The Reason Men are More Violent Than Women

I was up burning some 4:00 a.m. oil when I ran across a comment just posted to my YouTube video “Domestic Violence, Women are Half the Problem.”  Actually it was a two part comment. The first half was just standard shame trip and ad hominem. Not worth posting here.  And while the second half of the comment was still peppered with feeble attempts to be insulting, it did contain a kernel of importance in the form of a couple of questions. Here that part of the comment, as written.

What you should concern yourself with is exactly WHY men have been responsible for the vast majority of murders, beatings, rapes, genocides, and incidences of pedophilia in the world, throughout recorded history. Bonus points if you can figure out how we can curb that reign of terror. Put your beefy male brain to work on that problem, sport. Keep me posted.

The broad stroking of so many social ills as all but male exclusive is ridiculous, of course. But the central fact that men are more violent than women is without dispute. The reasons for that, actually, are quite simple.  She (of course I am assuming this human individual has decided to self identify as female) should have thought of something more challenging.

Bottom line, men are responsible for most of the egregious violence in the world because every culture in the world expects their men to be aggressive and capable of extreme violence, just as it expects them to make themselves subject to aggression and extreme violence.

Those expectations come from women every bit as much as they come from men. Even more so in many ways.  Men are hard wired to reproduce, and women are hard wired to ignore men who can’t protect and provide for them. That’s the nuts and bolts, but there is more to the equation.

With most women choosing to either thug-fuck or money-fuck their way into a better standard of living, it makes competition even rougher. And the end result isn’t masses of power drunk males, but a standard that forces all men who want to compete to the disposable role of protector and provider. Once those men couple with women they are less likely to be violent toward her than the other way around.

So you see, your fight is not with men. It’s with Darwin, and you are getting your ignorant ass kicked.

The human race breeds violence. It is an artifact of 3,000,000 years of humanity in an environment that often boiled down to immediate survival. Add to that the ever present folly of human greed, which is hardly contained to men. That is what fostered sexual selection for violent capabilities; not an innate flaw in men but proof that they were madly successful at what they were challenged to do in order to reproduce.

Throughout the animal kingdom, in most species, the biggest baddest boy on the block gets all the action. Why? Because it works, you silly feminist. Because it works. If you think humans are all that different, I would suggest a straight shot of wake-the-fuck-up with a shut-the-fuck-up chaser. And for any possible MRA’s that are saying, “Ewwww! That’s so naaasthy! You shouldn’t sink to their level,” all I can say is please join the feminist at the bar and order what she’s having. This is a hard core bigot we are dealing with and this is not a coffee house conversation.

It’s a war.

Failing to understand the fundamental realities of sexual selection is not a failure based on simple ignorance.  It is based on an inability to effectively reason.  I keep that in mind as I approach the next question.

The fembot offered bonus points if I could figure out how to end the reign of terror.  Assuming she is not talking about feminism (which she should be); I will answer it as posed.

Again, cupcake, it’s real simple. If you want to curb the excessive amount of violence from men, you need to do two things.

First, women will need to start selecting men whose qualities and attributes are exactly opposite of what makes their pussies wet.  Forty years of feminist mythology that most women want “nice guys,” (when they want men at all) only changes the facts in the mind of the feminist. Women, wherever they can, still choose men for the same reasons they did on the African Savanna.

They don’t just select these men, they are lined up to select them.

The other way to address this problem, and one more practical than hoping for a shift in the ‘gina tingle, is for men to abandon the notion of protecting and providing for women entirely and refuse to compete for them on that level.

But oh, wait, that is already happening. It’s called the MRM.  And by its very nature it will be producing far less violent men. MRA’s don’t hit women, they send them packing- which is, after all a great move toward the independence we all know feminist want women to have.

So the way I see it, I should not only get extra points for knowing what to do, but I should hit the point jackpot for dedicating my life to doing something about it. That is, I would if I gave a shit about earning points from a feminist.

Now put your fishy female brain to work on that one.

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