evidence, offer reasonable inferences arising from the evidence (whether for or against AP writing the blog), and engage in some critical thinking.

    1. If someone runs when asked about something by the police, it creates what they call “probable cause”. If the officers weren’t legally justified in arresting that person at the time they asked the question, they became legally justified the second that the person ran. GU and Arianna have absolutely created probable cause against themselves by hastily attempting to conceal information.

      I do agree that it’s premature to speak in conclusive terms about this matter, but GU and Arianna aren’t doing themselves any favors with their behavior.

      1. I don’t know how it is in the US, but running from the police constitutes “reasonable suspicion” in Canada – IE it justifies investigative detention, not arrest (which requires reasonable and probable grounds – a higher standard than reasonable suspicion). If the investigative detention doesn’t yield reasonable and probable grounds, the person has to be released.

        1. I’m Canadian, and I wasn’t aware that there was a legal difference between arrest and investigative detention. Regardless of the term used, in most if not all of the world running from the police gets you cuffed and put in the squad car or partyvan which is what laypeople call “arrest”.

          Anyway I agree with your basic point that inquiry is what is in order here.

          1. I agree that the distinction is a fine one and most people are unaware of it. It’s an important distinction, though – the power of the police to search you is significantly less in an ID situation than in an arrest.

        2. OneHundredPercentCotton

          People have been shot in the back running from the Police in the US.

          Most women probably wouldn’t aware of this as very few women find themselves in that situation, but the University surely must be.

  59. This reminds me of the scandal 6 years ago at Carleton University when the student union decided to cancel it’s annual “shinerama” fund raiser for cystic fibrosis on the grounds that it “mainly affects white males.” They based their decision on an unsubstantiated rumor, and could not see anything wrong with it until the word got out. Although massive exposure and public pressure caused them to reverse their decision, the student union leaders seemed totally oblivious as to what the public outrage was all about. They never expressed a hint of remorse or of an understanding of what they had done wrong.

    1. Good old Cartoon U. I remember this fiasco well.
      They also just banned a free speech wall a few months ago as well as not officially recognizing an anti-abortion group. Thank goodness my son has decided to attend a community college where the femmiroid infection has not yet penetrated very deeply.

  60. OneHundredPercentCotton

    If this is true (you note I said IF) it could be a scandal of Watergate proportion.

    It’s Business As Usual to screw over poor white boys – quite another to screw over rich white boys.

    To date, the reaction of verified scandals such as this has been mild disbelief and 0 reaction.

    I think those days will be ending as more and more rich white boys lives are train wrecked by false accusations and blatant discrimination against them.

  61. Found another missing page of George Towns, which also seems to have ever so recently gone walkabout on the net – Nice piccy of Ms Teacher too!

    It’s so odd that so much would vanish so quickly – it’s as if some is doing Happy Valley and having the Mural Touched up to hide the fingerprints left by Sandusky.

    And does anyone know what mensa member means by “secular humynist”?

    Edit – … and this came up too – Thesis by Arianna Pattek (F’12 – CULP) Earns National Honors –

    It looks like George Town could do with employing a quality web master, cos the one the have can’t manage c ver up that could withstand the Juris Prudence of a 5 year old!

  62. So feminist conservative says that her thesis examines paleo-conservatism, men’s rights, neo-confederacy, anti-zionism, and political Islam.
    But the thesis by Ari is only about holocaust denial and neo-confederacy.
    I don’t see how these are linked.

  63. Grumpy Old Man

    Maybe I’m old but where has honor, dignity, and respect gone. The most frightening thing about our future for me is the prevailing social justice climate which justifies these behaviors. I hope AVfM FTSUs this situation.

    That sight “Shame on U” is a great idea.

  64. Why would any university put bachelor degree holding students in charge of admissions? Are there any colleges/universities that do that?

    It looks like you might have been fooled. Here is a screenshot of the original post on 4chan’s /b/ that started this whole thing before it went to reddit and then here:
    Until there’s evidence that she owns that blog and evidence that she worked in the admissions office, linking her name to it is wrong. It seems as if someone who didn’t like her in real life just started that blog and with no evidence accused her of writing it and then a bunch of people started a witch hunt.

    If it is her then she should be punished, but just as people realized very recently with the identities of the boston bombers, plenty of times the internet gets it wrong. Reddit users go on witch hunts all the time and have doxed and accused a cancer survivor, supposed scammers, awhile ago a woman who was raped got accused by the mob of faking her injuries with makeup: (

  65. Keep in mind that there is a fair chance that this is a hoax, though the fact that Georgetown University pulled her info from their site as well as she set her facebook and other blogs to private may seem to suggest otherwise. Some of the details on the blog containing this post are inconsistent with the details about the supposed author of it.

    If it is a hoax, it is a pretty elaborate one hatched over a significant period of time.

      1. There’s nothing uncivil about those emails. Purging information from the site in reaction to them is a sign of guilt, not innocence.

  66. Since this is my first post, a head’s up personal. I’ve been married for 26 years to the world’s most tolerant wife. I’ve got two daughters who are the apple of my eye. I’ve got women who like me and I like them. I have no beef with typical women. I loathe misandrists.

    I agree with virtually all the comments I read above. I have a different complaint.

    Why is the Catholic Church not cleaning house on what is a very visibly out of control campus, chock full of some of the most godless and hedonistic people on earth?

    Their About Box: Georgetown is the oldest Catholic and Jesuit institute of higher learning in the United States. Jesuits have played a significant role in the growth and evolution of Georgetown into a global research university deeply rooted in the Catholic faith.

    Is that a fact? Like Sandra Fluke?

    The Jesuits should also be held accountable for these egregious violations of conduct and allowing insidious sexism to fester. It’s time for the Bishops to quit bowing to the altar of manna and start guiding by their founding principles.

    I say that as someone with a Catholic wife and daughters raised as Catholic. Catholics, are you listening?

    Perhaps it is time to cut of the tithes to the Catholic Churches until these issues of sexism are addressed?

  67. If the applications were trashed the GU admissions committee would have to be searching the dumpsters to find them.

    It should be easy to look at the number and admission rate of white males vs all other applicants,something that should be done in any event.

    The percentage of admissions by demographic is something they often boast about,there should be no reason for hiding the stats from the most current year in perspective of past years.

    The fact is men are discriminated against by ‘affirmative action,in fact schools are paid well for doing so,by way of Federal grants.

    GU should be proud to display their latest quota figures.

    Where is this school that is taking white males predominantly?

    That sounds like a blatant lie.

    The coverup will be so deep GU will not even release the usual public information on admissions now,wait and see.

    A few FOIA demands should heat the pot nicely.

  68. This chick just has to be parody. She says in her “about” page that:

    “I believe that the Jewish people have the right to secure the existence of their nation and a future for their children”

    I thought about that and it sounds suspiciously like the Fourteen Words “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.”

    1. I can thing of a lot of sentences with a similar form to those two; does that mean anyone who uses one of them is an over-the-top extremist? How about this sentence?

      “I believe that the Palestinian people have the right to secure the existence of their nation and a future for their children.”

      Of all the possible things about her blog that might be used as evidence of it being a parody, that sentence has to be among the weakest. You can read a sentence similar to that on most pro-Israel sites.

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