Women in the Indian work force

The number of women participating in the Indian workforce has dropped significantly as the country progresses economically. Burt Phoenix provides an overview of the trend and asks what might be the factors driving women’s lowered participation in the workforce?

The spirit of chivalry (1818)

Traditionalists and feminists share a common dream of entitled women; traditionalists maintain conventional entitlements for women, while feminists work to extend the range of those entitlements. In 1818 Sir Walter Scott detailed how chivalry is the force that makes all this possible.

Timeline of gynocentric culture

That we live in a gynocentric culture is not rationally disputable to anyone who looks around with open eyes. Many thinkers believe this elevation of women, and the rampant male disposability that goes with it, has been central to the human race for millions of years. But does history bear that interpretation up?