Die, White Knights! Anita Sarkeesian joins the MHRM

The standard “Patriarchy” narrative of feminism holds that men, as a group, have engaged in a vast collective conspiracy spanning all time and space to oppress women, and turn them into perpetual victims who should be liberated from that oppression by, perhaps, a few brave men, or at least, in recompense, women should be favored with whatever pampering, comforts and foreskin-based facial creams their wounded hearts desire.
Anyone who disputes, questions, or even, lacks sufficient understanding of this “patriarchy” bullshit is an enemy of women and a misogynist of the worst sort (and all sorts are the worst sort). If you deny the victimization of women, their crushing fear of rape, their delicate natures, the microaggressions committed moment by moment by every penis that has yet to be chopped off of those living criminals called men, then you are a part of the eternal oppression of wimminz, sez dem femmies.
Imagine a woman who dares to claim otherwise.
While modern feminists demand men help rescue them, imagine a woman who says without fear that women don’t need rescuing because they have never been the systemic victims of male oppression, but rather, women are needlessly advantanged because of benevolent sexism. In my mind, Karen Straughan (GirlWritesWhat) pops up immediately, with Asha James (Typhon Blue) right on her heels, and Shieldwife, Stefanie Nicholas and our bevy of honey badgers hot and close after them.
But an actual feminist bold enough to join them?
Consider how man-hating victim feminists will greet the words of a privileged woman who claims:

The pattern of presenting women as fundamentally weak, ineffective or ultimately incapable [at time code 21:05 of her video] has larger ramifications beyond the characters themselves and the specific games they inhabit. We have to remember that these games don’t exist in a vacuum. They are an increasingly important and influential part of our larger social and cultural ecosystem.
The reality is, this trope [of the damsel in distress] is being used in a real world context where backwards, sexist attitudes are already rampant. It is a sad fact that a large percentage of the world’s population still clings to the deeply sexist belief that women as a group need to be sheltered, protected, and taken care of by men.
The belief that women are somehow a ‘naturally weaker gender’ is a deeply ingrained, socially constructed myth, which, of course, is completely false, but the notion is reinforced and perpetuated when women are continuously portrayed as frail, fragile and vulnerable creatures….[This] help[s] to normalize extremely toxic, patronizing and and paternalistic attitudes about woman.

What a misogynistic, vagina-traitor whore! How dare she deny the needs of women forever enslaved and brutalized at the hands of men? How dare she take umbrage at the lucrative trope that feminists have used for decades to secure rescue funding for all manner of women-in-danger programs, including VAWA, Title IX and over $160,000 for her own, personal vanity project?
How dare you so openly embrace the basic teachings of the Men’s Human Rights Movement, Anita Sarkeesian?
To your credit as a feminist, I notice that you failed to comment on the routine disposal of men’s lives in these games – dead soldiers that are forever replaced by not-quite-dead-yet soldiers with scarcely a care about their brutal, painful slaughter. I look forward, mostly likely in vain, to your feminist rejection of male disposability as well.
Oh, and for $160,000, whoever waxed your eyebrows, sold you those garish earrings, and forced you into that pinkish Stewart plaid shirt ripped you off bigtime. Well, not you personally – your patrons, surely though.

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