Connecting the Dots

Everything you know comes from your brain. It’s like a library, but before you can know something your brain has to get the information, it has to put books on its shelves. Your brain collects information your whole life and stores it in your library, in your brain. Just like a library you can’t read all the books at the same time, so when you wonder about something or become curious your brain will check to see if it has information that it can give you.

You’re Out!

That’s the magic for kids in sports. First you try and eventually succeed, but once you succeed you’re immediately confronted with what comes next. For those who don’t recognize the process it’s called life. Long before ever mentioning the politics of a team effort, at some point kids need to learn to make an effort and why. It’s the reward of being challenged and challenging yourself till you do succeed.

In The Shadows

In the grimace of today’s single parent homes and more often single mother homes is it any wonder that children are floundering socially? They look like children, they act like children, but all too often they talk like a parent.

Chivalry Gone Awry

An interesting conversation has been taking place on Dalrock’s blog recently on the topic of chivalry, which sex provides more selfless help, and what words should be used to highlight the difference in help between men and women. Chivalry has been the word proposed and the word used but for a variety of reasons I …

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