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Announcing Indian News Director Anil Kumar

India is an important front in the fight for Men’s Rights. What we’ve seen from India? Insanely misandrist ideas like paying women to beat their husbands, refusing to feed impoverished men because they’re men and repealing laws to protect men and boys from female sexual predators. AVfM needs feet on the ground in India and those feet now belong to the very competent Anil Kumar. Join us in welcoming him!

[NEWS]But what about teh wimminz

BBC Women’s hour presents an information session on male victims of domestic violence. Well, no, actually, they don’t. They present a MISinformation session on how to perpetuate domestic violence apologia, blame victims for their own abuse and marginalize already marginalized group–male victims of domestic violence. Is anyone surprised at this point?

India decides feeding men doesn’t matter

Forty percent of India’s population – millions of people – are impoverished. The nation has an epidemic of hunger, and thousands of homeless, mostly men. The government has decided to address the issue by initiating a food stamp program. The problem? They’re only giving food stamps to each household’s eldest female resident. This will leave thousands of men starving.

Is Mary Kellet cutting a deal?

Is Mary Kellet throwing the Washington County Sheriff under the bus to cover her crimes? Mary Kellett, the disgraced but still employed prosecutor from Ellsworth, Maine, who has a history of flimsy, fraudulent prosecutions against innocent men, may be looking for a scapegoat as she approaches judgement day at the State Supreme Court.

NCFM on McCain questions for DOJ

Senator John McCain is apparently doing his job as a public servant and is confronting the Department of Justice and the Department of Education about a policy clearly intended to rob young college men of due process of law, if they happen to offend someone by saying the wrong thing. AVfM is strictly nonpartisan, but when a politician gets something right we take note of it. So does NCFM.