The fatherhood effect

You should be very careful when talking to kids. Responsibility is an obligation; an availability; an act of listening, taking account. The only time we listen to our children is when we need evidence to correct and control them.

Happy Father’s Day, You Piece Of Shit

In feminist thinking, ‘economic justice’ equates to criminalising and imprisoning as many men as possible – particularly those already victimised by circumstance or the feminist groups themselves. There is a certain inefficiency to their cruelty, however, since a man’s child support debts continue to accumulate while he sits in prison, obviously unable to work.

The feminists have a solution to this, though, and if you guessed slave labour camps, you would be right. I wish I was joking.

A Father’s Day Letter to President Obama

It is strangely ironic in a culture that routinely destroys men in this way, on the often capricious whims of wives who are enabled by a corrupt system of family law, that we also lead the world in politicians who lecture those victimized men on being good fathers and husbands.