Man, Woman, Truth Radio: Big Brass Balls


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After an extended absence, Man, Woman, Truth Radio will return to Blogtalk Radio on Monday, July 30, at 9:00 pm, Eastern Time. U.S., which is July 31 at 2:00 am in the city hosting the Olympics and July 31, at 11:00 am in Brisbane.

On this show, we will be talking about big, brass balls, and the men who can employ their use with lazy, high-conflict, manipulative women who have a tendency to suck men dry, but not in a good way.

For a teaser and tidbit, here is an excerpt from a recent article by Dr. T, regarding a man, Earl, who reached his limit of Crazy and Lazy, and decided that he was not going to take it anymore. He told her so in the following words in an email.

‘For 15 years I have worked exceptionally hard to put your happiness and well-being before my own. Today that changes. I am not putting myself before you, but I am now putting myself equal to you. For 15  years I have financed and supported you while you have chased one dream after another without ever truly financially supporting yourself, your daughter, or this family. This ends now. You are welcome to chase your dreams, but like everyone else on the planet, if your dreams will not support you, then you better get a job.‘

‘We have mixed our finances together since the day we got married. Today that ends. From here on out, we are separating our finances. You will use the money you make to cover our food budget, gas for your car, your medical co-pays and any personal expenses you may have in a given month. In September, you will take over the cable bill. In December, you will take over the energy bill, and in March, you will take over the cell phone bill. This is exactly 1/4 of the bills that we pay every month. You will need to either make your business work very fast, or get a job.’

‘If you have to work on weekends, that is fine, but that is my time to relax and enjoy life. I will be doing so. Preferably with you, but if not, I will do it without you. Life is too short for me to watch it pass by while you work in your office at night because you spent all day on Facebook.’

Earl follows that with telling us this:

After that she cried a bit about not knowing how she was going to get a job because she ‘tried that already’ or ‘no one will hire me for what you want me to make.’ I calmly explained to her that all I’m asking her to do is get a $12/hour job. She has already had 4 jobs like that over the last 4 years that she has quit. I am no longer going to be the one that is punished because she does not go to work. It was her decision to quit those 4 jobs.

I pointed out that most adults who do not work, do not eat. This seemed to upset her. I let her anger be the sign that she was tipping out of control and used that as a weakness. I then related a Bible parable about a man stealing from his employer instead of working, which resulted in him being kicked out of his employer’s home. I told her I do not want it to come to that, but if she continues to not produce, she can be kicked out, too.

This really shocked her. She was incredibly docile all weekend.

I am going to keep this up until she gets and keeps a job, or until she leaves. I hope she does not leave, but I am no longer paying for her to stay with my happiness.

Bring the crazy. I am prepared.

Earl sets a sterling example of the resolve it requires to take this kind of decisive stand. Paul and Dr. T will talk more about this case and others where men choose to draw a line from which they will not retreat. They will also discuss the things that prevent a lot of men from having healthy boundaries with women, as well as the dangers of Crazy upping the ante when she is confronted with boundaries, and words like “no.”

They will also be taking your calls at 310-388-9709. Show followers may also Skype in to speak with the hosts.



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