One step forward, two steps…




A couple of quick announcements here, neither of them happy news. Sorry no radio show tonight. My internet problems persist and it looks to be several days before they will be able to take care of the problem. Something to do with intermittent  signal degradation outside of my property and having to track it down.

Also, we had a most unfortunate and sudden pull-out of needed logistical support for the Sink Misandry event in Washington, D.C., purportedly due to philosophical differences. The manner in which it happened left me unable to compensate for it immediately, and so that too, for time being, is off the schedule.

The good news is that your donations have bought us another year on Blog Talk Radio, and once the technical problems are solved we will be back on track. The other good news is that we are MRA’s and will overcome the Sink Misandry disappointment in due time.

My apologies to all. None of this is under my control.


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