MR-E Hosts Earl Silverman Memorial


Mens Rights Edmonton will be hosting a memorial for Earl Silverman – the man who founded and operated the only domestic violence shelter for battered men in Canada. The memorial will take place at 1:00pm on Saturday May 11th at the Norwood Legion located at 11150-82 Street in Edmonton, Alberta.

We will be paying tribute to the life and work of Earl Silverman. We will also reaffirm our commitment to continue his work for the male victims and survivors of domestic and intimate partner violence. “Eric Duckman” and “GirlWritesWhat” will be attending and possibly speaking, as well as several other MRAs from Calgary and Edmonton who knew Earl personally and assisted him in his fight until his final day.

All are welcomed to attend, however, we do ask that you confirm your attendance, (including family and friends you’re taking along) in as timely a manner as possible via our facebook page:

There is no cover charge for attending, however we very much appreciate donations to not only help pay for the memorial, but to fund activism aimed at picking up the struggle where Earl left off. We suggest a donation of $10.

Thank you for your support, we hope to see you there!

**Update. Our paypal button has finally been fixed. Please make your donations through the “donate” button on our main page here:

We very much appreciate your support.


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