Man, Woman, Truth Radio: The Golden Uterus

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Going up against women in a conflict can be tough in a culture that reveres the female above the male. Whether it is in court or the court of public opinion, women tend to get a pass based on victim identity and being the “fair” sex. It creates a significant bias in their favor.

But even the exalted status of “woman,” pales into insignificance when compared to the state of holiness of “mother” in our culture.

Motherhood, another term for having had a baby, elevates women from a special class to being without peer. Mothers are assumed to be wise, mature and by their very nature the perfect arbiters of what is best for children, and indeed the rest of the world. As actress Sally Fields once said, “If mothers ran the world there would be no wars.”

And Sally should know. After all, she is a mother.

This is a kind of magical thinking that plays out in more than a few mothers. Or, as Dr. Palmatier has said, “A Golden Uterus (GU) is a woman who believes the very common act of giving birth is an act of such cataclysmic importance that all humanity should bow down at her feet, worship her and give her special privileges and, in some cases, a get-out-of-jail-free card just because she’s reproduced. If only the physical act of giving birth could automatically make someone a good mother and a good person.”

Dr. T continues:

“Simply put, it doesn’t. In fact, becoming a mother can make an immature, controlling, abusive, entitled, crazy woman even worse than she was pre-baby.”

Tonight, on Man, Woman, Truth Radio, Dr. T and Paul Elam will perform an examination of The Golden Uterus, that special organ in a privileged class of women that aside from being reproductive equipment,  is also apparently a second brain and an additional soul that men cannot possibly have, and some women use it to claim privilege and even bully others into submission to their whims.

Our society, including our legal system, stands right behind that idea, often as it causes the destruction of lives.

Much of the show will focus on Mary Richardson Kennedy’s suicide and divorce from Robert Kennedy, Jr.

The show starts tonight, June 18, 2012 at 8:00 Central Time, which is June 19 at 2:00 a.m. in London and June 19, 11 a.m. in Brisbane.  The phone lines will be open at 310-388-9709. Registered show followers can skype in from anywhere in the world, and we will be opening the Man, Woman Truth Stickam Room after the show.

For regular listeners, please keep in mind that the Man, Woman, Truth Stickam is a different one than is used for A Voice for Men Radio shows. In order to join us after the show in Stickam, you must sign up for that room AND request inclusion to the group.




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