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Men’s suicidal life

The American Broadcasting Company is broadcasting a show on A Voice for Men and Paul Elam this week on its venerable and venerated show, 20/20. To welcome 20/20’s readers, we will be reprinting some of the very best material ever to appear on A Voice for Men, to help those new to the Men’s Human Rights Movement really understand where we are coming from. We start with a classic video from CyberSaint.

Misandry in psychology: reproductive coercion

Renowned psychotherapist Tom Golden returns with Part 3 in his groundbreaking series on Misandry in Psychology. This time he addresses the taboo issue: men being forced into parenthood. Women have legal protections that allow them to separate consent to sex from consent to parenthood. So why don’t men? [Illustration by Typhonblue]

Sex and attachment

Why do we fall in love? Our analysis of the issues surrounding Men Going Their Own Way continues with Peter Wright’s overview into the nature of attachment and why humans are so fond of each other. The science about attachment that he reveals may surprise you and this historical context of just why we believe what we believe about men’s sexuality will definitely enlighten.