“Schmoozes Police” is a direct quote from Pauley Perrette’s handwritten outline for “Star Crazy,” a script or screenplay she wanted to develop, based on her own step by step plan of action for a female TV star who would combine her fame with restraining order abuse, and use them as weapons.[1] The supposedly fictional plan laid out in “Star Crazy” is clever, effective and amazingly realistic. No doubt Ms. Perrette knew this, since during her separation from then husband Francis “Coyote” Shivers she threatened to “Star Crazy” him if he divorced her, on at least two occasions. [2] She followed through in a big way, so big she has been living out her script for a decade.

Other phrases from Star Crazy include “Sugar sweet,” “Press Darling,” and “Goes on TV/gives huge donation to charity,” “Stalks (guy)” and “Gets restraining order.” There’s also “Goes to journalist w/ story,” but we covered that one a few months ago.

Pauley Perrette is not stupid; she knows how to use her status, her looks and her charm. Pauley knows that schmoozing the police requires more than merely looking vulnerable and flashing puppy dog eyes at the cops who are working her “case.” (Then again it’s pretty clear that detectives in the Threat Management Unit are likely in the business of schmoozing, and being schmoozed by, some powerful and profitable “victims” and accusers – and their lawyers of course.) Being a bit of an overachiever though, Ms. Perrette schmoozes the entire law enforcement community. An example of this occurred earlier this month, in the form of a public appearance as Honorary Spokesperson for Cops 4 Causes; she co-hosted the charity’s “Heroes Helping Heroes” 9/11 benefit. She schmoozed police and went on TV for a charity. How’s that for efficiency?

perrette c4c

By all appearances Cops 4 Causes is a good and reputable organization. It was founded in 2005 by a group of peace officers who wanted nothing more than to help people in need; they’ve been fundraising ever since.  There’s no reason for such a charity not to ally itself with an extremely popular media darling who stars in TV’s most popular crime drama. And look! See how much she loves cops?


Capture perrette


Management at Cops 4 Causes has recently been made aware of the allegations against Perrette and of the complaint filed with the LA County Grand Jury, but this is Hollywood after all, and rumors abound always, so it’s still reasonable that they continue their association with her until they have some solid proof that such an association would do them more harm than good.

By all accounts however, it will only be a matter of time before the facts are just too many and too strong, for even Pauley Perrette’s most ardent supporters and enablers to ignore. Thanks to her brazen hypocrisy and arrogance, Cops 4 Causes will soon have egg on its face. Very public egg, not something a budding young charity can easily afford. Ms. Perrette’s actions this past decade or so, specifically her misuse of the criminal justice system, have made a mockery of these very people – decent caring cops. The investigation leading to the recent Grand Jury complaint found evidence indicating that she has been using corrupt cops to assist her in a criminal campaign of harassment and intimidation, against Mr. Shivers. Is it any wonder she loves cops? It seems they make such fine dupes.

Honoring 9/11

To heap hypocrisy onto hypocrisy, Perrette co-hosted the 9/11 memorial benefit nine years after making false accusations against a 9/11 survivor!  As we have previously reported, Blair Barnette and another witness who videotaped the incident, had served Ms. Perrette with divorce papers in 2004 at LAX Airport, after which Perrette accused her of stalking and assault. Perrette also reported to airport security that Barnette handed her a “mysterious package.” Of course video footage proved the accusations to be false.  Perrette’s blatant disregard for all first responders, and all airport employees and customers; at an international airport, not long after “9/11,” making a claim of an unknown person handing her a suspicious package, when tension and fear are extremely high, is testament to her depravity.  She would place an entire airport in crisis mode (#I love #FirstResponders indeed) rather than admit that it was her husband who filed for divorce, not her.  She went even further and included this event, under oath, in one of her many petitions for a restraining order against Shivers. Blair Barnette, the woman Perrette accused, was at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.[3]

So just how does Pauley Perrette “honor” the victims of 9/11? Does she host fundraisers for them, or does she falsely accuse them of crimes? Apparently she does both, according to her immediate needs. One can only hope that Cops 4 Causes will find a way to quietly distance itself from its Honorary Spokesperson, as more and more of her illegal and amoral actions come to light. The last thing a reputable charity needs is to lose credibility in the eyes of its donors.


Another unfortunate patsy within the law enforcement community who has been taken in by Pauley Perrette’s squeaky clean “sugar sweet” persona is John Walsh, of America’s Most Wanted. As most people know, Walsh himself is not a cop. He has however, done a great service to law enforcement, and his motives are painfully sincere. After his own son’s was brutal murder he devoted his life to finding violent offenders and putting them behind bars, via his TV show.

Pauley Perrette has appeared on America’s Most Wanted, and Entertainment Tonight “reported” on the relationship between her and Walsh. During one chatty little tête-à-tête  segment on ET,  John Walsh once said of Perrette, “Cops love this woman.”[4] Apparently her enthusiasm for law and order (and her fame and her donations) inspires people to look a little harder for criminals. Or something. During that segment she bragged that she had put up $10,000 each to fund two rewards, for the apprehension of the killers of two little girls. According to Perrette, those girls touched her heart.


There is a “touching” little side story to the appearance on ET, one rife with coincidence. You see, also in that video, Perrete and Walsh discuss the death of Pauley’s “personal friend” Lisa Williamson. Perrette had been in Detroit working on an episode of America’s Most Wanted, and a few days after she left, Ms. Williamson’s house was firebombed. She survived and moved next door to her parents’ house, which was promptly firebombed as well. She died in the second bombing. Interestingly, Ms. Perrette wasn’t entirely honest in the ET conversation. Lisa was not her friend. Lisa was appalled and disgusted with EX-friend Pauley, and she was in the process of documenting and exposing Perrette’s abhorrent criminal behavior toward Mr. Shivers and others.  Williamson had already published an online journal and sent numerous emails detailing Perrette’s crimes and intentions.  She was also set to be the star witness against Perrette, testifying for Shivers in court hearings back in LA. Her death just so happened to save Pauley Perrette a great deal of embarrassment, and possibly a few criminal charges. Yet instead of telling that sordid little tale, Ms. Perrette mentioned gang activity and the general decline in Lisa’s neighborhood. Lisa’s death, and her letters and journals, are a story for another day, one I look forward to sharing.

But speaking of coincidences,

“Schmoozes police.”

“Sugar sweet”

“Press Darling”

“Goes on TV/gives huge donation to charity”

Is that a screenplay or is it Pauley Perrette’s “Star Crazy” life?



[1] Star Crazy – handwritten & highlighted

[2] Courtney Washburn Testimony

[3] Declaration Of Blair Barnette 02-04-2007


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