Send a note to Tom Leykis, score four bucks for AVfM Radio

The ever resourceful and persistent KARMA has once again pitched in with more than his share of help for A Voice for Men. This time, he has pledged to ante up two dollars (matched by Cumbria) for every message sent to Tom Leykis about the new AVfM Radio program set to debut Tuesday night at 9:00 EST on Blog Talk Radio.
And here is the deal.  After buying a $2,500.00 BTR membership, a new laptop dedicated to the show, condenser microphones, filters, voice modification software, backups for everything, and quite of few other related expenses, we DO need the continued funding.  So let me ask you to help us out here by FLOODING Mr. Leykis with messages. It just takes a minute, and you can do it by simply clicking


I just sent mine, as follows:

Hey Mr. Leykis,

Ma boys and me are firing up a Blog Talk Radio show called A Voice for Men. I’m the host, Paul Elam, founder of and former Editor-in-Chief for is tracking toward 1 million hits a year; steadily growing.

Suffice it to say that almost all of my readers, and future listeners, are huge fans of yours.  We’re hated by pretty much the same people, too. I’ve been dogged by the New York Times, CBS News and Ms. Magazine.

My readers were more than generous, donating a nice bag-o-cash to help me get things started.  And the fundraising continues in some very creative ways. A reader just now offered two dollars a throw for every message sent to you regarding the new show. This is my two bucks worth for the million dollar man himself.

That would be you.

Please keep up your great work, and if you get a chance visit any time after Tuesday, March 1, 2011 and give us a listen.

Kind regards,

Paul Elam
A Voice for Men Radio,

Thanks again to KARMA who never stops working for this movement.

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