The Dr. F Show on AVfM Radio

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I have been concerned to see a number of rumors floating about that revolve around Dr. F having his own radio show in the AVfM network, where he will add his own unique voice for the benefit of our Australian MRM audience.

As great an idea as this is, it is unfortunately not true. So I thought it better to put the rumors to rest before anyone gets the wrong idea. Dr. F will not be adding his voice to our radio program for the benefit of our Australian MRM audience.

What he will be doing is a radio show in which he will be directly antagonizing the agents of misandry in the Land of Oz by getting in their faces with extreme prejudice and recording it, then playing it for us on his very own AVfM Radio program. This will be for the benefit of ALL MRAs across the planet, not just Aussies. In other words, we can all have a good laugh at the expense of foolish bigots, courtesy of the Dr. F show.

Imagine this as Daddy Justice meets Sam Kinison, only sicker and more in your face. With a twist of black humor he will be asking all the right, embarrassing questions of people who really do not want him to be asking anything at all. It will be the first effort of its kind in the MRM, and something tells me it will be very, very entertaining.

It takes a certain amount of spunk to do this kind of show.  I have long thought Dr. F to have the guts, and hopelessly incorrigible nature to do it and do it right. He has told me repeatedly, and asked that I pass it along to you, that he has the goods to deliver.

He attributes most of this to the size of his unusually large penis, which he says is so big that entire families of kangaroos stand under it on hot days for the shade. It is so utterly fucking huge, he says, that one glimpse of it caused John Holmes so much immediate despair and humiliation that he filed for unemployment on the spot. And Dr. F promises to use it to figuratively bludgeon everyone on his continent who has anything to do with feminist governance, or is otherwise in the way of men’s rights.

That is a lot of ground to cover.

I am sure in the months to come you will hear many feminists talking about the Massive Prick from Oz. And what they say will not be good. This, of course, means it will be music to our ears.

The program starts in Australia on June 10. Look for the show announcements here at AVfM.


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