News Updates

CAFE announces establishment of first Men’s Centre

From the land of maple trees, hockey and Big Red comes a welcome bit of news about the prospects for a new dimension in the war to assist men, boys and families…but you’ll have to read the press release to see it. On the same day a new baby boy prince is born in Great Britain comes the news that should warm the hearts of even the most frustrated, skeptical MHRA. Our coverage of MGTOW week gets a boost from a trip to CAFE.

Angela Corey: yet another unchecked, corrupt prosecutor

Critics of Men’s Human Rights like to claim that false charges against, and harsh treatment of men are rare events – rare events that keep happening over and over again. Evidence is mounting that there was misandry at play in the prosecution of George Zimmerman, and now that he’s been acquitted, the truth is coming out. Our coverage begins with prosecutor Corey’s ethical breaches.

Prisoners on hunger strike for humane treatment

Sometimes, even under the most dire of circumstances, men will start to stand up for each other. This is what the system fears most – men actually waking up and remembering that they are men, and that men are valuable. Being crushed by incarceration can bring out the worst in men – and sometimes, maybe the best. Once you hit bottom, the way out is the way up, and even in hell, not all hope is abandoned.

Vladek Filler describes his anguish after Kellett hearing concludes

Vladek Filler speaks to AVfM’s Acting Correspondent Scott Soley after the hearing in which Assistant District Attorney Kellett received a slap on the wrist. Filler describes the personal destruction out of control Kellett has had on his life and his children’s lives. All starting from a false accusation by his wife. However all may not be lost yet as Judge Gorman delays imposition till the end of this week. Kellett says she regrets what she did.

Feminist no-show during AVFM debate

AVfM’s News Director Robert O’Hara and Director of AVfM Radio, James Huff, sent an invitation to feminists to come debate during a special broadcast of AVfM’s News and Activism radio show. It seems that feminists don’t have much of a stomach for a good old fashioned civil public debate about the issues they hold dear. The AVFM News and Activism broadcast on Thursday night was a big hit with our viewers and new viewers but the other team simply didn’t show up. Or maybe they did. DUN DUN DUUUUUN…

Breaking news: Mary Kellett free to practice law

Mary Kellett is suspended then gets her suspension suspended. Justice Gorman has essentially cleared Kellett of all charges and Kellett’s only punishment was to say (paraphrased) “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again. Promise.” Before the decision was handed down Filler gave a moving statement about how Kellett’s criminal actions have permanently damaged his and his children’s lives. After the judgement Kellett was unavailable for comment.