On March 1, 2011 Men Will Speak…Like You Have Never Heard Them Before

Thirty days ago I brought up the idea of an internet radio show for MRA’s that focused on men’s rights and the state of men and boys in modern western culture. The idea was to have a more prominent platform than a blog or website could provide, and to create a launch pad for other activism.
At the time I did some research on the idea and determined that a reasonable start up amount for this kind of venture would be $4,500.00. To be honest, I was not encouraged. The men’s movement is populated with a lot of disenfranchised, impoverished men, many of whom have been stripped of assets and livelihood by the western worlds system of feminist governance.
Add to that the fact that we tend to be a contentious group that operate more or less separately from each other and it would appear a recipe for a quick failure.
But that was before $7,634.00 was donated, as well as many hours of vital expertise, from graphic design to sound engineering to show production to original music.
In short, hell just froze over. A Voice for Men Radio will begin broadcasting on March 1st, 2011, a mere three weeks away. And we have already developed the resources across the net to make that launch day something to remember.
It is fitting, then, to accompany this announcement with an overview of what the show will be like.
To begin with, a mission statement.
The mission of A Voice for Men Radio is to confront feminism, manginism, white knightism and any other mentality that serves as a breeding ground for misandry or the promotion of a utilitarian, disposable view of men and boys.
As you can tell from the language of the mission statement, it will be a show by MRA’s for MRA’s. The programming will be designed use passion, humor, information and an uncompromising dedication to intellectual honesty in order to further the message of the men’s movement.
We intend to use the show to reach out to the uninformed with our message,
but it will not be crafted in a way that attempts to help the MRM fit with mainstream sensibilities. It will actually be just the opposite, predicated on the idea that it is mainstream sensibilities that must change if any sort of sanity is ever to be restored between the men and women of this culture.
Every mission must have a goal, as lofty and unattainable as that goal may appear to be. And our goal, clearly stated, is to reverse the ever widening division between men and women and to promote the restoration of a healthy connection between the sexes, based on the assumed equal worth of each.
It will sometimes appear, especially to the uninformed, that the show is more supportive of the division than the solution. That is unavoidable. After three generations of male denigration and female entitlement being groomed to the point of creating a cultural psychosis, we live in an age where medicine for our ills will be bitter and hard to swallow.
But the relative unpleasantness of a solution has no bearing on its efficacy. We intend to pursue that solution with vigor and intensity, regardless of how painful it may be.
We will enlighten some, offend others and leave still others scratching their heads and wondering. The truth often has that effect. And after a half century of socially sanctioned lies, the impact of the truth will be even more disturbing.
So be it. It has been said before that the truth will set you free. That’s unequivocally true, but in many cases only after it kicks your ass.
At A Voice for Men Radio, we are going to tell the truth, with our steel tipped boots on.

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