Speaking Out Against the Emerging Police State

As many of you know the collective efforts to inform the public about the legal railroading of Vladek Filler in the state of Maine continue unabated.  Those efforts also include initiatives to draw attention to the proliferation of mandatory arrest laws and so called primary aggressor polices being enacted across the nation.

All of these things amount to an emerging police state that is operating under the guise of protecting abused women, but whose net result is a constitution in flames and the threat of absolute tyranny.

This is not an overstatment.

To that end avoiceformen.com and A Voice for Men Radio will be dedicating a lot of effort to assist other organizations in taking action against this oppressive tide.

To begin with, as you can see to the right, AVfM is maintaining a banner that links to the petition to disbar prosecutor Mary Kellett of the Bar Harbor, Maine District Attorney’s Office.  We tried supporting this at first by keeping an article about the petition high in the rankings on the home page, but changing the time stamp to keep it there presented some technical problems.  We fixed the problem with this and the petition continues to get regular signatures but it did take some time.

Very “user unfriendly” of us round here. 🙂

Onward, though, we are not stopping at the petition.  Following are the general show descriptions and links for two upcoming broadcasts of A Voice for Men Radio.  Both broadcasts will focus on the laws and policies that are creating a police state in which the rights of everyone are being trampled.

4/12/11 A Constitutional Crisis in Maine

“No drop” prosecutions are becoming a plague in the American judicial system.  The term refers to a case that a prosecutor will pursue at all costs, even if it means the willful conviction of an innocent person.

Right now in the state of Maine one of those prosecutions has led to the harassment and abuse of Vladek Filler and quite likely a number of other innocent men. And as reported in the Bangor Daily News, it is beginning to cause an uproar.

On this episode of AVfM Radio we are going to take a closer look at no drop prosecutions and their sometimes horriffic consequences.  We will be joined by attorney Robert Franklin of Father’s and Families. Also joining us will be Attorney Lisa Scott of Taking Action Against Bias in the System (TAABS).

4/19/11 A Constitutional Crisis in Maine ll

Predominant (or primary) aggressor laws operate on a simple premise. When police respond to a domestic violence call they have their orders on who to arrest before they even reach the scene.  And in states with mandatory arrest laws that means that the moment they get the call police know they are going to the home and arrest the man, regardless of any evidence; even if the man was actually the victim.

It is sexual profiling at its most egregious and arguably the most corrosive attack on the 4th and 6th Amendments to the Constitution in American history.

These laws have the literal effect of criminalizing the act of being a man.  Lawmakers are pushing ahead with this legislation, for political gain and under political pressure from feminists, even though it is clear that they violate everything from due process to the presumption of innocence to the right to face your accuser.

Right now the state of Maine boasts some of the most aggressive of these laws in the nation and appears to be an emerging leader for passing similarly draconian laws elsewhere..

To discuss this we will be joined by Richard L. Davis, a retired police lieutenant and an adjunct instructor of criminal justice and social science for Quincy College at Plymouth. He is the author of two books and numerous articles about domestic violence that have appeared in the encyclopedia of psychology, journals, magazines, newspapers and online.

Also joining us will be Dr. Brenda Russell, Associate Professor of Psychology at Penn State Berks. Her scholarly and teaching interests include psychology and law, perceptions of victims and perpetrators of domestic violence and homicide defendants.

Please be sure to listen to these important shows and also to call in to voice your opinion or ask questions of our expert guests.

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