Debby does diminished sentence for child rape

And if you need another reason to be angry…

Debra Jean Beasley, also known as Debrah Lefave, is the child rapist who pled guilty in 2005 to charges of statutory rape for her sexual involvement with a 14 year old student.

Guidelines for sentencing sexual offenders in cases similar to Lafave’s indicate sentences of jail terms of up to 30 years. Lefave avoided 30 years in prison through plea bargaining, including a condition of her reduced sentence that the 7 year period of probation and house curfew could not be ended early.

And now it has been ended 4 years early. Hillborough circuit judge Wayne S Timmerman granted Lafave’s request of additional reduction of her sentence on the grounds that she had blonde hair, blue eyes and a nice figure. According to Judge Timmerman, “she has successfully fulfilled her house arrest and the majority of her time on probation.”

Judge Timmerman did not add that the word majority means “more than half of,” and also did not note that lafave’s completion of 3 years of her 7 year probation is more than half of, because Timmerman apparently cannot perform simple arithmetic, especially when ogling a hot felon. Officers of the court also did not say that the phrase “ she has successfully fulfilled her house arrest,” is false – because less than half of her plea bargain reduced sentence of 7 years was completed. “Debby does diminished sentences for sexy sex offense,”  was also not the headline of any media outlet reporting on this story.

According to a relative of Lefave’s Victim, who is now 21 years old, he has had his life devastated, and has undergone psychiatric treatment attempting to deal with the fallout of his rape. In 2009, Judge Timmerman also ruled that Lafave could again have unsupervised contact with children.

The rapist’s lawyer stated that by serving less than half of the plea-bargain reduced term of house arrest and probation; she’s paid a terrible price and now wants to move on with her life.–_Rapist

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